In the realm of modern business management, where agility, efficiency, and resource optimization are paramount, organizations are increasingly turning to advanced technology solutions to streamline their operations.

Enter SAP Fieldglass — a cloud-based Vendor Management System (VMS) that has revolutionized how enterprises manage their external workforce.

With its comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities, SAP Fieldglass empowers companies to seamlessly procure, manage, and optimize their contingent workforce, fostering greater transparency, compliance, and cost control.

This article takes a deeper dive into the world of SAP Fieldglass and offers greater insight into where our team of SAP consultants can fit in your organization. Read on to learn more!

What is Fieldglass in SAP?

Fieldglass is a vendor management system (VMS) acquired by SAP in 2014 and designed to help companies manage external workforces, vendors, and workers more efficiently, from sourcing to asset management, payment, services procurement, and more.

SAP Fieldglass provides a centralized platform that empowers customers to revolutionize the way workforce talent is managed across multiple channels, control the basic functions of their internal and external workforce, and gain better insight, control, and cost savings across teams.

Key Components of the SAP Fieldglass System

When it comes to connecting, streamlining, and managing external workers and their tasks, calculating the associated costs for all completed tasks, and facilitating more efficient external workforce management, SAP Fieldglass offers the right tools for the job.

Here are the main components included in the SAP Fieldglass solution:

1) SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management

The Contingent Workforce Management solution in SAP Fieldglass manages their contingent workers’ entire lifecycle, helping users simplify workforce volatility, find the best-fit workers for each task, manage worker progress and payment, and conduct efficient employee analysis and offboarding.

With the SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management component, users are enabled to:

  • Initiate: Initiate projects with contingent workers, create new requisitions for vacant positions, communicate with internal stakeholders to determine external talent details and grant approvals, configure requisitions by position or role, and automate core requisition approval and support functions.
  • Engage: View potential candidates according to their status, evaluate previously ranked and matched resumes, schedule interviews and integrate with external scheduling systems, conduct interviews with approved candidates, streamline negotiations between candidates and internal employees, and finalize the hiring process for chosen candidates.
  • Manage: Manage your entire workforce from a centralized platform, automate core employee onboarding tasks, facilitate more efficient background checking tasks, track allocated worker hours and manage timesheets, and generate payments and invoices based on approved timesheets.
  • Complete: Automatically terminate access to systems, evaluate and flag workers to prevent rehiring, conduct performance analysis and offer employee feedback, determine vendor performance, generate worker KPIs, rate vendor performance, and conduct offboarding processes to complete the employee engagement.

2) SAP Fieldglass Assignment Management

The SAP Fieldglass Assignment Management module allows customers to onboard multiple workers at the same time, confirm their qualifications for the job, assign them to multiple tasks or job orders, and track hours worked more accurately across teams.

By simplifying worker assignments and effectively managing service providers, companies across industries can ensure proper completion of work and accurate employee compensation, no matter what.

Here are a few key features of the Assignment Management module:

  • Improved compliance: Standardize onboarding and offboarding processes, ensure proper certification and training for new employees, approve external workers and contractors for work, leverage built-in controls to meet labor regulations, and improve access and security controls.
  • Better cost control: Manage budgets, monitor costs across individual or aggregated PO lines, automate contractor time management processes, eliminate manual time entry, load time cards directly into your SAP ERP system, and complete payment for projects with prenegotiated rates.
  • Enhanced productivity: Place the right people on the right projects, create multiple assignments for individual workers, track employee hours by individual assignment, ensure accurate clock-in and clock-out times, and pay workers according to predefined rate cards.

3) SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement

SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement provides a comprehensive services procurement solution to help business users ensure the components of each procurement project meet company demands and support project success across the board.

With SAP Fieldglass support for service procurement makes it easier for companies to find, attract, manage, and offboard external workers and service providers and meet strategic procurement objectives.

With the Services Procurement solution, companies are enabled to:

  • Initiate: Initiate service requests, collaborate on bid criteria and project requirements, leverage pre-populated templates to create service orders and statements of work, facilitate more efficient communication between internal stakeholders and vendors, send requests to selected vendors, and expedite approvals for authorized budgets and project terms.
  • Engage: Receive and evaluate vendor responses, compare key metrics for each vendor, leverage built-in communication tools to negotiate back and forth with vendors, and finalize agreements with the selected vendor.
  • Manage: Manage all global services engagements in a centralized system, automate onboarding tasks for new workers, track and approve timesheets, approve and validate services, ensure services are performed properly, generate invoices for completed work, and track payments.
  • Complete: Automate offboarding tasks, terminate system access for workers who are no-longer employed, offer performance feedback for the provided services, minimize security risks with efficient asset retrieval, and close the service task.

Features Included in SAP Fieldglass Solutions

Here are a few key features included in the SAP Fieldglass solution:

Vendor Management

SAP Fieldglass allows companies to streamline and optimize their vendor management operations, ensuring high-quality service vendors are leveraged, total costs are minimized, and revenue is maximized across the board.

Service and Invoice Management

With automated service and invoice management capabilities in SAP Fieldglass, users can simplify the creation and management of service requests and invoices for completed tasks. The SAP Fieldglass solution automatically converts approved timesheets into invoices, including local tax deductions, GST, and other tax details for each invoice.

Time and Expense Management

SAP Fieldglass provides time and expense management functions, like time entry, expense entry and control, scheduling workflows, and more, to facilitate better employee performance, control expenses more effectively, and gain better visibility into core external workforce operations.

Performance Management

With advanced administrative tools, template libraries, upload tools, predefined workflows, and more, SAP Fieldglass can streamline vendor, contractor, and external workforce operations and provide a more efficient way to manage and upload massive amounts of data and improve system performance.

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