It can be a bit worrying when you’re deciding to make the switch to an all-new ERP solution. If you’ve done some research, you probably already know that the Infor Lawson Talent Management (LTM) suite is an excellent way to manage every aspect of talent management, from employee relations and succession planning to benefit and leave administration. But you still may have some concerns.

What if the system locks you (as a company or as a user) into a workflow you find really clunky? How do you personalize the system without messing it up for everyone else? How do you ensure users can view everything they need to while preventing them from seeing potentially sensitive information? We understand your anxieties, which is why we’re sure you’ll be pleased to know that Talent Management sliced through this metaphorical Gordian Knot with a sword we like to call “Customizability.”

Here are three common worries people have when it comes to customizing Lawson Talent Management, as well as how to resolve them:

1. I Don’t Want to Get Locked In

A common concern to have when moving to a new software solution (no matter what type) is that the new system will lock you into an unintuitive workflow that jams up your process and makes everything ten times harder. After all, your ERP solution is supposed to make your life easier—if you’re fighting against it to do your job, what’s the point? LTM’s Configuration Console tool is here to save the day.

Inherent in the Talent Management platform, the Configuration Console tool allows users to fully customize the base LTM application. If you find that certain fields or even whole forms aren’t useful to you, no need to skip over them every time. Just exclude them altogether! Need to create custom triggers or change how certain programs respond to different users? The Configuration Console has your back.

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2. What If I Mess Everything Up?

The freedom to customize the base Talent Management application so it performs just how you need it to can be exhilarating, but it can also be a bit anxiety-inducing. If you’re worried that you (or some butterfingers down the hall) might accidentally gum up the whole works in a quest towards making everything “just right,” no need to worry.

LTM handles customizations by layering them on top of the underlying base code of the program. No code gets destroyed when you decide you’ll “never need that form ever again,” only to find out you need it next week when that Big Project lands on your desk. Even better, the Configuration Console tracks your changes each time you tinker with LTM, helping you keep comprehensive records over time.

3. Balancing Efficiency and Confidentiality

Have you ever experienced the switch to a new ERP solution where no one is able to access the data or projects they need for their day-to-day? It’s a mess. If no one can access what they need, people can’t do their jobs, and whoever is in charge of the ERP solution has to spend their time fixing something that was supposed to increase efficiency. And if you’re not careful, an attractive “sledgehammer and nut” solution is to make everyone able to see everything, (until permissions can get sorted out later, of course). While this strategy solves one problem, it causes a host of others. Luckily, it’s not really an issue in LTM.

Just like with using the Configuration Console, Talent Management makes it easy to configure the system so that those employees with the need to know see what they’re supposed to, and those who don’t…don’t. User privileges are easy to manage, reducing administrative complexity and saving everyone time (and headaches).

We hope this article has made it clear that, whatever your worries are about customizing Lawson Talent Management, the solution’s customizability really does make it easy to solve whatever unique problems your organization may face.

If you still have concerns or would like to chat with an expert to learn how Infor Lawson can help transform your company into a juggernaut of efficiency, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re here to help.