In the modern business world, Human Resources Information Technology (HRIT) systems have become key tools for HR professionals looking to streamline their people operations and facilitate better employee engagement across teams.

HRIT systems are comprehensive technology platforms that have transformed the way businesses manage their workforces, from recruitment and onboarding to employee development and performance tracking, and everything in between.

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What is HRIT?

HRIT systems are integrated technological software solutions that help internal teams support and optimize core HR functions, including the use of hardware, software, and other IT tools. HRIT systems can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, and they offer a variety of custom modules to cater to an organization’s unique needs and requirements.

With comprehensive HRIT solutions, companies can develop and implement more efficient HRIS systems and HR technology solutions such as online training modules, performance management software, and employee self-service portals. This way, employees can spend less time trying to navigate complex software requirements and functions, and more time building relationships and completing more meaningful tasks.

Why is an HRIT Important?

HRIT offers the features and functionality needed to connect people and workflows, support day-to-day HR tasks, and increase productivity and engagement across the entire organization. With HRIT systems, companies can also collect necessary data more efficiently to improve time-to-value and maintain regulatory compliance in the long run.

Key Features of HRIT Solutions

Here are the key features you’ll find within HRIT systems:

Recruitment and Onboarding:

HRIT systems include applicant tracking systems (ATS) or other recruiting functionality to help manage job postings, access candidate applications, and facilitate a more efficient hiring process for all key stakeholders. And, with onboarding modules, companies can ensure a smooth hiring process and seamless integration of new employees across the entire organization.


With automated payroll management functions, HRIT systems help to simplify core payment processes and address taxes and deductions more accurately across teams. New hire data can be entered into HRIT systems and combined with other important information, like time and attendance trends and insights, to ensure employees are paid correctly for their time at the end of the pay period.

Time and Attendance:

This module collects employee time and attendance data and is especially important for shift workers who clock in and out to keep track of their actual hours worked. Did you know employees used to write down their working hours on a piece of paper back in the day? This data would then be manually entered into a time-tracking system by managers, and payment orders were prepared, analyzed, and distributed to all employees.

In the modern business world, employees have access to fingerprint scanners or keycards that are linked to the underlying  HRIS, making it easier to clock in and out and ensuring more accurate arrival and departure times. And, with automated time and attendance processes and better data management, any issues with absence or tardiness are immediately identified and addressed.

Benefits Administration:

Employee benefits administration is an essential component of compensation and is controlled and optimized across HRIT systems. And, in more advanced HRIT landscapes, employees are enabled to use self-service tools to view their benefits packages, make changes to enrollments or allocations as needed, and choose the benefits plans that align with their individual or family needs over time. For example, employees can leverage self-service tools to update their beneficiaries or coverage plans after getting married or having a child to ensure all members of their family are covered according to the company offerings.

Employee Self-Service:

Organizations are increasingly focusing on empowering employees and direct supervisors to keep track of their own data. And, with a functional HRIT system and self-service options, employees can view and manage time off requests, make approvals for scheduling requests, and store important payroll, benefits, and timekeeping data in one location.

Reporting and Analytics:

Modern HRIT systems allow for the automated completion and consolidation of HR reports on a variety of common workforce issues, such as employee turnover, absenteeism, performance, and more. With better analytics capabilities and more in-depth insights, managers and executives can make more informed workforce decisions and improve productivity across the board. 

Main Advantages of Modern HRIT Systems

Here are the 5 main benefits of HRIT systems in modern business landscapes:

  1. Data-Driven Decisions: Modern HRIT systems offer predictive analytics, forecasting, and modeling tools to help organizations view important employee information, address issues proactively, and make more informed decisions.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: HRIT systems offer user-friendly interfaces and mobile app capabilities to make it easier for candidates and employees to finish job applications, enroll in benefits, and complete other important HR functions.
  3. Less Time-Intensive Labor: With features like automation, artificial intelligence, and analytics, manual effort required to complete day-to-day tasks and labor costs associated with administrative work can be reduced across the entire organization.
  4. Encourage Business Growth:
    Cloud-based HRIT technology offers enhanced functionality to add new employee information, manage transactions, and facilitate more efficient data exchange across teams. And, with better data management and more efficient processes, companies can promote growth and drive better outcomes in the future.
  5. Maintain Compliance: HRIT systems offer advanced monitoring services to keep up with changing compliance regulations, as well as data security measures to prevent incidents over time. By staying up-to-date with changing industry and company regulations, companies can maintain compliance and reduce the risk of mismanagement of data and legal consequences.


HRIT and HRIS are similar human resources management concepts, but they have different meaning, functionality, and use across modern business landscapes.

We’ve covered the main features and capabilities of HRIT systems, but what is HRIS?

A Human Resource Information System is designed to help companies manage and store employee data, like employment history, personal data, payroll information, and performance assessments, in one location. HRIS systems automate and streamline core HR processes,  increase efficiency and engagement, and provide a centralized database that can only be accessed by authorized users.

Essentially, HRIS is the software used to manage employee data, and HRIT offers a wider range of tools and capabilities that support typical HR tasks.

Leveraging Support from an HRIT Specialist

An HRIT specialist helps companies manage, troubleshoot, and configure their HR technology platforms to meet their unique organizational needs. Support from an external HRIT group can also make it easier for internal teams to manage their existing assets, keep up with important system updates, and leverage the power of their own resources to maximize their investment over time.

HRIS specialists play a critical role in managing HR functions, connecting and collaborating with stakeholders for system maintenance, supporting process improvement, and offering production support and training for users. With an HRIT specialist on your side, your internal teams can ensure positive employee experiences and more efficient HR management across the board.

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