Employees are the heart of your organization, so ensuring you have the technology, tools, and resources needed to manage core Human Capital Management (HCM) functions and objectives is essential, and working with an HCM consultant can help.

Read on to learn how an HCM consultant (like our team at Surety Systems) can help improve process efficiency and enhance employee engagement across your organization.

What is HCM?

Human Capital Management (HCM) refers to the practices a company uses to manage its core administrative Human Resources (HR) functions, leverage process analytics, and employee performance management metrics, and maximize the value of the people in any given workforce.

HCM software offers the functionality to simplify, streamline, and optimize core business processes, including those involved in…

  • Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding for new employees
  • Time and attendance management
  • Payroll processing and documentation
  • Employee record keeping and performance management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Employee self-service resources

An HCM consultant is brought in to lead organizations through a complex integration or implementation project, develop new functionality within their HCM software, improve knowledge transfer between teams, and provide project management support to ensure clients keep their projects on time and within budget no matter what.

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Main Responsibilities of an HCM Consultant

Let’s take a look at the most imperative responsibilities of HCM consulting jobs:

1) Relieve Administrative Burdens

Overwhelming administrative burdens oftentimes make it more difficult for organizations to take full advantage of their HCM solutions. Even with the latest and greatest HCM software, your company will continue to operate with less-than-optimal efficiency if relieving administrative burdens and balancing workloads across business units is not a main priority.

HCM consultant jobs help relieve pressure on your administrative staff members by offering the technical skills needed to navigate complex HCM software and the functional expertise to help customers better understand their HCM solutions and improve communication between teams, departments, and business locations.

2) Improve Data Management

It’s no secret that better data quality and management practices can power better business outcomes in the long run. But, too often, organizations don’t have the right personnel or resources to control their data efficiently and get the most out of their HCM software.

HCM consultant jobs give organizations the additional support needed to collect people’s data more efficiently, store important employee information in one place, facilitate the exchange of information across teams, and optimize the quality and integrity of your most valuable data.

3) Facilitate Systems Integrations

Integrated systems help companies maintain data visibility across organizational borders and provide the functionality needed to save valuable time and money, allocate resources more efficiently, and enhance interoperability between HCM software and other systems.

With an HCM consultant in your corner, your team can find new ways to improve visibility across business units, build a more sustainable strategy for employee management, and connect your HCM and ERP systems to maximize productivity, engagement, and success for your organization.

4) Enhance Employee Engagement

When it comes to building a talent management strategy that provides the necessary tools to improve employee engagement throughout the entire employee lifecycle and align employee performance to overall business goals and objectives.

An HCM consultant works to provide advanced engagement opportunities, learning and development plans, and training programs to ensure employees understand their HCM software and leverage it to improve process efficiency across teams and business units.

Surety’s Technology-Specific HCM Consultants

When making the most of your HCM technology, having an expert HCM consultant who understands the solution and can help your team understand it is critical to your success.

Let’s look closer at the main ways a technology-specific HCM consultant can help…


Workday HCM is a suite of enterprise applications that unifies human resources, time and attendance, talent management, payroll, benefits, recruiting, and onboarding functions in a single, cloud-based solution.

Partnering with a Workday HCM consultant (like the ones at Surety Systems) allows your organization to not only build a project team to handle complicated implementation, integration, or upgrade issues but also deliver a functional HCM solution that can keep up with change across your organization or industry as a whole.

UKG Kronos

UKG’s Human Capital Management solution provides the resources needed to connect your people to your business systems and motivate employees to improve their engagement and productivity regardless of their primary roles and responsibilities.

With the help of a functional UKG HCM consultant, organizations can build relationships between employees and teams, provide additional support to inspire action and engagement and create a culture of resiliency and determination by outlining best practices, requirements, and standards throughout teams and business units.


The SAP Human Capital Management suite offers strategic solutions to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of core HR practices, including payroll processing, time tracking, absence management, talent and performance management, and people analytics.

An experienced SAP HCM consultant can provide the support and guidance needed for companies to confidently support their employees no matter where they work, prepare their workforce for future success, and redefine the employee experience for more positive business outcomes.

Infor Lawson

Infor Human Resources provides a robust suite of HCM applications that provide functionality to create a single source of truth for employee data without complicated interfaces, promote collaboration across business units and locations, and enhance the employee experience.

With an expert Infor HCM consultant, your organization can gain added business value from streamlined operations and create stronger bonds between employees, teams, and business units to improve connection and increase employee satisfaction.

JD Edwards

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne HCM solution is a comprehensive application designed to manage the employee lifecycle more efficiently and improve the accuracy of employee data across the board.

Working with a JD Edwards HCM consultant can allow companies to facilitate more consistent HR functions across business units, optimize process efficiency, ensure proper planning and management strategies for employee data, and make the most out of your Oracle Cloud HCM solutions no matter what.

How Can We Help?

Whether you need a Workday HCM consultant to help manage complex payroll processes across your organization, a UKG HCM consultant to facilitate the implementation of a new UKG Pro system, or a JD Edwards developer to help you make the most out of your Oracle Cloud HCM solution, or anything in between, Surety Systems is here to help.

Our team of senior-level HCM consultants has relevant experience and guarantees your needs are met, regardless of the complexity of your HCM software, the nature of your project needs, or the technical requirements of your HCM solution.

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