When it comes to navigating complex healthcare technology integrations, migrating data from legacy systems to new solutions, leveraging digital health services more efficiently, and making the most of your technical investments, you need the right team for the job.

This is where healthcare technology consultants can come in to help!

This article will take a closer look at healthcare software and highlight a few of the key advantages of leveraging new technologies to improve efficiencies across the healthcare industry, as well as where our team of consultants can come in to help healthcare clients of all shapes and sizes.

Let’s dive right in!

Understanding the Need for Healthcare Technology Solutions

Healthcare technology software is designed to help hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare organizations efficiently manage large amounts of patient data, leverage advanced data analytics to make more informed care decisions, and improve the quality of patient care across the board.

By leveraging intelligent technology and integrations with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, users are enabled to monitor patient records and maintain compliance with HIPAA requirements and other healthcare-related guidelines.

What Do Healthcare Technology Consultants Do?

Healthcare technology consultants typically have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in many technical and functional areas across the healthcare industry, including new technology implementation projects, complex configurations, legacy data migrations, upgrades to the cloud, and more.

Healthcare technology consultants can help healthcare systems and organizations:

  • Implement and deliver new healthcare technology (i.e., Epic, HL7, UKG, Workday, etc.)
  • Conduct technology training for medical professionals and internal team members
  • Manage and monitor electronic health records and patient data across the organization
  • Configure mobile apps and services for patients, employees, and providers
  • Navigate integrations with other solutions for improved data accuracy and process consistency

How Can Health IT Consulting Firms Help?

When it comes to finding the right support services to help your organization leverage digital health services, meet patient care requirements, and improve the quality of patient care, you need a team of healthcare technology consultants with the right skills and experience for the job.

Here are a few things to look for when finding the right consulting firm for your needs:

Availability and Communication

Whether you’re looking to use a healthcare technology consultant for the first time or just searching for the best-fit consultant for a specific job, efficient communication lies at the core of any successful project.

The right healthcare technology consultant for the job should keep the clients’ needs first, identify key ares of improvement, address current issues, and provide guidance whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Relevant Expertise and Experience

Ensuring the consultant (or team of consultants) you bring on for a healthcare technology project has the right knowledge, skills, and experience for the job can make or break your organization’s success.

This way, key stakeholders can rest easy knowing their support staff has what it takes to handle the project at hand and offer specialized advice for each solution.

Decisions Based on Innovation

An effective healthcare technology consultant understands that no two healthcare organizations or software systems are the same, meaning that their recommendations will be based on each organization or project to ensure needs are met, no matter what.

And, with innovative solutions and informed decision-making, organizations are enabled to create a more flexible approach to project management, making it easier for users to connect core solutions, collaborate with others, and improve efficiencies across the board.

How is Surety Systems Different?

Surety Systems operates under a ‘no bull, no bias, no breadcrumbs’ mindset, meaning that we cut to the chase and get the job done on time and within budget, no matter what. Our team of senior-level healthcare technology consultants understands that maintaining healthcare software solutions is a big investment, so we take care of anything that could potentially get in the way.

We focus on helping you find, leverage, maintain, and optimize the right technologies for your needs. And, with a focus on Epic, HL7, UKG, Workday, and Infor Lawson healthcare technology platforms, we can empower your internal teams to improve productivity and enhance the effectiveness of your healthcare data in the long run.

Here are a few key advantages of working with our consultants at Surety Systems:

1) Time-and-Materials Basis

Our healthcare technology consultants operate on a time-and-materials basis, meaning that you will only pay for what you need. So, instead of paying unnecessary project management fees or dealing with excessive overhead costs, companies can take advantage of top-notch consultants, without breaking the bank.

Whether you need someone who can work 40 hours every week on a high-priority healthcare data migration project or an experienced consultant who can help manage multiple healthcare systems at once, Surety Systems has the right people for the job.

And, by only paying for the hours you actually need, your company can not only ensure important project needs are met, but also reduce costs over time.

2) Unbridled Support for Your Team

Our team of senior-level healthcare technology consultants keeps your needs at the top of the priority list, no matter what. This way, your internal teams can rest easy knowing their most important project needs will be met, and the team of consultants chosen will be the best fit for the job.

Your organization. Your priorities. Our healthcare services expertise. That’s the name of the game with our team at Surety Systems.

3) Innovative Solutions for Your Needs

Whether you need help implementing new technology solutions across your healthcare organization, additional support migrating healthcare business data from your legacy system to a new Epic EHR system, or just an extra hand improving patient care, our senior-level healthcare IT consultants can help.

Our team at Surety Systems understands that now means now when it comes to finding the right kind of consulting support for healthcare organizations, and we work quickly and efficiently to build a project team that ensures quicker turnaround times and improved time-to-value for any project.

4) Work Within Borders

Regardless of the size, location, or complexity of your healthcare organization, our team at Surety Systems guarantees all consultants are US citizens and the work will be done from within the US, keeping your most important needs and requirements a little closer to home.

And, unlike other managed services and consulting firms who offshore their consultants and provide a less-than-personalized customer experience, our healthcare technology consulting services are based entirely in the United States, and we guarantee personalized, top-of-the-line support for all your project needs.

Getting Started with Our Team

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