More than 1,473 organizations are leveraging the power of integrated software and specialized functions to manage and optimize day-to-day clinical tasks throughout their healthcare facility…

The solution? Epic ClinDoc.

Read on to learn more about the solution, as well as how our team of Epic consultants can help you.

Leveraging the Epic Software System…

Epic is the leading telemedicine provider for hospitals, clinics, independent practices, and other healthcare facilities nationwide. The cloud-based software provides the functionality needed to help customers improve their data management practices, increase data reliability, enhance communication between patients and providers, and improve overall continuity of care throughout the patient lifecycle.

Epic software enables healthcare organizations to…

  • Reduce demand for your IT department
  • Improve patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Maintain compliance with federal regulations
  • Increase overall quality of patient care
  • Enhance bottom line performance

What is Epic ClinDoc?

Epic ClinDoc (also known as EpicCare Inpatient) is a comprehensive clinical documentation module that provides clinicians with the tools needed to accurately record patient information, streamline healthcare processes, and improve health outcomes for patients.

The ClinDoc module simplifies the entire clinical documentation process, allowing clinicians to efficiently capture health data while still maintaining the highest levels of accuracy. More efficient Epic care plan documentation, seamless integration between Epic applications, and comprehensive Epic scheduling software… What more could you need, right?

How Can Epic ClinDoc Help You?

By leveraging the power of EpicCare Inpatient, healthcare organizations can take their clinical documentation processes to the next level to provide more efficient and accurate care for their patients. And, with more efficient, accurate, and reliable Epic documentation processes, your organization will not only streamline otherwise tedious operations, but also provide an organized, comprehensive, and well-managed experience for patients, regardless of the length of their stay or complexity of their treatment plan.

This Epic software module helps clinicians access important health data, ensure data security and accuracy, locate relevant information from patient records, and make more informed decisions about treatment plans for patients.

Key Capabilities of the Epic ClinDoc Module

By providing physicians and other staff members with the tools they need to efficiently manage patient data in real time, organizations can reduce overhead costs, eliminate risks associated with transcription errors, delays, or incomplete data entries, and improve overall quality of care. With ClinDoc, organizations can achieve better patient satisfaction and improve their bottom line in the process.

Epic ClinDoc gives users in healthcare systems the ability to…

  • Improve the efficiency of clinical tasks
  • Automatically generate notes and reminders for physicians and staff members
  • Organize and display patient records
  • Monitor patient experience and manage orders for patient discharge
  • Access and view lab results
  • Track medication orders for patients
  • Schedule appointments and view schedules in real time

Benefits of the Solution

The Epic ClinDoc module makes it easy for organizations to keep track of documentation for admitted patients, build care plans, and outline instructions for patient discharge. Here are a few of the main advantages of the solution for your organization…

Schedule Patient Appointments

EpicCare Inpatient makes it easier for healthcare providers to create, schedule, update, and manage patient appointments by leveraging high-quality software applications.

With its simple user interface, Epic ClinDoc helps users view patient appointment lists and add new appointments or cancel existing ones. Epic’s comprehensive appointment scheduling tool also allows users to customize their scheduling preferences, including setting time slots for particular appointments or managing waiting list requests.

Epic ClinDoc helps healthcare providers increase efficiency and accuracy in their clinical documentation processes, while also helping to reduce costs associated with missed or incomplete data entries.

Record, Track, and Display Patient Records

Epic ClinDoc offers an innovative, modern solution for healthcare organizations looking to streamline their clinical documentation processes.

The Epic Inpatient module gives users the powerful tools needed to easily record and track vital signs and lab results, schedule appointments, and generate custom reports. It helps clinicians leverage real-time patient data and comprehensive records to improve data quality and the overall quality of patient care.

ClinDoc software also offers comprehensive security measures to protect confidential patient data, not only improving data accuracy and reliability, but also increasing patient trust in your organization.

Streamline Clinical Operations

With an integrated solution like Epic, users can streamline clinical operations and maximize the productivity of their software, workflows, and employees at the same time. With its intuitive and innovative user interface, healthcare organizations can streamline all aspects of their user experience.

From generating custom reports to building personalized schedules, recording and managing test results, and more, organizations can leverage Epic technology to simplify clinical operations, enhance organizational accuracy and efficiency, and maximize their overall Epic investment.

Enhance Your Bottom Line

Epic ClinDoc offers powerful search capabilities, a user-friendly interface, and built-in security measures to help improve the accuracy and efficiency of patient data, reduce the risk for data processing and management errors, and protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or use.

Because of its advanced analytics capabilities, scheduling functions, and clinical documentation solutions, the ClinDoc module helps hospitals and other healthcare facilities enhance their bottom line and provide a superior quality of care for their patients.

Pre-Built Integrations

Epic offers a comprehensive suite of applications, including the EpicCare Inpatient module, that offer pre-built integrations between Epic modules.

From monitoring clinical documentation procedures with the Epic Inpatient module to managing patient registration with Epic Prelude, optimizing cardiology practices with Epic Cupid, and everything in between, Epic’s integrated suite of applications makes interoperability easier and more efficient.

Due to its cloud-based nature and software-as-a-service (SaaS) functionality, Epic is also easily integrated with other external systems, applications, and third-party tools.

Epic simplifies software integrations by eliminating complicated software installation requirements and streamlining the management, storage, and exchange of patient records between systems with comparable operational standards.

How Can We Help

Whether you need help implementing a new Epic system in your organization, integrating key Epic modules and applications, managing clinical tasks, or anything in between, Surety Systems can help.

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Our team of senior-level Epic consultants has the technical knowledge and functional expertise needed to lead your team to success…the first time.

Getting Started with Us

Interested in learning how Epic ClinDoc can help manage clinical notes, medication orders, and patient care plans? Our consultants can help with that.

Know you need an extra hand building integrations between your Epic healthcare modules and other external applications? We can help with that too.

And, to give you a better idea of what to expect when partnering with us, we’ve included a sample profile of one of our top-notch Epic consultants:

Surety Senior Epic ClinDoc Consultant

  • 10+ years of Epic and Cerner experience
  • Epic Credentialed in ClinDoc, CPOE, Optime/Anesthesia, Beacon, and Ambulatory
  • Epic Trainer and PM experience
  • Experience with Cerner Dynamic Documentation, Millennium, PowerChart, Mpages, PowerOrders, CORE, and PowerNote
  • Epic Training Development, update, and curricula editing experience

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