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How To Get Started

Tired of your technology vendor calling the shots, and don’t want to go it alone — but worried about handing control over to someone who barely knows you and your company? Surety can help you get your technology working for you, while you to remain in control of your success.

What are you struggling with most right now?

I have a high priority project.

Big projects – upgrades, migrations, implementations – sometimes mean bringing in the big guns. Get help knocking it out.

My internal team needs a boost.

Whether you just need more manpower or you need specialized knowledge so you can work smarter (not harder), we’ve got a consultant for you.

I’m a man down.

Team members get pulled away from project for many different reasons. You don’t always have time to wait for them to get back to the project at hand. Get an expert with the experience to get to work on day 1.

The spark is gone.

Is your current consulting firm letting you down? If you’ve been less than impressed with skill sets, availability, or communication, get an senior level expert who answers directly to you.

My project is falling behind.

If your ERP project is falling behind schedule or your team has a backlog of work that needs to be completed, our team of experts can help you annihilate that to-do list once and for all.

I need an unbiased audit of my system.

Sometimes you need an opinion from someone without a horse in the race. From upgrade advice to integration recommendations, we can help.

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1

Tell us about your project.
What could you use an extra hand with? We’ll hop on a call so you can give us the rundown. The more detail the better!

Step 2

We bring you the best of the best.
How? 14 years of working with thousands of consultants. We constantly invest in our consultant community and only utilize the A+ players.

Step 3

You get stuff done.
Sub whatever word you’d like in place of “stuff”. Bottom line, you have goals and we’re here to help you reach them.

Step 1

Tell us about your project.

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Step 2

We’ll provide the best of the best.

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Step 3

Together we’ll knock it out of the park

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Ready to learn how we can help you maximize your IT investment?

JD Edwards



  • Bring In The Big Guns

    Your next project is critical and you can’t afford to fail. We have a robust internal network, and routinely work with the same top 10%. Rest assured, we don’t carry a bench, so your Surety Systems consultant will be aligned with your project based on their skills, not our bottom line.

  • Increase Your Manpower

    Could your internal team use a boost?

    Utilize a blended workforce to gain a strategic advantage. By mixing internal and external expertise, you can quickly bridge the skill and experience gaps in your team. Secure hyper-specialized assistance, while avoid adding the costs of traditional headcount.

  • Fill A Gap In Your Team

    Life happens — and it rarely stops to check the project schedule first. When a member of your team is down for the count unexpectedly, or gets pulled onto another project, Surety can help.

    Whether you’re in the middle of a project and need a pro to hop in the trenches with you, or you’re in need of someone to “hold down the fort” with daily operations while you tackle the project, we’ve got you covered.

  • Take Back Control

    If you agreed on the terms, but now you’re experiencing scope creep, consultants that clearly didn’t “make the varsity team,” expensive additions to the project, and more layers of consultants than you can count, Surety can help.

    You know what you want, let us deliver top-tier consultants that can ramp up quickly and integrate seamlessly with your team. You control the timing, phases, and approach. Plus, you’ll gain the benefit of knowledge transfer that stays with your organization long after we’re gone.

  • Meet All Your Important Deadlines

    Get back on track with one of our top-tier consultants who can jump in the fox hole with you, or handle all your day-to-day operations while your internal team tackles the project.

    Because of our close relationship with each of our consultants, we have a tight grip on their availability and exact skill set.

  • Give It To Me Straight

    Surety System’s only purpose is to help you get the most functionality out of the system you already own. We have no other agenda than your success. Have our consultants take a look at your environment and make suggestions on improvements and strategy (without any up-sell).