Imagine a comprehensive database that allows your healthcare system to view organizational data under a unified lens and analyze reports, trends, and other useful insights to improve the quality of patient care in your organization…

Read on to learn how Epic Clarity achieves all that and more!

What is Epic Clarity?

Epic Clarity is a reporting database based on an SQL database management system built to help healthcare organizations leverage an operational data store to support Epic’s clinical information system (CIS) and provide a comprehensive and unified view of patient information. The Epic Clarity module can be accessed through either an Oracle or Microsoft SQL database, and it is housed on its own server as to not impact the operations of the rest of the Epic system.

What Does the Clarity Database Do?

The Epic Clarity solution is designed to simplify the process of accessing and integrating data from multiple different sources, help medical providers and other staff members leverage in-depth insights to identify potential areas of improvement, and streamline the creation of analytical reports to best improve data visualization and standardization.

With Epic Clarity, organizations within the healthcare industry can…

  • Access and review real-time insights about their patient populations
  • Make more informed decisions to improve organizational outcomes
  • Integrate electronic health record data with other external systems and applications
  • Leverage advanced analytics and reporting functions to improve the quality of patient care throughout the organization
  • Stay up-to-date with system changes and updates through automated alerts and notifications

How Does Epic Clarity Work?

When leveraging Epic Clarity, an organization typically uses information that is year-to-date (YTD), but in cases where there is a larger volume of data to be analyzed, organizations may choose to use multiple different years of report data. These reports are called “analytical reports” within the Clarity system, and because there is no restriction on the amount of data that can be processed and returned through each report, employees are able to run and analyze reports without the need of a certified Epic Clarity report writer.

Even with its advanced reporting capabilities, Epic Clarity always falls one day after Epic Chronicles because of a process called “Extract Transform Load” or ETL. Here’s how it works:

  1. Data is extracted from Chronicles.
  2. Data is transformed to fit the structural requirements of the relational database.
  3. Data is loaded and organized into database tables using an SQL script.
  4. Once the data is loaded and an SQL script has been created, users can leverage the data source in report-authoring tools (i.e., Crystal Reports) to finish the process.

With Epic Clarity, health systems of all sizes, scales, and specialties are able to optimize their data integration processes, cater their systems to best meet their needs, and maximize their overall technological investment.

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Key Capabilities of the Solution

While Epic’s Clarity solution does function as a relational database intended to keep all relevant patient and organizational information safe and secure, it also provides other capabilities that help improve system performance and enhance patient care in the long run.

Here are a few main capabilities of Epic Clarity for healthcare providers, regardless of the size, scope, or speciality of their organization:

Improved Data Visibility with Epic Analytics

Epic Clarity offers advanced analytics capabilities to not only help medical providers and other staff members uncover key correlations between patient populations, but also improve the quality of data visualizations for process improvement.

The Clarity solution also contains a built-in search engine that allows users to find necessary patient information within their own database and outline custom analytics reports that are tailored to meet individual patient and organizational needs. With better visibility and comprehensive reporting tools, medical providers can make more informed decisions about patient care.

Enhanced Data Standardization Capabilities

With Epic Clarity, healthcare organizations have the ability to standardize data from multiple different sources, including, but not limited to medical history records (i.e., EMRs or EHRs), lab systems, health registries, and more.

Data standardization capabilities offered by Epic Clarity also help companies ensure data consistency by normalizing disparate forms so data from separate datasets and sources can be compared in the same place.

Unified View of Data

Epic Clarity provides a unified view of data through real-time analysis of important health metrics and up-to-date insights into individual health patterns and overall population trends. Real-time data analytics paired with capabilities that allow companies to keep all patient data and other relevant information under the same umbrella not only help organizations operate more efficiently, but also provide better quality of care for patients.

With more comprehensive data views and intuitive user interfaces, companies can also identify issues and areas of improvement quickly, helping them find more efficient solutions.

Pre-Built Integration Tools

The Clarity solution provides built-in integration capabilities, like Crystal Reports, that help schedule, understand, and integrate large amounts of long-term Clarity data, improving decision-making processes and reducing total costs of providing patient care.

Crystal Reports is an SAP Business Object reporting tool that gives users the ability to report on large amounts of data, distribute reports throughout the Epic Hyperspace using Epic-Crystal integrations, and use report results to understand trends in the long run.

Partnering with Epic Experts

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