Effective advertising is essential for businesses looking to cut through the noise and connect with their target audiences in a marketplace defined by continuous change and evolving customer trends.

Advertising software plays a pivotal role in this endeavor, offering organizations powerful tools to streamline campaign management, optimize ad placements, and ensure messages resonate with the right people. By harnessing data-driven insights and automation, intelligent solutions like Oracle Advertising empower businesses to improve efficiency, reduce manual effort, and maximize the impact of their advertising efforts.

In this article, we explore the importance of advertising software in modern marketing strategies, highlighting how it helps organizations reach the right audiences and drive engagement, as well as where our expert Oracle consultants can come in to help achieve your critical business objectives.

Why Do Organizations Need Advertising Software?

The modern marketplace requires organizations to keep up with increasing competition and connectivity requirements. Organizations must first understand their target audience and create targeted ad campaigns to reach the right customers at the right time.

Advertising software enables companies to ensure their ads are seen by real people, answering the critical question, “Did the advertising campaign achieve its objectives?” and preparing marketing teams for what’s to come in the future advertising realm.

By leveraging advertising software to improve digital advertising experiences and create an effective, data-driven advertising strategy, organizations can accurately identify target audiences, focus on audience and context, and protect their brand identity.

What is Oracle Advertising?

Oracle Advertising, formerly Oracle Data Cloud, is a suite of software solutions designed to help businesses plan, execute, and optimize their advertising campaigns through tools like ad management, targeting, creative optimization, measurement, and reporting.

By leveraging data-driven insights and automation capabilities, Oracle Advertising helps businesses improve campaign performance, drive customer engagement, achieve their marketing objectives, and maximize return on investment for marketing campaigns.

Key Components of the Oracle Advertising Suite



Simplify data onboarding via Oracle DMP, OnRamp, and self-service API capabilities and upload files within an existing API or the Oracle Advertising platform.

Data Enrichment

Leverage intelligent consumer demographics and attributes to understand customer behavior, enrich customer profiles, and build customer segments based on these attributes.

Disparate Identity Resolution

Utilize Oracle Identity Graph and their existing PII-based identity spine to match onboarded, offline data to an online user from mobile ad IDs, registrations, and cookies.


Enable users to find onboarded data for analysis, insights, modeling, and segmentation and improve data deliverability to downstream partners.



Onboard customer data, gain in-depth customer insights, link individuals in customer files with the breadth and depth of Oracle’s identity data, and utilize custom-modeled audiences to expand existing audiences from various angles.


Customize audiences or activate any of the syndicated audiences in the Oracle Marketing Cloud to deliver targeted experiences and engage with customers at any stage of the customer journey.


Leverage industry-specific targeting solutions to deliver relevant marketing campaigns, ensure the right data is available across all channels, and automate the customer engagement process.


Create audience targeting approaches that use audience segments created for seasonal events to deliver better results and improve experiences.

Moat Measurement


  • Comprehensive view of campaigns across digital, mobile, and CTV environments
  • Baseline verification to confirm ads are seen by targeting audiences
  • Advertising measurement and integration in ad servers, social platforms, displays, and more
  • Brand security features to reduce the risk and cost of bad brand experiences


  • Cross-channel visibility for advertising activities
  • Cross-channel reach for campaigns and campaign frequency
  • Customizable data views
  • Integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and other solutions
  • Audience management and segmentation for targeted campaigns

Contextual Intelligence

Content Affinity Targeting

Identify, assess, and target online content aligned with audiences that have the strongest affinity to improve customer engagement, build robust content affinity segments, and enhance the quality of critical advertising segments.


Combine prebid invalid traffic (IVT) and brand safety requirements to verify viewership permissions and ensure ads adhere to existing safety standards.

Brand Safety

Protect brand equity and identity by defining custom brand safety thresholds, amplifying brand identity, and aligning security requirements with online safety standards.

Contextual Targeting

Leverage page-level, multiterm matching features to align campaigns with relevant customer data and reach customers when they’re actively looking for marketing content.

How Can We Help?

From outlining plans for an Oracle implementation to navigating complex integrations, and utilizing intelligent Oracle Marketing functionality to build targeted campaigns, Surety Systems can help.

Our senior-level Oracle consultant team has the knowledge, skills, and experience to understand your project requirements, build effective implementation plans, and prepare teams for success after Go-Live.

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