UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) is a significant player in the ever-changing world of human capital management (HCM) solutions. UKG has created a suite of functional applications designed to improve employee engagement, expedite HR procedures, and optimize workforce management initiatives.

Read on to learn more about UKG apps and how our senior-level UKG consultants can help your organization maximize success.

UKG Workforce Central App

The UKG Workforce Central app (formerly Kronos Mobile) streamlines workforce requirements and simplifies employee access to critical information whenever and wherever needed. The UKG WFC app also provides secure, quick access to intelligent mobile resource sites for managers and employees, which is particularly beneficial for those just starting their journey with the app.


Simple access to information:

Users gain efficient and dependable access to crucial employee data and other business-specific information with 24/7 access to UKG Workforce Central. This ensures users can access a complete view of relevant information and gain accurate insights without wasting valuable time or resources.

Employee requests and approvals:

The UKG WFC app enables managers to gain instantaneous push notifications for employee requests, analyze critical employee data on demand, and deliver quick responses, improving employee engagement and productivity. Employees can track and manage time accruals, access shift schedules, request time off, and oversee shift changes directly from their mobile devices.

Reduced system downtime:

The UKG Workforce Central mobile app provides offline functionality that allows users to remain productive, reduce system downtime, and preserve secure access, even without a strong internet connection. By leveraging time cards and smart dashboard apps in the UKG app, users can reduce the risk of losing critical employee or business information and facilitate better productivity even if they use the app offline or lose connection.

UKG Ready Mobile App

Whether users are in the office, on the road, or in the comfort of their own home, the UKG Ready app allows complete access to the entire UKG Ready system on any mobile device. This way, users can keep tasks rolling, stay up-to-date with new activities, and impact processes and people without adding extra stress or involving additional teams. The UKG Ready mobile app is free to download and gives employees the HR tools they need to be successful and achieve work-life balance.


Self-service options:

The UKG Ready app provides users with the tools they need to access critical business data and complete tasks, all conveniently located on their mobile devices. With intelligent customization features, users can also adapt their UKG Ready app to fit their needs or configure notifications based on their typical activities, location, role, and preferences, further reducing the administrative burden.

On-the-go tactics:

By leveraging on-demand chats, reports, recommendations, and predictions available on desktop or mobile devices, users can gather critical people data and take it anywhere. This ensures data is readily available whenever needed and facilitates more informed decision-making for key stakeholders.

Smooth information access:

Users can seamlessly switch from their desktop to a mobile device without missing a beat, enabling better operational tracking and improving overall process efficiency across teams and business units. With the UKG Ready app, users can stay up-to-date with the updates, information, and tasks that are most relevant to them, no matter where the workday takes them.

UKG Pro Mobile App

The UKG Pro mobile application gives employees access to workforce management tools and information on a single, cohesive platform that enables better employee engagement, productivity, and morale. The UKG Pro app is available to users for free in the Google Play and Apple App Store, providing intelligent capabilities to foster employee development and improve organizational efficiency across teams and locations


Captivating user experience:

The UKG Pro app encourages employees to access critical employee information like benefits plans and pay rates, connect with teammates and other employees, and manage schedules that maintain work-life balance.

Instantaneous notifications:

The UKG Pro app allows managers and employees to receive push notifications when updates and modifications are made, enabling them to review, analyze, and execute the changes immediately without jumping through hoops. This instant and secure access gives users more peace of mind.

Secure and trouble-free:

Face ID functionality and other biometrics tools offered in the UKG Pro app deliver a secure and convenient login method that gives users greater security while navigating the app. Real-time data synchronization and embedded encryption protect critical employee and business data on mobile devices.

UKG Dimensions App

The UKG Dimensions mobile app (formerly the Kronos Workforce Dimension mobile app), provides a user-friendly interface where users can access relevant employee information and WFM tools. The Dimensions mobile app was created to improve user productivity, providing a modern, interactive work experience for employees and managers in the office and on the go. The UKG Dimensions app is available on Android and iOS devices through the Apple Store and Google Play Store.


Safe access:

To protect users and their most sensitive information, data is encrypted within the Dimensions platform and securely shared between the existing system and the mobile app.

When users enable Touch ID or Face ID, embedded encryption and user authentication capabilities keep track of critical employee and manager data securely in the app.

Attractive employee experience:

The UKG Dimensions app allows organizations to improve user adoption and engagement by delivering a mobile experience unlike any other, created with user-friendliness and simplicity in mind.

Simple self-service options:

Employees can leverage intelligent self-service options to submit additional hours, request time off, and more, allowing them to control their own user experiences. These self-service functionalities are designed to comply with scheduling rules within any organization so the right people will always be in the right place at the right time.

UKG App Functionality FAQ’s

Here’s a look at a few common questions related to UKG App functionality:

How do users enable cookies?

To allow cookies, users can go to their settings on their device and choose ‘Accept’ to enable cookies for the UKG app.

Are language preferences acknowledged?

Language is managed separately on the web but centrally in the mobile app. If the language is changed on the web, only certain pages are affected in the app.

What data is stored on the mobile device? Is Personal Identifiable Information (PII) safe?

The Company Access Code and security tokens are the only files securely saved on the mobile device. Here are the purposes of the tokens and code:

  • Access Tokens: Validates every network request made through the UKG Pro app.
  • Refresh Token: Enables reauthentication with a successful biometric login through Face ID, Touch ID, or Fingerprint ID.
  • Company Access Code: Delivers a unique company identification number to allow access to your company’s data.

What to do if issues arise?

If users encounter an issue, they can report it to their system administrator by screenshotting and selecting Menu>Support to copy the support code. When contacting the system admin, users should provide general case information,  such as:

  • Operating system
  • Type of device
  • Support code
  • App version
  • Time and date of issue
  • Recording or screenshot of the issue

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