With its intuitive visual development environment and extensive set of pre-built components and templates, Oracle Visual Builder empowers developers to rapidly create custom applications without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

This article explores the core capabilities and benefits of Oracle Visual Builder, exploring how it enables organizations to accelerate application development and enhances collaboration between IT and business teams and where our Oracle consultants can come in to help.

What is Oracle Visual Builder?

Oracle Visual Builder is a powerful low-code development platform that provides all the functionality previously available through the Oracle Developer Cloud Service, enabling users to streamline the creation of modern web and mobile applications without navigating complex coding requirements.

The Oracle Visual Builder Studio enables development teams to:

  • Create visually appealing applications through built-in user interface controls
  • Connect and extend user interfaces to existing REST services or custom business objects
  • Publish applications with one click, enabling quick and easy access for end-users
  • Define role-based security to control access to specific data, pages, and applications
  • Enhance and accelerate development for certain Oracle Cloud applications
  • Create and publish pages and applications that interact with Oracle SaaS data sources
  • Manage configurations, such as hiding/showing fields, deploying new fields, and more

Key Features of the Oracle Visual Builder Studio

Simplified application development

Visual Builder: With browser-based Visual Builder functionality, users can create, develop, and deploy new applications without downloading or installing software.

Customization: Pre-built configurations for JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS techniques enable users to customize their critical applications and app extensions as needed.

Visual development: Users can access intelligent visual application design tools, like drag-and-drop functions and WYSIWYG interfaces, to develop new applications quickly and easily.

Connections to Oracle Cloud Applications

Service Catalog: With access to Oracle’s comprehensive Service Catalog, users can access business objects from existing Oracle Cloud applications and easily build new applications.

Single sign-on: Organizations can leverage the same roles and users outlined in their Oracle Cloud applications without requiring separate login credentials.

App extensibility: Pre-built connections to Oracle Cloud applications enable users to embed applications as custom tabs or menu options linked to external applications.

Multiple data sources

Data objects: By leveraging Oracle Visual Builder, users can replace spreadsheets with multi-user web applications and define new objects to store personalized content related to current business needs.

REST services: Users can choose from Oracle’s catalog of REST services or easily invoke existing REST services from other areas of the technical landscape.

Various service sources: Oracle Visual Builder enables users to create a unified application that consumes services from various sources and connects them to existing data objects.

Anytime, anywhere access

Cloud development: Applications created in Oracle Cloud are available to users through any desktop or mobile device with Visual Builder functionality.

Multichannel apps: Users can leverage Visual Builder tools to create web applications and progressive web apps (PWA) and install them through a connected development approach.

Quick publishing: With Oracle Visual Builder, users can easily publish new applications to specific user groups or other areas of the production environment.

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