Client: University of Mississippi Medical Center
Project: Re-Implementation Assessment for Lawson Human Resource Suite and Kronos Time & Attendance Systems
Industry: Healthcare



University of Mississippi Medical Center had implemented Lawson Human Resources and Payroll approximately six years ago.  The implementation was not complete and the utilization of functionality was below standards.

Lawson HR / Kronos Re-Implementation: Challenge

In conjunction with the implementation of Lawson’s Financial and Materials Management suites, UMMC was looking to understand how to improve the functionality of Lawson HR/PR and what the impact to the Kronos Time & Attendance system would be.



Through a comprehensive process of interviews with stakeholders at UMMC and an audit of the system configuration of Lawson and Kronos, a detailed assessment was performed.  The assessment addressed the current state of affairs with the system configuration and the challenges that were currently faced in the business processes. Incorporating industry best practices and best use of software methodology, recommendations were made to re-implement Lawson Human Resources Suite and Kronos Time & Attendance in conjunction with the implementation of Lawson Financial and Materials Management Suites.  It was also recommended to complete the rollout of Kronos to the entire UMMC organization.

Lawson HR / Kronos Re-Implementation: Solution

Business/Technical Solution Details:

  • Designation of Lawson HR as the system of record for all employee demographic data.
  • Develop interfaces to other systems that need employee data to insure that the data is consistent and up to date in all systems.
  • Adopt the recommended coding standards for use throughout the system.
  • Utilization of a single coding convention within each data item.
  • Utilize Formal Position Management functionality across the organization to improve job and position definition to facilitate management reporting, budgeting, labor allocation for grant management, and personnel action processing.
  • Evaluate Lawson Standard reports usability in lieu of writing custom reports.
  • Provide end user training for advanced HR Report Writer usage.
  • Expand the usage of MS Add-ins for data queries and data management.
  • Proper use and population of data fields to support Lawson Standard Reports and HR Report Writer.
  • Manager empowerment through on-line access to employee data and the ability to perform updates.
  • Employee empowerment through on-line access to data and the ability to perform updates to their basic data.
  • Utilization of one system for time capture and scheduling.
  • Utilization of schedules for absence tracking and administering clocking rules.
  • Creation of easy views for timekeepers in order to view employees missing time on one screen.
  • Daily time approval by managers and supervisors.
  • Implementation of Absence Management to replace Time Accrual.
  • Implementation of Grant Management for proper labor allocation under grants and non-grant gifts.
  • Implementation of Project Management to define activity codes to support Grant Management.
  • Define automation rules associated with the Benefit plans setup to support changes to benefit enrollment through personnel actions.
  • Re-definition of employee groups based upon changes made to the system configuration.
  • Through Formal Position Management, utilize Lawson Position Budgets for variance reporting and support budgeting by FTE and salary dollars.
  • Define positions specific to Company, Process Level, Department and Job Code.
  • Use Lawson Position control Functionality to show secondary positions.
  • Incorporate the proper Lawson defaulting schemes to insure pay rate and expense usage are applied correctly.
  • Utilize Lawson Benefits Module to fully automate benefits eligibility, deductions and amounts.