Workday has an extensive network of partners – all of which are essential in helping customers get the most out of their Workday investment. Workday partners are chosen for their specialized knowledge and expertise, making it easier for customers to realize the value of their Workday solutions.

The partnership between Vertex and Workday is a great example of this!

Workday and the Vertex tax solution join together to offer dynamic tax solutions, allowing both Workday and Vertex customers to benefit from the partnership. With intelligent Workday Integration tools, customers can extend the value of their Workday solution beyond traditional capabilities and accelerate business growth across their entire organization.

Read on to learn more about the connection between Vertex and Workday and where our senior-level Workday consultants can fit into your organization.

What is Workday?

Workday is a cloud-based software vendor that provides financial management, human capital management (HCM), and other enterprise resource management (ERP) applications.

Workday includes features such as:

  • Payroll Management
  • Talent Management
  • Higher Education Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Human Resources Management (HRM)
  • Data Analysis
  • And more!

Workday Software Partners

Workday maintains a global ecosystem of software partners comprising content, application, and technology software companies. Partnerships with these companies can help customers build, design, and deploy solution extensions while further enhancing the capabilities of Workday software applications.

Software Partners Program Levels

Workday has different levels of partner programs; these consist of:

1) Emerging Partners

Workday Emerging Partners is an entry-level program that lets companies focus on learning about the core components and capabilities of the Workday system and how customers typically use Workday products.

Once they understand how to use Workday and what early adopters need, they design solutions to meet their unique needs by developing Workday connectors.

2) Access Partners

Access Partners leverage connections with resources and stakeholders inside Workday to improve customer collaboration in any Workday partner relationship. 

They provide robust integrations designed to enhance the customer experience, collaborate on marketing and sales activities, and invest in and sponsor Workday events, such as Workday Rising.

3) Select Partners

Workday’s Select Partners align with customer-centric and product investment paths to establish themselves as market leaders and expand integration use cases. Select partners have extensive access to Workday event sponsorships and marketing opportunities to promote their relationship with Workday and drive more collaborative partnerships in the future.

4) Content Cloud Partners

Workday Content Cloud Partners deliver complete visibility into a comprehensive library of content, allowing Workday customers to access and view their protected content as part of Workday Learning.

5) Ventures Software Partners

Workday Ventures Software Partners are an extension of the Workday ecosystem, helping to mold Workday solutions to meet the needs of future enterprises. Workday helps these types of partners understand what Workday customers want and need, better understand the vision for their product, and deliver a more consistent product version across the entire Workday landscape.

Software Partner Integration Badges

Here’s a look at the Integration Badges that can be earned with Workday:

Workday Approved

The Workday Approved Integration badge process lets partners achieve the minimum interoperability, integration, and security requirements to meet customer use cases. This badge is provided for creating integrations that deliver configurable building blocks to support more seamless interoperability with other applications.

Workday Certified

Partners undergo the Workday Certified Integration badge process to create integrations that meet at least 90 percent of the standard use case requirements. This badge focuses on upstream and downstream business processes, more seamless interoperability, and interactions that boost efficiency. Earning this badge offers more seamless integration between solutions but is more intensive and requires greater resource investment.

Workday Built

This badge level creates a closer relationship with Workday product teams. With the Workday Built Integration badge, Workday joins with partners to develop, design, and support integrations and connectors that provide better integrations for customer teams.

Workday Global Payroll Certified

This certification allows Workday partners and customers to build off of standard integrations to deploy configurations that assist their business processes. This robust, country-specific certification process helps partners provide fully functional payroll integrations to Workday.

Workday Content Cloud Approved

Workday Content Cloud groups metadata from content providers and exposes the indicator to participating Workday tenants. The approval process allows each Content Cloud Partner to access Workday specs and validates the availability of metadata from each partner inside the Workday Content Cloud.

Workday Design

This badge gives Ventures Partners access to integrations that deliver customizable building blocks and promote interoperability between other applications. The Workday Design badge focuses on helping Ventures Partners complete the minimum interoperability, integration, and security requirements needed to fulfill customer use cases.

What is Vertex?

Vertex, a select partner of Workday, is a top global provider of tax software and solutions. They work to deliver trusted tax technology that allows international businesses to comply, transact, and grow confidently.

Vertex delivers comprehensive tax solutions tailored to fit specific industry requirements for major lines of indirect tax, including value-add, sales and consumer use, and payroll. With its headquarters in North America and offices in South America and Europe, Vertex employs more than 1,200 professionals and serves companies worldwide.

Vertex Technology Achievements:

  • More than 40 years in tax technology
  • Supports more than 130 countries
  • Serves more than 4,500 customers
  • More than 59% of Fortune 500

What Can Vertex and Workday Provide When Combined?

As a trusted partner and leader in the Workday ecosystem, Vertex Tax Solutions develops innovative tax solutions that allow customers to extend the value of their Workday investments, accelerate business growth, and streamline tax determination and compliance.

After creating this dynamic tax integration, Vertex was chosen as a Workday Select Partner, delivering better flexibility to meet ever-changing tax requirements, creating integrations to meet unique requirements, and leveraging comprehensive tax content for improved efficiencies.

Powerful Integration

By pairing Vertex tax solutions with Workday, companies can streamline and integrate tax management and determination processes, even for the most complex business scenarios. 

This can reduce the load on your tax, finance, and technology teams while also increasing usability for returns, improving reporting functions, and reducing audit risk and exposure across the organization.

Key Benefits of the Solution

Here are the main benefits of Workday and Vertex integration:

  • Increase the value of a Workday system
  • Offer quicker time-to-value for Vertex operations and improve ROI
  • Leverage scalability to drive growth over time
  • Boost efficiency across Finance, Tax, and IT teams
  • Utilize support from Vertex  and Workday-certified implementation teams

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help connecting with Workday Partners to facilitate more efficient integrations, additional support navigating dynamic tax integrations with Vertex, or just an extra hand getting started with Workday integrations, Surety Systems can help.

Our senior-level Workday consultants have the skills, experience, and know-how to help you successfully navigate Workday integrations, reduce complexity across systems, and optimize overall investments across your entire organization.

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