Whether it’s travel, expenses, or invoices, where an organization spends its budget matters. That’s why so many companies are using technology to automate the expense management process. New software can help control spend, reduce errors and fraud, and get an accurate picture of your data. And one of the most popular tools on the market is SAP Concur.

A cloud-based solution, the SAP Concur app allows users to manage travel, expenses, and invoicing from a desktop or mobile device. This article will cover the key components of the SAP Concur application and its business value for an organization. We’ll also explain how you can simplify the implementation or optimization of SAP Concur by partnering with the experts. 

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What is SAP Concur?

The SAP Concur app brings all your expense report, invoice, and travel spend data into one system, giving your organization better visibility into transactions, improving compliance, and making the process less of a headache for everyone involved. 

Far too many companies employ outdated and time-consuming expense management processes. And don’t forget the occasional personal expense that slips through the cracks. Adopting a modern expense report management solution like SAP Concur can streamline the process for employees and ensure accurate and compliant expenses. 

Core Components of SAP Concur

SAP Concur has three core components: Expense, Travel, and Invoice. Here’s a breakdown of each element: 

Concur Expense

Concur Expense allows employees to create and submit all their expenses on the go right from their smartphones. On the flip side, managers can do the same by approving or rejecting those claims from any device. Finally, the finance team can review and process the approved expenses before posting them to your financial system for payment.

Concur Travel

Concur Travel empowers your employees to book their own travel through a single portal or mobile app. Because you set up the configurations in Concur, employees have to stay within your organization’s travel policies, reducing the burden for managers when it comes to approvals. Even better, booking through one portal means your organization will have more accurate data to improve compliance, reduce spending, and get the best rates with various vendors. 

Concur Invoice

Concur Invoice is a solution to manage incoming invoices (those that wouldn’t be covered by travel or expenses). This tool helps your accounts payable team monitor and control spending to increase the bottom line. Concur Invoice also allows you to eliminate late payments, manage cash outlays, improve purchase requests, and automate approvals. 

Business Value of SAP Concur

Automation of your travel, expense, and invoice process can help you manage and control your expenses while gaining more transparency into your spending. Here are a few more business values SAP Concur can bring to your company. 

Eliminate Paper—Say goodbye to piles of paper receipts by using electronic ones. The SAP Concur mobile app turns photos of receipts into expense entries and automatically fills in some of the information. 

Reduce Costs—With a single system, your ability to track and manage spending categories, cost centers, and employees dramatically improves. That data will allow you to make informed decisions about reducing costs and negotiating with vendors for better deals. 

Improve Compliance—Implementing rules and auditing directly into SAP Concur makes managing compliance with travel and expense policies and legislative guidelines much easier. 

Enhance Employee Experience—By making the travel and expense process more efficient, everyone from the business traveler to the finance professional will thank you. 

Navigating the SAP Concur App for Mobile Devices

The SAP Concur mobile app provides a user-friendly interface and simplified tools to manage invoices, expense reports, and other travel-related information directly from your smartphone. This way, employees can remain productive and responsive, even when they’re traveling for business or working outside of the office.

The SAP Concur app enables users to:

  • Automate mileage tracking and management processes
  • Create, modify, submit, and approve expense reports
  • Create, manage, and update travel itineraries
  • Manage and approve invoices 
  • Monitor travel requests and reserve hotel rooms for employees

How We Can Help Implement/Optimize SAP Concur

SAP Concur gives you more visibility into expenses while hearing fewer complaints from employees. Whether you’re implementing or optimizing SAP Concur, Surety Systems can help. From assessing your organization before implementation to supporting you in your post-go-live activities, our US-based SAP consulting team can help plan, build, test, and deploy your software. 

Our consultants also work with your team to develop change management, training, deployment, and any other support service you may need to ensure a successful implementation or optimization. Contact us today to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SAP Concur app used for?

The SAP Concur app streamlines the entire travel and expense process, allowing existing users to book travel, capture receipts, submit expense report information, and approve invoices from their mobile devices.

Can the SAP Concur app be integrated with other systems?

Yes, the SAP Concur app can be integrated with various other systems such as ERP, HR, and accounting systems. This integration allows for seamless data flow between platforms, enhancing accuracy, improving financial visibility, and ensuring compliance with corporate policies and regulatory requirements.

Is the SAP Concur app secure?

Yes, the SAP Concur app is designed with robust security features like encryption, access controls, and compliance with GDPR and PCI-DSS to protect sensitive data. These measures ensure that users’ personal and financial information is safeguarded against unauthorized access and breaches.