The modern digital landscape is ever-evolving, and healthcare organizations need an innovative integration solution that revolutionizes the way organizations operate in today’s complex healthcare ecosystem.

Enter Epic Aura — a comprehensive suite of tools and solutions that offers a dynamic way to seamlessly connect, optimize, and streamline their operations across multiple platforms, achieving unprecedented efficiency and agility for core genetic testing initiatives.

This article provides a closer look into the core components of Epic’s specialty diagnostics suite and offers better insight into the main advantages of accurate genetic testing and where our team of Epic consultants can come in to help.

What is Epic Aura?

Epic Aura, or the Orders and Results Anywhere Network, is an electronic health record (EHR) integration suite designed to provide quick and seamless connections between health systems that use the Epic community of applications to improve clinical workflows and exchange data more effectively.

With the Epic genetic testing integration, healthcare organizations can seamlessly access genetic testing outcomes, send results, receive orders, and identify at-risk individuals, ensuring better outcomes for patients and allowing providers to personalize treatments over time.

Partnering with Invitae

Epic partnered with medical genetics company Invitae to build a complete integration suite that simplifies provider access to critical genetic test results and other information, informing some of the most important care decisions for patients and enhancing early detection of genetic issues.

Epic’s specialty diagnostics suite provides a comprehensive, integrated platform that helps the nation’s leading healthcare organizations and health systems power precision medicine solutions and improve genetic testing processes for both patients and providers across the entire Epic environment.

Understanding the Need for Epic Testing

Accurate genetic testing can inform the most important care decisions in patients’ lives, and pre-built integrations with Epic’s comprehensive care community in Aura can enhance early detection, improve providers’ usual workflows, and reduce the administrative burden on the broader healthcare system.

But, ethical, privacy, and counseling considerations must also be addressed to ensure that individuals receive appropriate guidance and support when interpreting and acting on genetic test results.

Here are five of the main advantages of accurate genetic testing for patients and providers:

  1. Precision and Personalization: Accurate genetic testing software can provide precise information about an individual’s genetic makeup, allowing for highly personalized healthcare recommendations and treatments and reducing trial-and-error in treatment plans.
  2. Disease Risk Assessment: Genetic testing software can assess an individual’s risk for various genetic disorders and diseases and enable proactive measures to prevent or mitigate these conditions. For example, identifying a high risk for certain types of cancer may lead to more frequent screenings or preventative measures.
  3. Pharmacogenomics: Accurate genetic testing can help doctors prescribe the most effective and safe medications for a patient based on their genetic profile, reduce adverse drug reactions, and improve treatment outcomes.
  4. Family Planning and Reproductive Health: Genetic testing software can provide valuable information about the risk of passing on genetic disorders to offspring and help them make informed decisions about reproduction, including preimplantation or prenatal testing.
  5. Research and Medical Advancements: Accurate genetic testing data can help scientists better understand the genetic basis of various diseases and conditions, leading to advancements in medical research, drug development, and the identification of new therapeutic targets.

Why Choose the Epic Aura Network?

The Epic Aura integration suite offers a one-time connection for provider organizations to leverage their standard ordering and specimen collection workflows more efficiently, enabling precision medicine and reducing the amount of overhead needed to perform labs more effectively across teams.

And, with seamless connections to a patient’s MyChart account and a single source of truth, healthcare organizations can review workflows, streamline the lab order process, increase genetic test access, and reduce critical data errors over time.

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help implementing Epic’s specialty diagnostics suite for the first time, additional support facilitating more efficient system setup or integration than traditional interfaces, or just an extra hand managing and transferring critical test results between existing systems, Surety Systems can help.

Our senior-level, US-based Epic consultant team has the functional skills, technical know-how, and real-world experience to handle all your most important Epic project needs — from first-time implementation to complex integration, system upgrade, product enhancement, and more.

Getting Started with Us

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