With intuitive learning tools and comprehensive resources, the UKG Ultimate Community allows users to connect with other customers, collaborate across teams and organizations, and leverage innovation to make the most of their technical investment.

Read on to learn more about the UKG Community solution, as well as what our senior-level UKG consultants services deliver to help meet your most important project needs.

What is the UKG Ultimate Community?

The UKG Ultimate Community is a support solution designed to connect UKG customers to the tools needed to quickly find answers to urgent UKG questions, collaborate with other UKG Pro users to improve connections across the UKG landscape, and access templates, checklists, and other resources to increase the efficiency and value of your UKG solutions.

With Ultimate Community, UKG Pro users can connect with peers in similar industries to navigate system complexities with ease and get users on their way to success with improved time to value across the board.

Making the Most of Your UKG Investment

With UKG Community, customers can gain access to advanced collaboration tools that make it easier for them to improve target audience engagement, suggest product enhancements, and compare past activity to current metrics for improved performance.

Here’s a closer look at the main features included in the UKG Community solution:

1) Access Peer-to-Peer Conversations

Through the Ultimate Community, UKG Pro users can immediately connect with peers to share experiences, build community with each other, discuss challenges, and create solutions to create the most valuable user experience possible.

And, with access to live peer conversations used to highlight customers who share their own experiences and best practices to improve the user experience, users have the opportunity to learn from other customers just like them and find ways to make the most of their investment.

2) Engage with Other UKG Users

The Ultimate Community encourages audience engagement by enabling UKG Pro users around the world to connect to, learn from, compare past activity, and collaborate with other users and subject-matter experts by providing built-in functionality designed to help users improve knowledge transfer across their organization, enhance the efficiency of their UKG system, and find inspiration from others.

Ultimate Community provides the resources needed to…

  • Help customers grow their network and build trust in their UKG Pro operations and throughout their internal UKG teams
  • Leverage the right tools to get questions answered, share ideas, and browse other relevant UKG Pro information to maximize productivity and efficiency
  • Engage with others in the UKG environment to improve connection, collaboration, and confidence across organizations

3) Obtain Valuable Learning Content

Ultimate Community has the resources needed for customers to properly use their products and find success in doing so, including…

  • Report Templates: The Ultimate Community provides a library of report templates spanning multiple different business units (i.e., Payroll, Recruiting, Onboarding, etc.) to help customers elevate reporting practices, find the most valuable reports for peers, and exchange reports to transfer knowledge across peers, partners, and teams.
  • Tutorials: Community offers a searchable archive with easy-to-use tutorials to not only help improve employee engagement with self-service functionality, but also help users navigate, troubleshoot, and solve issues within their UKG system. Tutorials can even be found for problems as simple as navigating the “Forgot Password” button.
  • Product Information: The Community solution gives users easy accessibility to UKG’s main education site (Learning Center) that is home to valuable product information, such as instructional videos, job aids, and more.

Where Does Surety Systems Come In?

When you can’t seem to find the answer you’re looking for within the Ultimate Community, our team of experienced professionals at Surety Systems is here to help…

Our services deliver a “no bull, no bias, no breadcrumbs” methodology to ensure our UKG consultants meet your needs, regardless of the size of your organization, complexity of your UKG system, or scale of your UKG implementation or integration projects.

Instead of working to meet our own bottom line, our team is committed to finding experienced UKG consultants who can not only meet your technical or functional needs, but also provide guidance to improve productivity and engagement, support to keep your needs at the top of the priority list, and expertise to make the most of your UKG investment.

Getting Started with Us

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