If you’re using Infor v10, you know that the clock is ticking. In a few years, standard support will go away for v10, and you’ll need to upgrade to CloudSuite version 11. That being the case, there’s no better time to prepare your organization and get everyone on board for this important move than right now. 

In this article, we’ll explain why you need to upgrade (beyond the ever-ticking clock), as well as some things to consider that should help set you up for a successful upgrade. Let’s get started. 

Why Upgrade to CloudSuite v11?

In the spring of 2026, customers will no longer receive new updates or fixes for Infor Lawson v10 software. It’s highly recommended that customers upgrade to the latest version before its end of life. While you certainly can do so after, there’s no reason to subject yourself to such a headache. And make no mistake—security issues alone will lead to trouble for those that try to stay on v10 after the sunsetting date. Without regular security patches, your software will become vulnerable to viruses and cyberattacks, leading to lost time, energy, and money.

The other big reason to upgrade is to take advantage of all the powerful new capabilities found in CloudSuite v11. Infor has made major enhancements in the technology and functionality to help businesses with their digital revolutions. Protection against hackers and slick new capabilities—what more reasons to upgrade do you need? 

Considerations for Upgrading to CloudSuite v11

Now that we’ve explained why it’s critical to upgrade before the v10 sunsetting date, let’s cover what you’ll need to consider about the move. Transitioning to v11 will be very different from previous upgrades because you won’t just be facing an infrastructure effort—a CloudSuite v11 upgrade will require more stakeholders to be involved in the process. 

Here are a few more things to keep in mind on your journey:

Software Assessment and Planning

Do you know what your software setup will need to look like in CloudSuite v11? There are a host of features and functionalities to consider before you begin upgrading. Luckily, our expert Infor consultants can work with your organization to review your customizations, interfaces, reports, enhancements, and integrations. Outlining these details ahead of time will show you what changes need to be made so that you can get the most out of your upgrade. 

Data Prep

Planning your data migration and archive process is a key step in the upgrade process. If you’re moving to CloudSuite v11, Infor recommends that you only move around three years of data (or less) to the new software. Data migration can be complex and time-consuming, especially when you need to decide what data is important enough to move to your new system, but that’s another aspect where our experienced Infor consultants can help. With their know-how on your side, they can guide you through the best-practice strategies to make your migration less costly and more efficient. 

Training and Documentation

Training ensures that everyone is prepared for the new solution and ready to take advantage of all its new features. We believe training starts at the beginning of the project, and here’s why. When your staff builds all the scripting, data, and process flows during the upgrade to v11, they’re essentially developing the basis for your training materials moving forward. Whatever they do (or do not) create at this time, however clear or difficult it is to decipher, will affect its usefulness six months, a year, three years down the line.

Bringing on an expert consultant who understands the importance of well-written documentation that takes this future-focused view into account will ensure that your investment continues to pays dividends. Additionally, our consultants will partner with you on this whole process and help you to develop any additional training tools you might need to make the most of Infor CloudSuite v11.

Ongoing Refinement

Once your go-live date finally rolls around, you may be tempted to think you’ve reached the finish line. From one point of view, you have, but from another, you’re only just beginning. As your company grows and changes, so too will what it needs from your software. For your v11 setup to succeed, you’ll need to have an ongoing refinement plan that takes into account details like user clean-up, security, documentation, and much more. Our consultants can help with this step as well, ensuring your system can support your organization for years to come.  

Getting Started with the CloudSuite Experts 

It might seem like you have plenty of time before you need to start thinking about upgrading to Infor CloudSuite v11, but planning your move now will help you avoid the issues and complications that come from rushing to finish things at the last minute. A successful upgrade is built with proper planning and a solid foundation.

Our senior-level Infor Lawson consulting team can help your organization build that foundation. We’ll work with you on the timing of your upgrade and guide you through each step in the process. Our methodology comes from years of real-world practice, working with organizations just like yours. Contact us today to learn more and get started.