A common misconception about delegating work tasks is that delegation is meant for employees to hand off their work for someone else to finish, but it’s more than that. It’s an opportunity to create trust with other employees and make workloads more manageable.

Luckily, Workday Delegation exists to do just that!

Read on to learn more about how Workday Delegation can positively impact your business processes and where our team of Workday consultants can come in to help!

What is a Delegation?

Delegation refers to assigning a task from one employee to another during a temporary amount of time, usually while an employee is taking a leave of absence. The delegated tasks are typically executed across a company’s delegation process until the designated end date.

Delegation in Workday allows users to assign their responsibilities and tasks to designated substitutes temporarily and ensures continuity and productivity in workflow management, enabling seamless task execution even in the absence of the primary user.

Why is it Important?

Not only can delegating tasks within a team empower employees, but it also encourages them to build trust, take an interest in their professional development, and better understand an employee’s skill set to identify which employees should be assigned to which tasks.

What Makes Workday Delegation Different?

Delegation in Workday involves the assignment of tasks from one Workday employee to another Workday employee. Workday Delegation promotes better employee productivity and allows companies to prepare more effectively for leaves of absence across teams and departments.

By using Workday to carry out the delegation process, employees can rest assured that Workday tasks, processes, and approvals can still happen as planned while they’re away.

Overview of Workday Delegation

Tasks and inbox items can be delegated based on the key features offered within the Workday Delegation solution.

Here’s a brief overview of key features:

How to Set Up Delegations

To delegate inbox items, employees will select another employee they want to delegate tasks to, a start date for the delegation, and an end date, indicating the time they will not be in the office to complete their own work. They can also choose alternate delegates if the initial choice falls through, but the delegate and alternate delegates should be in an equal or higher position than the person delegating the tasks.

How to Delegate Tasks

When using Workday, any employee within an organization can delegate a task to another employee in the same organization. However, all delegation requests must be approved by the requesting employee’s manager. Employees have the option to delegate all inbox tasks or just a specific task to other employees across their team or department

Are There Restrictions?

When an employee delegates a task, they can also choose how much authority their delegate has, whether full access to specific capabilities, limited access, or even allowing read-only access. The delegate can retain access to delegated tasks until the delegate returns.

Does Workday Give Notifications About Delegated Tasks?

Once a delegation is finalized, Workday will notify the delegator and delegate about the assignment in their Workday inbox tasks. From this point, the delegate can see the tasks and approvals assigned to them to ensure they can perform all necessary tasks.

Does Workday Keep Track Of Delegated Tasks?

A company’s internal Workday operations team keeps track of all delegation-related activities through audit trails and advanced reporting capabilities. They can track which tasks have been delegated and who has performed them during a delegation period, making it easier to maintain transparency and accountability across the board.

Can Delegation Requests be Denied?

The Workday Operations team can create, review, cancel, or modify a delegation request to comply with company policies and requirements.

How We Can Help

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