When it comes to managing your workforce in the most efficient way possible, you need Workforce Management software that can handle all of your most important employee data while allowing your employees to rest easy knowing their workforce is prepared to withstand change in the future.

Cue Workday WFM.

Read on to learn how Workday Workforce Management software can do just that (and more), as well as where our team of Workday consultants can fit in your organization.

What is Workforce Management?

Workforce Management (WFM) outlines the set of practices used to manage workloads across business units, allocate resources with greater efficiency, and optimize operational agility.

With functional Workforce Management solutions, organizations and their employees are enabled to…

  • Keep track of hours worked for each employee to ensure proper payment
  • Automate scheduling processes to reduce administrative burdens and save time
  • Drive employee engagement and productivity with more efficient solutions
  • Integrate Human Resources (HR), Payroll, and other people processes to maximize efficiency across teams and departments
  • Leverage support resources to empower the entire workforce and improve employee performance across the board

Key Components of Workday Workforce Management

Workday offers innovative and adaptable workforce management solutions to help customers keep track of their workforce, align employee needs with business demand, and meet (and exceed) expectations for employees across business units.

Here are a few key components of Workday Workforce Management solutions for your team…

Time Tracking and Attendance

Workday Time Tracking software offers an innovative, data-driven application designed to give employees a voice in their own experience and keep track of hours worked in a more accurate and efficient way.

1) Employee Self-Service

Employees have the tools to enter their time and check availability whenever and wherever they need to from their desktop browsers, laptops, mobile devices.

2) Personalized Notifications

Automatic notifications can be configured and customized for each employees to make them aware of any changes in their rates of pay or total hours worked to ensure they are paid properly for their time.

3) Efficient Time Approvals

Managers can conduct mass approvals for employee time and review exceptions to ensure employee time is entered correctly and hours are approved in a timely manner.

Scheduling and Labor Management

Workday’s scheduling software comes pre-built with intelligent, AI-driven capabilities to ensure employee schedules are aligned with both worker preferences and business demand.

1) Employee Empowerment

Empower employees and improve overall engagement by allowing workers to give input into their preferred schedules and access self-service tools to manage schedules in their own way.

2) Reduced Guesswork

Automatically generate employee schedules based on individual preferences, time-off requests, and qualifications to cut out the guesswork of filling scheduling vacancies and ensure the right fit employee for the task at hand.

3) Adaptability

Suggest available and qualified replacement workers when schedulers need to update staffing assignments or employees need to adjust or edit their working schedules.

Absence Management

Workday Absence Management is designed to give users a more comprehensive view of their calendars to ensure vacations, sick days, and other time-off requests are aligned with each employee’s absence plans.

1) Flexibility

Advanced configuration capabilities allow teams to adapt to changing legislation, provide better insights into organizational absence analytics, and create plans to withstand change and ensure staffing needs are met in the future.

2) Automation

Automate manual time approval and absence validation processes to ensure employees are staffed correctly and data is updated in real-time.

3) Metric Comparisons

Use key absence metrics and benchmarks to determine key areas of improvement for your organization and allow employees to compare time metrics with their peers.

How Can We Help?

Whether your company needs help creating a new workforce management strategy with a stronger focus on productivity and engagement, an extra hand automating processes for managers, or additional support completing repetitive tasks to free up employees to be more productive, Surety Systems is here to help.

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