Staying ahead of the learning curve is critical for all organizations and individuals in today’s ever-changing technology landscape. 

With the consistent release of innovations and upgrades, the need for efficient and effective enterprise learning solutions has never been more important. Enter Oracle Guided Learning, an improved approach to employee learning that helps users master Oracle technologies and changes how they engage with their software.

With Oracle Guided Learning, employees and organizations can access a dynamic learning management tool that empowers them to adapt and thrive in an increasingly competitive digital arena.

Read on to learn more about Oracle Guided Learning and how our senior-level Oracle consultants can guide your organization to success.

What is Oracle Guided Learning?

Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) is an enterprise cloud learning platform that empowers the creation of guided, personalized, and contextual user onboarding visualizations. OGL is located within a host application as a learning and information interface, offering intelligent tools that help organizations streamline the adoption of web-based applications across their enterprise.

At its core, Oracle Guided Learning utilizes cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), to deliver an adaptive and tailored learning experience for each user. By analyzing user behavior, skill levels, and preferences, the intelligent platform dynamically adjusts its content, delivery approach, and recommendations to optimize engagement and knowledge retention.

Key Features of Oracle Guided Learning

Here’s a look at the main features of the OGL platform for enterprise users:

Process Guides

Oracle Guided Learning enables users to visually walk through each part of a task with step-by-step guidance. For example, users can navigate through the steps of submitting an expense form to ensure the correct fields are completed, and no steps are missed.

Message Groups

The OGL platform allows organizations to invite new users, notify them about upcoming events, and broadcast messages to announce new functions and features. Users can also configure automatic Message Guides that show specific users important information about applications or features for a specific time. An example would be a Message Guide informing users of a new application and a prompt to watch a video for a more in-depth look at key features, capabilities, and use cases.

Display Groups

Users can organize content by process, module area, or any other customized category. Content is organized and presented in display groups across the Oracle Guided Learning widget.

Smart Tips

With OGL, organizations can deliver context-sensitive guidance or additional information, and users can hover over specific text areas to complete labels, buttons, fields, or other UI aspects.


Depending on a user’s current location inside the application and the screen element currently in use, the platform enables the launch of essential OGL objects. For instance, when a user submits a purchase request, they can initiate a message or procedure guide that automatically informs them of policy changes, approval limit adjustments, or compliance requirements.

Task Lists

OGL makes it easier to organize process guides into clear task lists that inform users of what tasks must be completed and in what order. For example, onboarding new users includes the steps to begin the process, forms to be submitted, benefits elections requirements, and more.


Oracle Guided Learning allows clients to filtrate and report on metric information within their Oracle Guided Learning suite, such as reports on the usage of pre-built OGL content and other connected messages from the client. 


Through intelligent hotspots that show the areas of the Oracle landscape with the highest activity, users can gain valuable insights into how they navigate and manage their applications.


Oracle Guided Learning supports comprehensive media guides, Smart Tips, product tour designs, survey guides, and other links to essential training content.

In-Application User Guidance Features

  • Instantaneous guides
  • Intuitive features for complex tasks or irregular users
  • Interactive and gradual interface (i.e., not “just in case” learning models)
  • Integration with PeopleSoft applications
  • Intelligent analytics to identify which transactions need guides and which guides have been used
  • Consistent guided learning experiences across Oracle Cloud applications
  • Alternative to Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) or legacy training instructions

Benefits of Oracle Guided Learning

Personalized Learning Experience

Access context-sensitive, right-on-time learning personalized for unique roles, needs, and requirements.

Faster Onboarding

Experience faster onboarding, implementation, and role change processes with streamlined time-to-competency.

More Compliance

Configure guided learning material only to show the most recent processes, ensuring accurate and time-conscious compliance recommendations.

Fewer Support Calls

Leverage intelligent analytics capabilities to continually optimize usage and adoption, reduce the number of support calls, and limit unnecessary expenses.

Communication Management

Enable better change communication and management related to policy changes, processes, and upgrades.

Setting Up An OGL Account

To set up an OGL account, users should contact their Oracle Account Manager. After the request is processed, Oracle will create a new OGL account and send the user a ‘Welcome to Oracle Guided Learning’ email. This email will contain instructions on how to log into OGL and sign up for a webinar to kickstart your experience with the platform.

Confirmation Email

After creating an Oracle Guided Learning account, an invitation will be sent with a link to access the Guided Learning system and details on logging in through an existing Oracle account or a company’s Single Sign-On (SSO) software.

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