In the fast-paced world of asset management, organizations are always searching for ways to reduce downtime, enhance efficiency, and optimize maintenance operations. 

Oracle Maintenance Cloud is essential in making this transformation happen, delivering a comprehensive solution that transforms how organizations handle maintenance tasks. This innovative platform integrates top technology with user-friendly features, encouraging businesses to simplify maintenance processes and boost overall performance.

Read on to learn more about Oracle Cloud Maintenance solution and how our senior-level Oracle consultants can help you make the most of the technology you already own.

What is the Oracle Maintenance Cloud?

In a nutshell, Oracle Maintenance Cloud facilitates more efficient maintenance processes. With lower capital spending and less margin in today’s business landscape, companies seek new ways to move their assets with better uptime, effectiveness, and efficiency while maximizing existing resources. A comprehensive, integrated asset management system is key to achieving this.

Oracle Maintenance Cloud is built on a modern cloud platform that leverages Machine Learning (ML), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance decision-making and boost efficient maintenance procedures in the cloud.

Top Features of Oracle Maintenance Cloud

Let’s take a closer look at a few key features of Oracle Maintenance Cloud for enterprise customers:

Asset Management

Simplify processing:

Ensure users always have up-to-date information by simplifying the creation, maintenance, and optimization of all asset data.

Comprehensive lifecycle support:

Gain complete visibility into all maintenance operations by managing the end-to-end asset lifecycle. Track all company and customer-owned assets anytime, anywhere to achieve quicker ROI.

Boost end-to-end processes:

Leverage pre-integrated Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM and Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP applications to boost productivity.

Access insights into assets:

Gain 360-degree insights into the asset hierarchy and meter and simulate operations with intelligent digital twin functionality.

Maintenance Strategies

Preventative maintenance

Recognize dynamic work requirements that use calendar patterns, asset conditions, shift intervals, and asset meters as gauges for preventative maintenance predictions. Build multiple work definitions for a work requirement to support cyclical and non-cyclical intervals.

Reactive maintenance

Take restorative action by utilizing a modern user experience to resolve issues quickly and reduce system downtime. Deliver time-saving templates to enhance productivity in work order management.

Predictive maintenance

Utilize IoT Cloud to collect and track data from the physical world to build a digital record of the asset’s health, usage, and location. Catch abnormalities and forecast failures with intelligent visualization and analytics capabilities.

Prescriptive maintenance

Use machine learning to forecast malfunctions and maximize maintenance intervals. Trigger workflows with prescriptive actions, such as automatically creating a work order for an asset nearing its end or submitting a recommendation to a maintenance planner to reduce the replacement interval for an unpredictable part.

Smart Machine Integration

Track assets

Utilize embedded, customizable KPIs for asset utilization, health, and availability to manage and locate assets in real time.

Watch service

Track critical assets to execute successful maintenance and remote diagnostics procedures and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Link assets with IoT

Leverage Oracle Internet of Things Asset Monitoring Cloud Service to enable continual and automatic asset monitoring with rule-based warning notifications.

Boost predictive maintenance

Gain predictive perception on asset failures through intelligent ML algorithms, alerts, and suggestions to prevent malfunctions.

Leverage digital twins

Modify assets into digital twins to accurately track their location, usage, and health with an intuitive IoT feature.

Guarantee quality

Track production machines instantaneously to proactively identify and address issues and initiate predictive maintenance activities.

Capture key data

Gather the data required to forecast asset failure rates, lifespans, and maintenance expenses, such as technician notes, log files, counters, chats, meters, and sensor readings.

Discover asset availability

Utilize embedded asset reliability formulas to discover the earliest signs of asset malfunctions and preemptively service assets to improve their availability.

Maintenance Cost Management

Track work order expenses

Track labor, material, and other expenses associated with the end-to-end lifecycle of a work order.

Guarantee prompt cost accounting

Create cost accounting delegations aligned with work order expense accounting integration requirements.

Boost decision-making with visibility

Examine expenses by work order, asset, or type of work and gain the insight necessary to resource expenses and control material. Evaluate work order fees and overall asset expenses to determine whether maintenance or a replacement is needed. Monitor item and true costs at any level with intelligent landed costing features.

Maintenance Execution and Planning

Schedule and prepare preventative maintenance

Maximize asset uptime by automatically scheduling preventative maintenance tasks.

Integrated processes

Simplify processes by linking critical supply chain, maintenance, and financial applications in a single platform.

Work order scheduling

Schedule and delegate maintenance-skilled technicians to guarantee work is performed promptly and accurately. Plan work orders with proficient resources to boost resource usage. Effectively schedule maintenance work orders to limit downtime and enhance overall productivity.

Plan and execute work

View work order statuses quickly, execute tasks on the go, and successfully manage exceptions from a single solution. Create realistic work schedules that are component and resource-feasible and align with employee needs and preferences.

Contracted maintenance

Execute maintenance tasks for both internal and external resources. Reduce maintenance repair costs by negotiating labor agreements for contracted labor and requesting services straight from the work order.

Complete and dispatch work orders

Submit labor hours and material used, build and remove parts, and conduct inspections and work orders easily within a unified platform.

Project-Specific Maintenance

Expense by project

Guarantee the right costs, materials, and resources are assigned to the right project. Assess inventory and work orders by project.

Assist multiple projects

Consolidate and segment supply chain processes to serve various projects from an existing set of resources within a plant section.

Project Spending

Gather project spending data in Oracle Project Portfolio Management and capitalize based on the rules of the project.

Perform by project

Manage maintenance, service, procurement, and materials by project.

Parts Inventory Management

Automate parts preparation and refreshing

Utilize automatic spare parts refreshments to reduce inventory carrying expenses without affecting customer fulfillment and compromising fill rates. Prepare work orders faster by gaining comprehensive visibility into available parts and purchasing parts and services from the work order.

Maximize inventory costs

Optimize inventory stock status, boost demand based on work orders, and reduce inventory expenses.

Direct item master data

Promptly identify the master data aligned with business process standards and hierarchy needs.

Boost procurement decisions with insight

Gain insight into top suppliers and choose the right suppliers based on price, quality, and on-time delivery.

Strategic sourcing

Automate and track critical sourcing and bidding processes and streamline negotiation activities.

Allow self-service shopping

Improve efficiencies through a self-service procurement model that delivers a continual, user-friendly buying experience.

Manage serialized inventory objects

Track serial and IoT-controlled parts, assets, and inventory items to foster a comprehensive asset lifecycle.

Optimize Procurement Efficiency

Maximize purchase quantities and consensus with suppliers to gauge supplier risk and enforce policy standards.

Top 5 Benefits of Oracle Maintenance Cloud

1. Optimize Maintenance Scheduling with AI

Automatically create suggestions to optimize maintenance scheduling and machine uptime using intuitive AI tools.

2. Increase Uptime and Limit Maintenance Costs

Utilize innovative technologies to maximize business processes and facilitate data-driven decisions in real-time.

3. Reach New Levels of Efficiency with Predictive Maintenance

Utilize actionable insights to forecast asset modifications and dependable lifespan metrics and enhance overall equipment efficiency.

4. Exceed Competitors with Intelligence

Transform predictive analytics insights into prescriptive analytics actions to maintain a competitive edge over competitors.

5. Advance Business Efficiency with Cloud Maintenance Software

Transition to cloud-based resources that deliver innovative, value-driven capabilities to keep up with the pace of the modern enterprise landscape.

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