Companies know that they need to focus on developing engaged and productive employees if they’re going to stay competitive and drive business growth in an ever-changing business environment. However, only 9 percent of organizations believe they have a good understanding of the talent factors that drive performance, according to a study by Deloitte. 

One way to gather better information and data on talent factors is by adopting people-first technologies like workforce management and human capital management (HCM). Workforce management typically refers to the mechanics of the workforce like time tracking or meal and break rules, while HCM is a broader, more holistic view of the workforce, such as work/life balance, scheduling impacts on performance, and talent recruitment. 

One solution that combines HCM and workforce management into a seamless whole is Kronos Workforce Ready, giving organizations a full picture of their entire workforce. This article will take a deep dive into the Kronos Workforce Ready solutions and cover the key parts of the suite, not to mention the benefits of the tool and the kinds of companies that use it.

Let’s dive in. 

What is Kronos Workforce Ready?

Kronos Workforce Ready is a cloud-based platform that automates and integrates a company’s workforce from recruiting to retirement to termination (and everything in between). The unified Kronos Workforce Ready solutions & integrated toolset gives organizations full visibility so they can not only see what’s getting done but how it’s getting done. 

Kronos Workforce Ready isn’t the only HCM platform on the market, but the company’s been around the longest. Kronos began in 1977 (yes, before “the cloud” was even a thing) as a time clock manufacturer. While pretty much everyone tracked employees with time clocks and punch cards back then, we’ve come a long way since the 70s, and Kronos has continued to stay up with the times. 

The Kronos Workforce Ready platform is used by more midsize and enterprise companies thanks to its robust features. And almost every industry can benefit from it worldwide, with hospitals and healthcare as the largest industry segment. 

What’s Included in the Kronos Workforce Ready Suite?

Kronos Workforce Ready system is a suite of products that can help manage all aspects of the workforce. Here’s a list of some of the key products and their features: 

Workforce Ready People Analytics

People Analytics allows you to gather tactical information about your workforce and strategic AI-supported predictions that drive proactive action. With all of your workforce data in one place, it’s easier to access and make decisions based on accurate data. 

Workforce Ready Talent Acquisition

With Talent Acquisition, you can simplify and automate job requisitions and candidate searching processes. You’ll also be able to track applicant status and deliver a better online hiring experience for candidates. 

Workforce Ready Human Resources

This product helps your HR staff streamline tasks for hiring, managing, and retaining your workforce. It also simplifies other administrative or manually intensive tasks (like benefits), freeing them up to focus on more strategic work.

Workforce Ready Performance Management

A crucial piece of employee success, Performance Management helps you enhance the performance review process and support the development of salaried and hourly employees.

Workforce Ready Compensation Management

Compensation Management automates the compensation planning process for better visibility and governance for employees and managers alike. 

Workforce Ready Time Keeping System

The days of timecards are gone. Workforce Ready Time Keeping System provides user-defined pay rules and simplified timecard management to improve payroll accuracy and reduce compliance risk.

Other Products in the Suite: 

  • Workforce Ready Employee Leave Management
  • Workforce Ready Accruals
  • Workforce Ready Attestation
  • Workforce Ready Calendar Scheduler
  • Workforce Ready Payroll System
  • Workforce Ready Data Collection
  • Workforce Ready Mobile System

What Are the Benefits of Kronos Workforce Ready?

By unifying workforce management with HCM, your organization gains a complete picture of the entire workforce. You’ll have information on what type of work your employees are doing, as well as when and how they’re doing it. Additionally, you’ll have payroll, performance, and productivity data to make it easier to optimize your employees for better business outcomes. 

And your organization isn’t the only one to benefit from Kronos Workforce Ready, either—there are perks for employees as well. The suite gives them better transparency into scheduling and self-service, such as submitting vacation requests, shift changes, and performance tracking. For example, if a warehouse employee can’t make one of their shifts, they can submit a request through the workforce ready system which automatically opens up the opportunity for another employee to pick up the shift. Empowering employees can help them feel more fulfilled and respected. 

Final Thoughts on Kronos Workforce Ready

Integrating workforce management and HCM removes the data and information silos that can crop up when your team uses multiple tools. Kronos Workforce Ready gives your organization a central repository to access all your workforce data in one place, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of your workforce and business performance. 

Finding the right solution and implementing it can be a daunting process. To successfully address your company’s unique needs, you’ll require accurate planning and technical execution par excellence. That’s where Surety Systems comes in. Our senior-level Kronos consulting team will work with you to find the perfect solution and guide you through implementation from start to finish (and after). 

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