Despite living in an age when many more efficient methods are available, far too many organizations still use disparate data analysis tools to collect business intelligence (BI). Using all these different tools can lead to a confusing jumble of different interpretations of the exact same information, to the point where piecing together actionable insights becomes a chore.

But Infor Birst changes all that. 

The cloud-based BI tool connects each part of your business to a shared platform, removing analytical silos and giving you better transparency across the organization. If you’re a Lawson customer who’d like to learn more about Birst (especially if you have CloudSuite), you can learn more about it in our article, 3 Things Lawson Customers Need to Know About Birst

But if you’re ready to discover five business benefits of Infor Birst that drive better data management and analytics, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive in.

Infor Birst Business Benefits

Infor Birst offers comprehensive BI capabilities that allow your employees to gather data from various sources and compile them into a single dashboard, enabling more reliable analysis and intelligent decision-making. Here are a few of the benefits your organization can expect from Birst:

1) Consistent View of Data 

Birst uses what it calls “intelligent unification technologies” that map and model data from multiple sources. So whether the data lives in cloud applications, transactional systems, data lakes, or elsewhere, it’s all captured in one consistent view. 

For example, imagine working with a dozen data sources, each of which has its own definition of “company.” Birst makes it easy to unify these data sources so that they’re all speaking the same language and use the same definition for “company.” To paraphrase Google’s Hal Varian, “Data is like oil—it must be refined before it can be used.” 

2) Virtual BI

Birst’s fundamental BI capability is multi-tenancy. This allows the creation of virtual (not physical) BI tenants that relate to one another. Traditionally, organizations depend on physical replication of BI infrastructure, making the process time-consuming and costly. 

But Birst allows different groups—such as marketing, sales, finance, and more—to use their virtual copies of the data and blend that with their local data to deliver quality results. Say hello to improved consistency and more inter-team collaboration. 

3) Enhanced User Experience

Birst allows everyone in the organization to access data quickly and easily thanks to an enhanced user experience (UX) that supports different styles of analytics. Whether you need highly interactive and responsive dashboards or embedded predictive tools, Birst has everything you need to create an adaptive interface, one that allows users to easily interact with business data to make smarter decisions. Even better, you can make decisions more confidently knowing that the data is accurate. 

4) Data-driven Decisions

And improved UX isn’t the only reason Birst makes it easier for your average business user to make data-driven decisions. Thanks to Birst’s patented machine learning algorithms and dashboard KPIs, the system can automatically diagnose or uncover drivers affecting business performance. All this helps to automate repetitive tasks, getting you faster so that you can focus on answering more important questions. Instead of asking “What happened?” you can start figuring out why things happened.

5) Designed for the Cloud 

Birst’s native cloud architecture saves organizations money with a lower total cost of ownership and faster deployments. It also comes with completely open integration so that you can implement it within your IT environment. With Birst, you never need to worry about upgrades. Everything is centrally managed through one single, multi-tenant SaaS infrastructure.

Birst Business Benefits in Action—An Example

All these benefits sound great in the abstract, but let’s demonstrate how Birst can benefit your organization with a more specific (and sadly, quite common) scenario. 

Imagine a company that uses an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution as well as a customer relationship management (CRM) solution for their sales reps. Sounds pretty reasonable, right? The issue is a setup like this one means that customer data resides in two separate places—in the CRM and the ERP—going against the entire reason these systems were deployed in the first place. 

To take advantage of both sets of data, our imaginary company would have to build integrations between the two systems and then govern the compiled data for accuracy, which would require a significant investment of time, money, and resources. But with Birst, unifying this data into a single view to improve visibility into customers, sales pipeline, opportunities, and much more would be a breeze! 

Getting Started with Infor Birst

It’s critical to maintain consistency, visibility, and trust in your data to make better business decisions. If you’re looking for the ideal tool to bring data from all of your different systems together and normalize it within the solution so that you can be confident that it’s accurate, Birst can give your organization that confidence. 

And if you’re ready to take advantage of the power of Birst, Surety Systems can help. Our senior-level Infor Lawson consultants have the skills and experience to help you optimize the solution to fit your organization’s needs. We can also partner with you on any other Infor Lawson project or issue you may be facing. 

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