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Achieve Next-level Scheduling with Kronos Advanced Scheduler

Kronos Workforce Central comes with a standard scheduling tool referred to by most as “Basic Scheduler.” It helps organizations create schedules while taking compliance, budgets, and employee preference into consideration. But for more complex scheduling needs, Kronos offers an add-on product: Workforce Scheduler. Also known as “Kronos Advanced Scheduler,” it provides extra features and is ideal for multi-shift organizations. (Read more about the difference between Kronos Basic and Advanced Scheduler and how to choose the one that’s right for you.)

While Kronos Advanced Scheduler offers almost limitless customization options, it’s not a “plug-and-play” solution. To get the most bang for your buck, there are important prerequisites to address first. For example, planning and creating a Kronos organizational map, configuring Workload Planner, defining rules, and more. This can be a resource-intensive, timely, and frustrating task—particularly if you don’t work in the back-end of Kronos often. To ensure you are utilizing this tool to the fullest, please check out these tips for employee scheduling.

When it’s time to call in the reinforcements, Surety Systems can help. Our senior-level consultants have extensive, hands-on experience with Kronos Advanced Scheduler. Whether you need expertise or an extra hand, we’ll show you how to generate compliant, optimized, and employee-approved schedules in no time. Assessments, implementations, tool configuration, and training. Surety is your go-to partner for Kronos scheduling success.

How to Fix Kronos Coverage Counting & Workload Planner Issues in WFC

Coverage Counting and Workload Planner are critical parts of the Kronos Advanced Scheduler module. Ensuring proper configuration of these two items will help to eliminate over/understaffing issues.

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Kronos Advanced Scheduler Capabilities

Kronos Workforce Scheduler (also referred to as Kronos Advanced Scheduler) seamlessly promotes a cooperative work environment through features like its Optimized Schedule Generation. Among the many benefits of the Kronos Advanced Scheduler, the Optimized Schedule Generation is one of the most popular. Managers can quickly and easily assign staffing coverage through the Optimized Schedule Generation or Assignment Transfer features. The Optimized Schedule Generation uses an algorithm to assign coverage based on organizational needs and employee preferences. When last-minute staffing changes are needed, the Assignment Transfer capability allows managers to pull employees from an area of over coverage to one that needs additional coverage. 


Last-minute adjustments are inevitable in multi-shift corporations. The Workforce Scheduler offers on-the-go solutions for management including a Call List feature and mobile scheduling capabilities. These features allow managers to quickly contact appropriate employees via a voice or text message to cover a shift with the click of a button.

Kronos Advanced Scheduler Benefits

The Workforce Scheduler is specifically designed to aid multi-shift organizations in running a more streamlined and effective operation. Employee scheduling has a direct impact on the productivity of an organization; when employees and management are fatigued and overwhelmed, productivity suffers. The Advanced Scheduler gives management the tools necessary to build effective teams, minimize compliance risks, and control costs by managing overstaffing or understaffing within a shift.


Providing management with the ability to quickly contact employees helps reduce costs caused by staffing issues and quickly fill open shifts. In addition to its convenience, the Advanced Scheduler also promotes team building by encouraging communication between organizational levels.

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