In the dynamic landscape of cloud computing and virtual desktops, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution emerges as a groundbreaking platform, seamlessly bridging the realms of traditional data centers and the agility of cloud migration functionality.

This innovative solution, a result of collaboration between Oracle and VMware, enables organizations to migrate and run their VMware Cloud Universal program workloads in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

With a focus on simplifying the complexities of hybrid cloud deployments, the Oracle Cloud VMware solution empowers organizations to harness the benefits of both enterprise applications — maintaining the familiarity of VMware environments while leveraging the scalability of Oracle Cloud solutions.

In this article, we discuss the core components and features of the Oracle Cloud VMware solution, exploring how it revolutionizes the approach to hybrid cloud architecture and enhances operational efficiency and where our team of expert Oracle consultants can fit in your organization.

What is the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides the predictability, scalability, and control to rapidly implement VMware estates without modifying best practices or existing operations, efficiently manage cloud infrastructure, and enable complete administrative control.

The Oracle Cloud VMware solution is a cloud service offered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in collaboration with VMware, enabling organizations to extend their on-premises VMware tools to cloud-based environments.

Oracle’s Cloud VMware capabilities are designed to provide a consistent and compatible VMware experience in the cloud, allowing businesses to migrate and run their VMware workloads on Oracle’s high-performance and scalable cloud infrastructure.

With the Oracle Cloud VMware solution, customers can access the following features:

Migration without modification

Migrate applications without refactoring application code or lift and shift applications from on-premise systems to the Oracle Cloud VMware solution.

System predictability

Enable improved performance and globally consistent costs in cloud environments while leveraging on-premise licenses for a connected VMware experience across the enterprise landscape.

Complete control

Gain full administrative control and root access to VMware environments and control when software patches, upgrades, or updates should be implemented.

Independent scaling

Optimize workloads by scaling performance, volume capacity, and cost-on-demand independently from compute environments.

Key Components of the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s Cloud VMware solution offers various components to support network, storage, and compute capabilities for an effective cloud environment.

Here’s a closer look at each key component:


vSphere is Oracle Cloud VMware’s virtualization platform comprised of the ESXi hypervisor and vCenter Server, enabling the unified management of critical CPU storage and networking infrastructure.

With intelligent virtualization capabilities, VMware vSphere allows users to run existing applications with other containerized applications on the server virtualization platform.


The NSX-T Data Center offers critical virtual networking and security capabilities to help users maintain a fully functional VMware environment, including NSX Manager appliances, NSX-T Controller, NSX-T Local Manager, and NSX-T Edge nodes.

Users can leverage NSX-T functionality to secure and connect applications across the data center, multi-cloud environments, bare metal landscapes, and containers in a single, unified location.


VMware’s vSAN storage technology provides a single shared datastore for complex compute and management workloads across both Oracle and VMware software environments.

By leveraging vSAN capabilities and enterprise-class storage virtualization software, enterprise customers can improve overall business agility, ensure complete administrative control of their VMware software, and reduce costs.


The Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) is an application mobility platform designed to remove complexity from workload and application migration.

The tool enables enterprises to extend their on-premise environments to public cloud landscapes by conducting intuitive workload rebalancing and maintaining continuity across system landscapes.

Understanding Critical Oracle VMware Cloud Features

Controlled environment

Through self-service provisioning tools and complete administrative permissions, Oracle Cloud VMware enables organizations to gain complete control of their hardware and software environments. The single-tenant solution also caters to customers whose workloads require an isolated infrastructure, making avoiding resource contention issues in multi-tenant landscapes easier.

Built-in tenant isolation, data encryption, and zero trust access features empower customers to control access to their Oracle Cloud solutions and reduce risks across the entire Oracle environment.

Agile computer shapes

From compute bare metal instances to Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC standard compute instances, Oracle VMware Cloud capabilities enable enterprise customers to scale based on current business needs or changing industry requirements and customize shapes for core configurations.

High-performance capabilities

With powerful bare metal compute instances and elastic capacity, Oracle Cloud VMware makes it easier than ever to scale large deployments to accommodate business growth and manage larger CPU core counts across the entire technical landscape.

The Oracle Cloud VMware solution also offers new configuration options that help customers scale their workloads to larger cluster sizes, access private and customizable networks, and easily leverage adjacent OCI cloud services directly from the Oracle VMware Cloud environment.

Limited app modification

The Oracle Cloud VMware solution allows users to leverage existing skill sets and native VMware tools to manage system infrastructure and migration needs and minimize overall organizational impact.

This way, organizations can utilize the same VMware specification for both on-premise and cloud environments, reducing the time and effort spent porting applications, resolving configuration differences, or reconfiguring code.

Seamless workload deployment

Oracle’s Cloud VMware solution is designed for enterprise applications running on enterprise-class server processors and supported with VMware, making it easier to run production applications in the cloud and improve backup and disaster recovery whenever needed.

VMware Cloud capabilities also enable Oracle users to move VMware workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and migrate core applications without modification, leading to improved scalability and continuity with existing VMware-based processes, tools, and policies.

Scalable data storage

From block storage to shielded instances, file storage capabilities, and automated monitoring and notifications, the Oracle Cloud VMware solution makes it easier to deploy storage at the performance level and reconfigure containers without disrupting VMware clusters and their related workloads.

Users can also access built-in security features for protecting against ransomware attacks, deliver authenticated software to protect the firmware of ESXi host instances, and establish disaster recovery and backup tools for a secure enterprise-grade storage experience for core VMware workloads.

Oracle Cloud service integration

Customers can leverage the Oracle VMware Cloud solution and pre-built integrations with other Oracle and non-Oracle services to modernize their application stacks, access robust business analytics and data science capabilities, and ensure secure and reliable networking for performance-sensitive apps.

Here are a few key examples of integrations with Oracle Cloud services:

  • Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes
  • Oracle Functions
  • Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing
  • Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Transfer Appliance

Tool compatibility

Users can leverage critical best practices with native tool integration to minimize disruption to existing processes and policies during cloud migration and manage all VMware-based applications through the same single, integrated view that OCI offers.

With intelligent VMware Cloud capabilities, customers can leverage their IT team’s existing skills and tools already in use on-premises to improve testing for new tools, facilitate more efficient IT deployment processes and architectures, and configure cloud environments to match on-premises.

VMware cloud integration

With pre-built solutions like vRealize Operations, vRealize Automation, and vRealize Network and Log Insight, customers can plan, scale, and optimize their Oracle Cloud VMware solution with greater visibility across the hybrid cloud, deliver infrastructure-as-a-service more efficiently, and ensure a secure and highly-available network.

Access to cloud-based virtual desktops and applications delivered in a hybrid landscape also enable users to extend desktop services in a cloud environment, reducing overall costs and capital expenditure and delivering software to production with quicker timelines.

Main Advantages of Oracle’s VMware Cloud Foundation

Here’s a look at eight of the top benefits of Oracle Cloud VMware resources:

Seamless Hybrid Cloud Integration

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution allows organizations to seamlessly integrate their existing VMware environments with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, facilitating a smooth and low-friction migration of on-premises VMware workloads to the cloud and ensuring a unified and consistent operational experience.

Consistent VMware Experience

The Oracle Cloud VMware solution offers a consistent and familiar VMware-based environment in the cloud, allowing organizations to maximize the full potential of their existing VMware skillsets, tools, and processes.

This ensures a seamless transition for IT teams and minimizes the learning curve of adopting new cloud technologies or cross-cloud services.

Optimized Performance and Scalability

By running VMware workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, organizations gain access to Oracle’s high-performance and scalable cloud infrastructure.

This enables users to benefit from enhanced performance, scalability, and flexibility, catering to varying workload demands without compromising efficiency or affecting existing operations.

Cost Efficiency and Resource Optimization

The Oracle Cloud VMware solution provides a cost-effective model for running VMware workloads in the cloud. Organizations can optimize resource usage and scale resources based on evolving demand, leading to potential cost savings compared to traditional on-premises infrastructure.

Integrated Security and Compliance

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution incorporates robust security features like identity and access management, encryption, and network security, ensuring a secure environment for VMware workloads. The solution is also designed to assist organizations in maintaining compliance with industry regulations and security best practices across the Oracle Cloud landscape.

Elastic Networking and Connectivity

Leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s advanced networking capabilities, the Oracle Cloud VMware solution provides organizations with highly available networking options. This facilitates optimized connectivity between VMware workloads, cloud services, and on-premises environments.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

The Oracle Cloud VMware solution offers built-in capabilities for high availability and disaster recovery. Organizations can design and implement resilient architectures with the ability to failover VMware workloads to ensure business continuity within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Rapid Provisioning and Deployment

With the Oracle Cloud VMware solution, organizations can rapidly provision and deploy VMware workloads in the cloud. This agility enables users to respond quickly to changing business requirements, scale resources as needed, and accelerate time-to-market for new business objectives.

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