A workforce management solution is vital to the success of any organization, regardless of size, location, or industry. And, luckily for you, UKG Workforce Central provides a one-stop-shop for all of your workforce management needs.

Read on to learn more about the solution and the ways it can help your organization streamline business processes and set you up for success in the long run.

What is UKG Workforce Central?

UKG Workforce Central (WFC) is a workforce management solution intended to automate manual processes, streamline workforce operations, improve employee engagement and productivity, and save employees and managers valuable time and resources. UKG offers workforce management solutions like payroll processing, time and absence management, employee scheduling, and more to optimize your day-to-day operations.

The UKG Workforce Central suite is also the most widely used platform throughout the UKG ecosystem. UKG also offers a Workforce Central mobile app to give users secure access to important data, analytics, tasks, and activities whenever and wherever they need it.

Key Features of Workforce Central

Workforce Central allows organizations to manage business processes and optimize their workforce management solutions. Here are the main components of the system and each feature’s key capabilities:

Core HR Solutions

  • Organization management: Workforce Central provides features that help build organizational structure and outline permissions and roles within the system.
  • Benefits administration: From viewing and managing benefits plans to updating packages during open enrollment, tracking payroll deductions, and anything else related to employee benefits, Workforce Central simplifies this with its user-friendly features and capabilities.
  • Time and attendance tracking: This feature helps employees and managers track time (i.e., hours worked, paid-time-off (PTO), sick time, etc.), monitor absences, and create and manage schedules in a more efficient way.
  • Compliance: Through its advanced tracking and analysis features, UKG helps organizations reduce risk and ensure compliance standards are continually met. This way, your organization never has to worry about failing to follow important regulations per local, state, or federal laws and guidelines.
  • Salary and expense management: Workforce Central not only provided advanced functions that allow employees to submit and track expenses within the UKG system, but it also offers improved opportunities for managers to provide and maintain pay grades and position descriptions for each role.

Kronos Mobile Capabilities

  • Offline capabilities: The Workforce Central suite allows users to access important timesheets and reports even while not connected to the internet. This way, employees have access to key information whenever and wherever they need it.
  • Mobile time tracking: Mobile-enabled UKG provides features that allow users to enter and manage time and hours worked from their mobile device, either through the mobile resources site or the Kronos mobile app.
  • Employee self-service functions: By using the self-service capabilities offered by both the Workforce Central mobile app and the web-based portal, users are able to access pay stubs and other salary information, manage benefits plans and options, and view other important information even when they’re out of the office. This improves employee engagement and gives users control over their own workforce experience.
  • Mobile app access: The UKG Kronos app gives users the opportunity to access crucial data, reports, analytics, tasks, and activities whether they’re in the office, on-the-go, or in the comfort of their own home. This way, employee productivity is improved and maintained no matter where your employees are.

Time Tracking Functions

  • Timesheet completion: With UKG Workforce Central, employees are able to save valuable time by leveraging the easy-to-use timesheet entry features to enter and track time worked.
  • Billable time management: This feature makes it easier for your employees or Workforce Central administrator to adjust billing rates depending on the specific user, task, project, or role within the UKG system.
  • Time tracking for projects and tasks: UKG Workforce Central simplifies time tracking within the system and allows users to assign time to projects or track time based on activity or task.

Administrative Tasks

  • Workflow management: Workforce Central provides easy-to-use functionality that simplifies the administration and maintenance of timesheets, invoices, expense reports, and more.
  • Approvals: With UKG, a Workforce Central administrator can quickly and easily submit payroll requests to be approved, denied, or reassigned by the approver. This way, administrators can stay up-to-date with payroll processes and ensure the right steps are taken to get payroll requests approved.
  • Role and access management: This UKG feature allows system administrators to use user, role, or group-based permissions to grant access to certain data, tasks, and activities within the system. This ensures each employee is given correct and secure access to the information they need, but is denied access from information they don’t need.
  • Automated notifications: The Workforce Central system allows employees, managers, and administrators to configure notifications and reminders for tasks to be completed. With this, users can keep track of their tasks within the UKG system, and managers and administrators can ensure their employees are doing their jobs correctly and on time.


  • APIs: UKG Workforce Central integration with application programming interfaces (APIs) provides specific outlines for how the Kronos system communicates and collaborates with other systems and software. These APIs helps organizations integrate UKG data, logic, and operations between other applications and systems.
  • Accounting: The Workforce Central application provides pre-built integration capabilities with traditional accounting software and tracking systems.
  • Time tracking: Workforce Central enables administrators to integrate their UKG and external time tracking systems, making it easier to manage time and import crucial time information between systems.
  • Business tools: The Kronos Workforce Central system also provides standard connectors for business tools and other external systems. These integration capabilities allow users to connect Payroll, Finance, CRM and HRMS systems, enabling organizations to further improve operational efficiency and productivity.

Workforce Management

  • Employee scheduling: With this feature, managers can quickly and easily schedule employees based on schedule availability and time-off requests. Workforce Central also enables users to receive notifications when their schedules are entered or changed.
  • Labor and succession planning: On one hand, UKG Workforce Central gives users enhanced visibility into labor forecasts to help predict the type and number of employees needed in the future. On the other, the system also allows administrators and managers to track employee performance to identify and manage movement and promotions for employees throughout the organization.
  • Skill management: With WFC, administrators can review, sort, and organize employees throughout the system based on qualifications and skills. By managing employees (and their performance) by skillset, managers and executives can make more informed decisions in the future.
  • Absence and leave tracking: UKG Workforce Central allows employees to submit PTO and leave requests more efficiently, and it gives managers the ability to approve or deny time-off requests in the same place.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Custom dashboards: Workforce Central offers pre-built dashboards and advanced reporting capabilities to simplify data-driven processes and give users more actionable insights to improve decision-making throughout the organization.
  • Analytics tools: UKG Workforce Central configured systems also provide built-in capabilities that gives employees, administrators, and managers quick access to business metrics, progress tracking tools, and other important insights. This not only helps organizations keep track of important information throughout the system, but it also enhances the employee experience by giving users better data to analyze and work with.

UKG Workforce Central App

The UKG Workforce Central mobile app (previously known as Kronos Mobile) was built to simplify work needs and optimize business processes, anytime and anywhere.

With the mobile enabled UKG system, employees are given the functionality needed to clock in and out for shifts, check their schedules, track time off, and stay up-to-date with their pay, even when they’re not in the office. The UKG app also provides a more efficient way for managers to keep track of employee schedules, manage exceptions, and approve requests whenever and wherever they’re needed.

The UKG Workforce Central mobile app improves productivity and engagement, whether users are in the office or on-the-go. The app also works offline, so if you lose connection, your data will be secured and safely stored until you are able to connect again.

How Can We Help?

While the product name has transitioned from “Kronos Workforce Central” to “UKG Workforce Central”, its key functionalities and benefits for customers like you remains the same.

So, whether you know the solution as Kronos Workforce Central, UKG Workforce Central, WFC, or anything else, our team of senior-level UKG consultants can help you find a way to implement, integrate, and optimize your systems the right way and stay ahead of the learning curve.

Even better, we’ve included a sample profile of one of our UKG consultants to give you a better idea of what to expect when partnering with Surety Systems.

Surety Senior UKG Workforce Central Consultant

  • 15+ years of Kronos experience
  • Former Kronos employee
  • Extensive configuration, testing, and troubleshooting experience
  • Experience through WFC version 8.1 (as well as some Dimensions exposure)
  • Strong functional skills, but also has a technical background as well

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