When it comes to implementing it alongside their investment with Cloudsuite, we’ve noticed a lot of Lawson customers aren’t sure about (and some are even wary) of Birst. But there’s no reason to be! Birst is a powerful and useful tool, so we wanted to clear up any confusion you may have about it, explain what it can do for your Infor Lawson org, and let you know what you need to be aware of when using Birst.

Let’s get started.

What is Birst?

Put simply, Birst is a cloud-hosted analytical reporting tool. Using a networked approach to business intelligence (BI) and modern enterprise-class architecture (specializing in multi-tenant), Birst keeps your company’s data connected (centralized and decentralized alike). Another way to look at Birst is as a replacement for Lawson Business Intelligence (LBI) in Infor Global Human Resources and Cloudsuite Financials. While Infor currently plans to maintain LBI for Lawson V10, those that are upgrading to the Cloud will find that Birst will be there for them. Of course, this change also means key stakeholders will have some important decisions to make about how they want to approach reporting when moving to the Cloud. 

What Can Birst Do for Me?

Thanks to Automated Data Refinement (ADR) technology, Birst allows users to build a star-schema model of their data without having to know how a data warehouse works, making it easier than ever for you to make sense of your data, no add-on ETL tools required. Creating a data warehouse from scratch requires time, money, and know-how, so the fact that Birst comes pre-loaded with ADR should prove a big benefit to companies that want to step up their analytics game without breaking the bank to do so. 

What Do I Need to be Aware of With Birst?

Birst offers Lawson users tons of advantages when it comes to analytics capabilities; however, there are aspects of it to be aware of before jumping in head-first, especially with reporting. The bad news is that Birst reports cannot currently be embedded into the standard Infor application screen. The good news is that Infor is not only working on that functionality, but Global Human Resources (GHR) and CloudSuite Financials (CSF) will automatically come with some pre-built reports by Birst right out of the box.

These pre-built reports might perfectly fit your organization’s needs, but then again, they might not. Birst’s dashboards and embedded analytics are designed to reduce the need to build your own reports in Lawson V11, which means you may find them a bit limited compared to what you could do with LBI and Crystal Reports in V10.

We hope you have a clearer picture of what Birst is and what it can do for your Lawson organization. While it’s a powerful tool, we understand that optimizing it to best fit your needs is a task that’s easier said than done. If you need a partner to look at your Lawson org and help you figure out what role Birst will play in your company’s future, contact us today. Our senior-level Lawson consultants have the skills and experience you need to take advantage of Birst (or to help out with any other Infor Lawson issue you may be facing).