Higher education institutions in the modern educational environment constantly seek innovative solutions to streamline admissions and enhance experiences for existing and incoming students.

Workday Student Administration emerges as a comprehensive platform designed to meet the diverse needs of colleges and universities in managing student records, academic programs, admissions functions, and administrative tasks efficiently.

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What is Workday Student Admissions?

The Student Admissions platform is part of the greater Workday Student landscape, streamlining recruiting, admissions, curriculum management, student financials, and more in the same platform. The solution enables users to manage college applications, engage prospects, and lead students through their academic journeys in a unified system.

The increasing popularity and simplicity of submitting online applications, alongside traditional paper-based submissions, has students applying to more colleges and universities. With the modern evolution of online applications, form submissions, and document signatures, it’s easier than ever for students to apply to multiple universities and programs.

Consequently, a greater volume of applications requires more time, resources, and personnel to review and assess them for the best fit, making admissions procedures more demanding, time-consuming, and error-prone. In response to these more demanding and error-prone procedures, institutions have turned to modern application management software, which provides a more efficient approach to application processing and admissions.

Key Features of Workday Student Admissions

Workday Student Admissions offers a single solution for all admissions processes, including key features like:

Quick Admissions Decisions

Streamline the application routing process and accelerate decision-making with a system that gathers, tracks, and analyzes all applications in one place.

Attract Ideal Candidates

Manage admissions and deliver quick, customized communications before students submit their applications.

Insights Into What’s Working

View student application habits in real time, measure the effectiveness of recruitment campaigns, and manage actual spending against budget requirements.

One Central Location

Combine student financial data and other records to reduce manual tasks and allow students to handle responsibilities in one location.

Top Benefits of Workday Student Administration

  • Customizable application
  • Effective event and curriculum management
  • Actionable financial aid items
  • Digital onboarding for students
  • Evaluable transfer credits
  • Applicant and candidate management

What Sets Workday Student Admissions Apart?

Workday Student Admissions allows universities and colleges to complete the following tasks:

Establish admissions requirements easily

An advanced eligibility framework allows higher education institutions to quickly establish a specific set of application prerequisites, which can be made to fit different academic divisions, departments, and areas of study. 

For example, a university’s engineering department could quickly establish a prequalification that students complete additional math or science courses to be eligible for a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) program.

Align admissions goals to performance

Integrated with Workday HCM, Workday Student Admissions helps companies establish and evaluate institutional objectives and monitor the performance evaluations of admission counselors related to these goals. 

For instance, a director of admissions can set admission targets for their team and track their progress against these targets, all with a single Workday HCM system.

Streamline processing for applications

With Workday Student Admissions, higher education institutions can sort applicants into various categories, such as program, region, and standardized test scores, allowing counselors to analyze this data and recognize patterns in admissions. 

Pre-built integrations with Workday HCM enable organizations to allocate specific applicant pools to admission counselors. This integration enables real-time oversight of counselor workloads, ensuring a streamlined review process. 

Convey admissions updates accurately and efficiently

Workday Student Admissions empowers higher education institutions to continuously update and make decisions regarding admissions, either individually or relative to specific applicant groups. 

Educational institutions can establish precautions to guarantee each applicant receives an accurate admission decision. Additionally, applicants can utilize external sites to monitor the status of pending items and documents related to their application. 

Streamline student eligibility evaluations

Colleges and universities can automatically assign applicant ratings based on various factors, such as preparedness, expressed interest, and interview performance. 

For example, an applicant’s evaluation could be determined by their grades in prerequisite courses, standardized test results, or previous interactions with the institution. These metrics could have been recorded during the initial applicant stages via Workday Student Recruiting.

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