Are you looking for a comprehensive project management solution that unifies complex aspects of managing multiple projects simultaneously and streamlines visibility across your entire organization?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations may be the solution for you!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations is a Dynamics 365 application with advanced project accounting and management capabilities in Microsoft Project Management and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance solutions. This way, companies can leverage unified finance and expense management project operations to track, manage, and optimize their most critical project management operations, simplifying their technical landscape and improving collaboration across teams.

Read on to learn more about Dynamics 365 Project Operations and how our Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants can help your organization.

What is Dynamics 365 Project Operations?

The Microsoft Dynamics Project Management solution connects sales, project management, financials, and other critical business resources into one application to secure more deals, maximize profitability, and boost project delivery. 

This dynamic, scalable application can unify the complex aspects of multiple projects into a single source of truth, optimize service delivery, and streamline visibility across the entire organization. By leveraging intelligent tools and functional integrations, companies can also improve the consistency of their project management operations and enhance the accuracy of resource booking and project estimates for critical customers.

In the 2022 release, Microsoft Dynamics delivered a rich experience in the following areas:

  • Sales can win more deals and streamline the complete sales cycle with accurate estimates, seamless transitions, and flexible pricing.
  • Business leaders gain significant insights into their critical project data to increase visibility across teams and processes, improve data management, and leverage AI capabilities to improve decision-making.
  • Project managers leverage embedded project management features and familiar Microsoft Project capabilities to accelerate project delivery.
  • Finance teams use time and expense reports, project costing, invoicing, and budgeting capabilities to improve visibility into business health metrics, maintain compliance, and streamline project accounting.
  • Team members can utilize pre-built integrations with Microsoft Teams to boost productivity, visibility, and collaboration and submit expenses anytime from any location.
  • Resourcing optimizes resource allocation and utilization by matching the right people with the correct skills and the appropriate projects. By aligning critical business skills and people, companies can retain top performers and improve quality across their workforce.

The Project Operations solution is powerful on its own. Still, its functionality can be extended by customers needing more from their Dynamics 365 applications, including Human Resources, Customer Service, and Marketing capabilities.

Features of Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Here are the key features of Dynamics 365 Project Operations:

  • Resource, opportunity, and project management
  • Team collaboration
  • Expense and time entry
  • Project analytics and financial management
  • Mobile-enabled connectivity

The Project Operations solution also offers the ability to adjust each application to meet unique business requirements rather than heavily enforcing specific workflows.

Project Operations allow managers to proactively track and authorize costs against budgets with simplified time input and expense tracking. This system also offers project quoting based on historical data, allowing for more accurate cost and timeline estimates.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

The Project Operations platform offers many benefits for business users, including:

  • Enhanced sales connections to win more deals
  • Improved data visibility to increase profitability and agility over time
  • Enhanced teamwork through project lifecycle collaboration tools
  • Improved quality of work and simplified business processes
  • Enhanced client experiences and greater profit potential
  • Comprehensive list of best practices and improved compliance with international financial reporting standards and other critical business requirements
  • Improved cash flows by improving the accuracy and timeliness of client invoices 
  • Boosted business performance by leveraging streamlined project financials
  • Enhanced project economics with budgeting, costing, invoicing, and revenue recognition

Common Uses for Dynamics 365 Project Operations

The Dynamics Project Operations system can benefit companies that simultaneously manage multiple projects that range in location, size, complexity, resource scope, and type. These companies emphasize delivering quality project management operations on time and within budget.

It’s also beneficial for companies that struggle with consistent financial management and project tracking, as it helps them identify areas of improvement, improve operational efficiency, and deliver accurate project plans and estimates to their customers. 

How D365 Project Operations Integrates With Other Apps

Dynamics 365 Project Operations is commonly integrated with external financial solutions and tools. These integrations provide end-to-end functionality to ensure accuracy in project estimates and improve customer data management across critical business areas. This functionality allows employees to see current information regardless of their function or role in the organization.

Pairing Project Operations with Microsoft ERP solutions, such as Microsoft Finance & Operations or Dynamics 365 Business Central, reduces overhead expenses, streamlines project implementation and management, and facilitates better process improvements.

The Project Operations solution also provides powerful integrations with Microsoft Teams, streamlining time and expense management and improving accuracy by allowing submissions via desktop and mobile apps. Users can easily collaborate with other departments regardless of their location to make quick, informed decisions.

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