Recently, Oracle announced JD Edwards tools release This tools release comes with many new and exciting features and enhancements as Oracle continues to invest in the evolution of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. 

This article will cover the new updates in digital transformation, user experience, automation, security, and open platform. Let’s get started. 

Digital Transformation

A digital transformation platform simplifies how you integrate with third-party systems and cloud services, manage data from the internet of things (IoT) devices, as well as how your organization builds mobile applications. Here are the new enhancements that will help support your digital transformation journey:  

Extensible Scripting Framework

This framework supports the JRuby and Jython scripting languages in addition to continued support for Java and Groovy that allow custom scripting in orchestrations.

User-defined Orchestration Response Message

This feature allows the orchestration designer to create custom messages for orchestrations that finish successfully, with warnings, or errors. Without messages like these, it can be difficult for users to understand whether their orchestration completed as it should have or if an error occurred.

Orchestrator – Allow Continuation for Steps that Produce Warnings

With this enhancement, your orchestration designer can control the processing on specific EnterpriseOne applications for steps that have warnings that require a double acknowledgment to proceed. (Because if a step requires a double acknowledgement to proceed, you probably want pretty tight control over its processing.)

Create an Orchestration with a Single Click

This allows the designer to create an orchestration for a single orchestration component using a drop-down menu.

End User Authentication via JSON Web Token

This enhancement secures user authentication to the EnterpriseOne web client and Orchestrator Studio via a JSON web token (JWT).

Open Platform

As an open platform, you have the ability to choose the underlying computing architecture on which you run your EnterpriseOne system. Even better, JD Edwards continuously certifies the platform, giving you the confidence that you have a reliable foundation to build upon for growth.


In order to stay compliant with continuously changing industry security standards, JD Edwards ensures security through access, monitoring, and secure authentication across every layer of EnterpriseOne architecture.

System Automation

Thanks to tools release, it will be simpler than ever for your technical team to minimize administrative processes and automate repetitive tasks (such as object management, batch management, and troubleshooting), giving them more time to help other departments improve their processes. 

User Experience (UX)

User experience enhancements help you optimize your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne user interface and make it easier to align the requirements of your user community and business processes without technical customizations and development. 

With the following new features, streamlining your user interface should be simpler than ever.

Enhanced Browser Support for Grid Import and Export

You can now import and export EnterpriseOne grid data across all JD Edwards-supported browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge based on Chromium. Plus, you can also:

  • Export grid data to Microsoft Excel
  • Export grid data to an existing workbook
  • Export grid data to Microsoft Word
  • Import data from Microsoft Excel to the JD Edwards application in an editable format

Enhanced UX Using JavaScript Applications in External Forms

Users can look forward to a new and improved UX when they use JavaScript applications hosted in external forms thanks to your ability to augment the traditional EnterpriseOne form-based applications with rich, interactive web applications written in JavaScript using development frameworks such as Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) and Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS). These augmentations will enhance the user experience in two ways:

First, the JavaScript application developer will be able to reference the application version and processing options of the external form that is hosting the JavaScript application. (This allows the developer to design the JavaScript application to read the application version and processing options and adapt its behavior based on that information.) 

Second, this update provides new APIs for saving, modifying, and clearing the user’s session state in the browser session storage. 

New Learning Path for Visual Builder and Orchestrator for JD Edwards

This new learning path has been designed to educate developers about VBCS and Orchestrator. They will learn enough to create mobile applications using other documentation and collateral. 

Taking Advantage of the New Features

JD Edwards also recently released the availability of enhancements for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and One-Click Provisioning. If you’d like to learn more about these new enhancements, our previous article is for you: New JD Edwards Enhancements for Oracle Cloud.

Staying on the latest version of JD Edwards helps your business innovate and helps you maximize the full potential of your solution. If you’re ready to take advantage of these new enhancements, our senior-level JD Edwards consulting team can help you update your software so you can make the most of your investment. 

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