Running a company consists of tedious and complex processes to meet the needs of internal stakeholders and business leads. Key measures of efficiency and a well-defined structure among business units are crucial to improve interoperability and overall user experience.

Shared service systems can help improve, manage, and optimize business operations to offer enhanced support for your company and a better experience for your employees. Read on to learn more about shared service systems, as well as where our team of consultants can fit in your organization.

Why Use a Shared Service?

Shared service systems connect multiple organizations, providers, and services to a single platform, simplifying the exchange of data between stakeholders and improving interoperability in the long run.

Shared service systems exist to consolidate, centralize, and standardize all corporate back-office functions on a shared source across all business units. Companies employ shared service systems for a few key areas of operation, including…

  • IT Services
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Accounting
  • Supply Chain Management

The multi-functionality of shared service systems gives companies and their employees the upper -hand in service-level management. Service optimization increases visibility in the customer base, provides key performance indicators for employees and customers, improves the level of responsiveness to critical business needs, and helps companies get the most out of their technological investment.

Key Benefits

Implementing a shared service systems drives efficiency, innovation, and growth throughout companies of any size, in any industry. Here are a few key advantages of using a shared service to support your organizational needs…

Process Improvement

Streamlining operations provides efficient service delivery and transforms business processes through…

  • Standardization: Simplify the process of integrating organizational operations through the standardized service functions and systems and optimized process efficiency.
  • Business process overhauls: Combat duplicative and manual processing functions, reduce process overhauls, and save time and money in the long run with a shared service.
  • Cross-functional initiatives: Improve cross-collaboration among departments to retrieve, exchange, and store information and create solutions for back-office issues.

Performance Mangement

Workflow and process capturing give a broader view of the organization by providing advanced analytics to…

  • Track performance: Monitor local and federal regulations and employee performance to ensure compliance, anticipate future situations and issues, identify data trends, reduce performance gaps, and more.
  • Improve organizational strategy: Leverage advanced data analytics to evaluate business strategies and strategic initiatives and ensure organizational efficiency.
  • Scale services: Fulfill service demands by strategically reallocating resources and scaling back-office services up or down as needed across the different areas of the organization.

Enhancement of Employee and Customer Experience

The integration of shared service systems functions provides improved connectivity and information transparency among an organization’s service providers to enhance users’ overall experience through…

  • Shared services catalog: A single source of engagement provides users with seamless navigation functionality to manage service providers and initiate service requests.
  • User reporting: Leverage advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to align the expectations of customers with business operations and meet their needs.
  • Better compliance: Standardized processes across all areas of the organization ensure all users are in compliance with business regulations and rules and are completing tasks and managing data properly and efficiently.

Getting Started with Us

Shared services can provide your organization with a scalable, client-focused solution to mitigate risks, lowers costs, maximize your return on investment (ROI), and gain a competitive advantage. But, resource planning initiatives can get a little complicated without the right team for the job.

Need help with improving your organization’s service functions or integrating business processes with shared service systems? Surety Systems is here to help!

Our team of senior-level consultants have the skills, experience, and technical expertise you need to improve interoperability and maximize process efficiency.

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