Some of today’s most successful and innovative businesses have recently implemented diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as a cornerstone across their internal teams.

Establishing a diverse and inclusive workplace is a journey not to be taken lightly. Workday HCM customers can assess your company’s current position and take appropriate action by using the Workday VIBE Index to measure everything from recruiting and promotions to the sense of belonging among your employees.

Read on to learn more about Workday Vibe and how our senior-level Workday consultants can help your organization improve core diversity and inclusion efforts.

What is Workday VIBE?

With VIBE Central, all diversity and inclusion-related data is centrally located within Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), allowing organizations to establish objectives and monitor progress toward them. Companies can evaluate, quantify, compare, and oversee diversity and inclusion based on the aspects that best suit their needs, including gender and race/ethnicity.

Key Components of Workday’s VIBE Platform

Workday’s VIBE (Value, Inclusion, Belonging, and Equity) Central solution offers several dashboards and reports that companies can use to guide their diversity and inclusion strategy. 

The reports highlight crucial workforce diversity data, enabling users to take proper action through Workday configuration adjustments, policy changes, or a mix of the two. The tenant’s Workday VIBE Central dashboard aggregates the reports stored in Customer Central and provides configuration support to keep core operations aligned with best practices.

Here are a few critical features of Workday VIBE that support diversity and inclusion:

  • Find Workers Report
  • Candidate Masking
  • Talent Marketplace
  • Campaigns
  • Surveys
  • Recruiting Feedback
  • Learning Dashboard
  • People Experience Portal (PEX)

The Reporting Categories

Here’s a look at the categories of reports in Workday VIBE:


View and manage trending diversity data related to your company’s hiring, promotion, and retention.


Access a high-level breakdown of current personnel, divided into management level, gender, ethnicity, and generation categories.


Keep track of hiring trends and demographic data and view trending YTD and quarterly statistics simultaneously.


Recognize past promotional trends and anticipate possible flight risks.


See the makeup of leadership teams in real-time and from every management level.


Examine causes for termination based on demographics across the workforce to identify general termination trends.

VIBE Central

Customers benefit from leveraging Workday VIBE to evaluate their current employee experience, talent development, and talent management processes and identify critical areas of improvement.

Workday’s VIBE platform allows users to look for and assess critical elements, like:

  • Hiring: Businesses can better determine the equity of their recruiting procedures and whether a particular group is over or underrepresented.
  • Promotions: Business executives can examine succession planning unbiasedly by looking at succession reports and metrics to see if their promotion process is inclusive.
  • Leadership: Workday VIBE allows companies to compare succession planning to management diversity and determine whether diversity decreases as one moves up the management ladder. This information can help identify areas that require more focused development on the DEI front.
  • Attrition: HR directors must concentrate on inclusion and belonging if recruiting and promotion procedures contribute to greater workforce diversity; however, there is a high voluntary attrition rate for diverse talent pools.

VIBE Index:

With the help of Workday Prism Analytics, the VIBE Index can quickly integrate external datasets into Workday and execute real-time analysis for deeper insights using data from employee sentiment surveys, for example.

HR directors can leverage the VIBE Index to establish a belonging and diversity (B&D) strategy and design a customized plan, leading to more positive outcomes and better goal alignment. 

To produce a heat map indicating areas with the most potential for improvement and a VIBE Index score for overall workplace equity, VIBE will evaluate the relative performance of a company’s talent acquisition and development, leadership development, employee experience, and workplace culture efforts.

Specifically created to fill in the gaps within a company’s current diversity and inclusion indices, the VIBE Index offers the following benefits:

  • Belonging and Equity Insights: Other indicators currently on the market typically only evaluate diversity and inclusion; however, the VIBE Index makes it possible to measure belonging and equity alongside diversity and inclusion over a worker’s lifespan.
  • Intersectionality: While other tools measure a single dimension, the VIBE Index is one of the first B&D offerings to look across the employment lifecycle using intersections—a combination of different characteristics, like race/ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, class status cognitive diversity, and more.
  • Parity and Equity Evaluation: After determining parity gaps in the workplace, the VIBE Index generates a heat map indicating the areas with the most potential for positive change. For example, users could leverage heat maps to draw attention to disparities in compensation, promotions, leadership opportunities, and more to identify critical gaps in equity and inclusion across employee groups.

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