If you’re looking for a software solution that allows you to extend the functionality of your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to meet your organization’s needs, you’ve come to the right place!

The solution? Infor Mongoose.

Read on to learn more about Mongoose application development from Infor OS and how the platform empowers your team to enhance the core functionality of your enterprise solutions.

What is Infor Mongoose?

Infor Mongoose is a rapid application development framework from Infor OS, utilized for building, designing, and implementing web applications quickly and efficiently and extending the capabilities of your core enterprise solution.

With limited costs, minimal coding development needs, easy-to-use mobile interfaces, and a unified development platform, the Infor Mongoose platform makes it easy to not only build functional web applications, but also optimize business processes.

Mongoose gives companies the ability to…

  • Develop and implement web applications with robust enterprise capabilities
  • Minimize the need for complex source codes or programming languages
  • Leverage intelligent data objects to easy adapt application functionality
  • Improve time to value for creating and deploying new applications
  • Use platform-as-a-service (PaaS) functionality to maintain data security
  • Extend ERP functionality to meet business needs

Built-In Integrations for You

Infor OS’s Mongoose comes pre-built with integration capabilities for point-to-point access through web services, Infor Intelligent Open Network (ION), Infor Ming.le, and the Infor Document Management (IDM) solution.

So, whether you’re integrating different software systems, like Infor Mongoose and other external web services, or connecting business objects through Infor-to-Infor integrations, Infor offers the capabilities needed (and with limited program coding required).

Infor ION Integration

Mongoose integration with Infor ION allows business object documents (BODs) to be passed through Infor ION to another Infor application. This integration also leverages ION application programming interfaces (APIs) to provide point-to-point access to Mongoose framework and the Mongoose-based application.

Infor Ming.le Integration

Infor Ming.le and Mongoose integration allows users to seamlessly connect their Infor systems and applications. With Mongoose streamlining business process flows and capturing valuable data systematically through systematic integrations, users can not only quickly build new applications, but also easily outline non-transactional data replication, file transfers, and internal documentation and communication.

Key Capabilities of the Solution

The Mongoose solution provides an easily configurable application builder and customizable homepages that not only allow for use on multiple devices, including desktop, tablet, or smartphone, but also provide quick access to valuable Infor data.

Mongoose stores user extensions and system customizations in the internal data warehouse, so, when you upgrade your system or deploy a new version of your application, valuable data remains safe, secure, and protected within the Mongoose platform.

With improved system security, browser based development, and full user control, Mongoose allows users to create a wide variety of applications to extend your core enterprise solution, build and streamline workflows, conduct automatic system upgrades, and increase the overall quality of your Infor software.

Main Advantages for Your Organization

  • Minimize program coding requirements to easily configure, deploy, and install feature-rich applications
  • Maximize your ability to create simple web applications for otherwise complex ERP systems
  • Create a mobile or tablet version of your application to access logic and business objects across all device types
  • Leverage cost-effective technology to minimize costs associated with app development
  • Insulate custom applications from underlying technology changes to protect and improve the quality of your data

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help implementing a new Infor ERP system in your organization, designing module integrations to meet your needs, producing feature rich applications for greater operational efficiency, or anything in between, Surety Systems is here to help.

And, to give you a better idea of what to expect when partnering with us, we’ve included a sample profile of one of our top-notch Infor consultants:

Surety Senior Infor Mongoose Consultant

  • 10+ Years of HCM/Payroll Experience
  • Former Infor Professional Services Consultant & End-user
  • Experience with ranging from S3 and GHR (core HR and LP, Benefits and Talent Management functions)
  • Integration experience of Mongoose, EAM, GHR, and IFS Security BODS
  • Experience with Mongoose, MEC Mapper, ION , and API intermediaries while drafting technical documents
  • Prior experience working directly for Workday

Getting Started with Us

Our team of senior-level Infor consultants has the skills, experience, and technical expertise needed to lead your team to success, regardless of how simple or complex your application development framework is.

Contact us today to learn more about Infor or get started with one of our expert Infor consultants.