Whether you work primarily in physical practice locations, around the halls of the entire hospital, or in the comfort of your own home, Epic provides two apps that enable convenient and portable access to patient information: Epic Haiku and Epic Canto.

This article will discuss the core features and advantages of Epic’s mobile apps, how they enable streamlined access to patient’s information and medical history, or where our team of Epic consultants can come in to help.

What is Epic Haiku?

Epic Haiku is EpicCare’s mobile app designed for iPhone and Android users, while Epic Canto provides the same functionality in a mobile app for iPad users. With availability on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, Epic’s electronic health record provides easy and secure access to patient charts and other electronic medical records.

Key Capabilities of Epic Haiku for Users

By leveraging the Haiku and Canto app, users can access patient lists, physician schedules, messaging, and chart review to complete workflows typically only completed in Epic Hyperspace.

Here’s a closer look at a few key capabilities of Haiku/Canto for users:

  • Leverage point-of-care access to critical patient information, like patient results or notes
  • Search the patient database for patients not currently on a physician list
  • Access and manage schedules for fellow physicians, including surgical schedules
  • Capture, share, and store clinical images in a specific patient or physician account
  • Review and update patient data, including allergies, medications, surgeries, and more
  • Document patient progress notes, H/P notes, and letters from physicians
  • View reports on inpatient encounters, including admission notes, active orders, and discharges
  • Access InBasket to read and reply to staff and results messages from one location

How to Download Haiku to Your Mobile Device

The Haiku and Canto applications are installed from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store free of charge but require further configuration on the specified mobile device. An Epic-generated Device ID is collected and linked to each user, authorizing the device to access Haiku and enabling users to access the configuration link after installation.

Here are the main steps to follow when installing the Haiku app to your mobile device:

  • Download Haiku or Canto from your device’s app store.
  • Once the app has been downloaded, select whether you want to open Haiku or Canto from the configuration link.
  • Open the selected app and enter the configuration password to complete the setup.
  • Navigate to the login screen and enter the same username and password used to access the Epic Hyperspace system.

Enrolling in Epic’s Two-Factor Authentication App

Accessing safe and secure Haiku and Canto apps on personal devices now requires Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). The 2FA enrollment process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Download the “Epic Authenticator” app from your device’s app store.
  2. Use Epic User ID credentials to login to Epic Hyperspace.
  3. Search and select “Two Factor Authentication Enrollment” from the list of specific functions.
  4. Follow instructions in the Epic Authenticator app to complete the enrollment process.

How Can We Help?

While our team of experienced Epic consultants doesn’t handle standard user issues like logging into your Epic Hyperspace account or resetting a forgotten password, we’ve got your back for issues that could lead to bigger problems down the road.

Whether you need help accessing clinic schedules while on the go, additional support learning how to enter or manage test results within your Epic system, or just an extra hand getting started on your journey with Epic, Surety Systems is here to help.

Our senior-level Epic consultant team has the knowledge, skills, and proven track record of success to handle your most critical project needs and lead you to success in the long run.

Partnering with the Best

Interested in learning how Epic Haiku or Canto can help users find patients, access hospital patient lists, and manage health summaries from any device? Ready to get started on a project with our team of experienced Epic consultants?

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