Employee engagement is one of the most important aspects in maintaining a satisfied and productive workforce. And, allowing employees to have a choice in their experiences at work is a key part of this. Workday understands this and has launched Workday Experience, a new interface in their enterprise software that allows users to customize their experience to keep up with their own personal information, produce relevant insights, complete Workday tasks within the system, and more.

Read on to learn about some of the newest additions to the interface, our Workday Human Capital Management consulting services, as well as how Workday Experience is paving the way for the modern enterprise experience.

What Is Workday Experience?

Workday’s new People Experience interface is one of the latest updates sure to help your organization build and maintain a unique, meaningful, and engaging experience for every employee in your organization, regardless of title, position, or tenure.

The new feature allows Workday users to curate their experiences in the system based on individual preferences and needs. Whether you need specific answers for HR and payroll questions on the spot, access to top priority data and tasks, or any other sort of personalized content, the Workday employee experience feature has you covered.

With Workday, you can make your employee experience your own, saving you time, money, and lots of stress in the long run – all in one system.

Benefits of Workday People Experience

Workday People Experience is an entirely new front-end interface that’s personalized and journey-enabled. “Journey-enabled” means that Workday designed People Experience to do more than merely the user experience—it’s a toolset that helps organizations build the “journeys” their employees need. For example, a user can check their PTO balance, request time off, or look up other HR policies all in the same place.

Additionally, People Experience can predict what people want by leveraging machine learning technology, saving employees time (and reducing frustration) by making it easier for them to access the Workday data they’re looking for, quickly. Even better, it’s supported on any device and allows organizations to utilize these advantages in productivity tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams. 

Expanding People Experience During Times of Change 

Whether it’s a global pandemic, issues of diversity, or remote work environments, businesses need to support their employees now more than ever. To address the new normal of HR, Workday has recently released four new additions to People Experience: Workday Today, Workday Help, Workday Journeys, and Workday People Analytics.

Let’s take a closer look into how each one can benefit your organization.

Workday Today

Workday knows that one of the most important aspects to a positive employee experience is choice. That’s why its new Workday Today home page capabilities allow users to completely personalize their screens, from announcements, notifications, relevant tasks, and more, using custom cards and tasks.

In Workday Today, cards simplify user interaction within the Workday system by providing a starting point for tasks to be completed and simplified content that enables users to complete them. Tasks, on the other hand, use machine learning to understand the tasks you complete regularly within the Workday system. Once the system picks up on your regular day-to-day tasks, it gives you suggested tasks, usually based on time or location, for uncompleted tasks to be performed.

Workday Help

Workday Help is a knowledge and HR case management solution for HR teams that helps employees get answers through self-service. And, if that doesn’t resolve the issue, they can connect with HR teams to get what they need. Here’s an example. 

Suppose an employee becomes sick. The employee can use Workday Help HR case management to read information about the leave and benefit policies relevant to their role and geography, as well as learning more about their personal benefit elections. Let’s say our example employee needs a bit more information, however. All they need to do at that point is to create a case with HR. Since that case can be tracked, HR teams can resolve the situation more efficiently, thanks to having insight into past conversations and contextual information in Workday. 

Now that you have a better idea of how Workday Help operates, let’s take a closer look at the key features.

Knowledge Management

Workday’s Knowledge Management software allows users to increase their productivity by creating and organizing relevant information that can be updated in real-time and attached to certain tasks. This feature also focuses on employee choice by offering a self-service option for you to get your questions answered, access important case content, or gain insight from comprehensive HR information reports.

Case Management

The Case Management feature gives your employees the support they need to answer their toughest questions, gain valuable insight, and provide quicker solutions to problems with its customization capabilities. Users are able to easily create a case based on their need within the Workday system, track the case progress, and even stay in the loop with case solvers every step of the way. With increased productivity and efficiency provided by the case management feature, employees can build and solve cases quicker, without having to retrace steps along the way.

Workday Journeys

Workday Journeys guides employees through transitions and critical moments in their lives, such as job changes, promotions, onboarding, and maternity leave. Using Workday data and other applications, HR can target an employee based on their location, job, or management level, and feed that information into the workflow.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when considering the integration of Workday Journeys into your system.

Employee Engagement

Workday believes that every moment, whether big or small, matters for employees. That’s why they offer increased personalization capabilities to help prepare and guide you through any critical moments, whether those involve starting a new position or simply requesting time off for vacation. By supporting employees with accurate and meaningful information, Workday allows employees to be in charge of their experience, especially in the moments that matter most.

No Complicated Coding

If you’re thinking that designing your own employee experience platform sounds complex and hard to manage, no need to worry – Workday Journey makes building, copying, and launching journeys simple through the uses of cards rather than confusing coding language. Users can design their experience by creating cards and journeys that use real-time data based on a variety of different employee information and related filters.

Increased Productivity

When faced with productivity and issues that come with finding the right tools to enhance productivity, people often become overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn. Workday’s easy-to-use Journey interface makes using productivity tools a little simpler for your organization. Their system is based on personalized experiences for each employee, focusing on increasing engagement and productivity through recommendations, quick access to important information, and more.

Workday People Analytics

Workday People Analytics uses machine learning and analytics to identify trends and risks in the workplace, all without the need for an analyst. Workday People Analytics complements/integrates with Workday HCM system, Workday Financial Management, and Workday Adaptive Planning, and gives you a deeper understanding of numerous aspects of your business, including:

  • Organizational Composition
  • Retention and Attrition 
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Hiring
  • Talent and Performance Management

In a world where decisions need to be made quickly, and usually with limited reporting and analytics tools, there are a few important things to consider when choosing the right solution to optimize your workforce. Workday People Analytics allows users to personalize their insights based on high-priority risks and opportunities, limits some of the workload for your analytics team by replacing manual tasks with Workday Human Capital Management capabilities, and uses easy-to-understand language and analytics.

Getting Started with Workday People Experience 

With our Workday HCM consulting experience, we’ve already heard from customers getting tremendous value from People Experience’s new features. And since the world isn’t going to stop changing any time soon, the companies that provide information and tools that engage employees are the ones that are going to succeed.

How Can We Help?

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