Workplaces are full of lifelong learners, so an up-to-date, functional learning management system is needed to meet their expectations.

This is where the UKG Learning solution comes in.

Read on to learn more about what UKG Pro Learning is and how it can benefit your employees (and your company as a whole) in the long run.

What is UKG Learning?

UKG Pro Learning (formerly Ultipro Learning) provides a flexible, compelling learning management system (LMS) that offers instant and secure access to the organization’s training academy, making it easier for employees to complete assigned courses and browse other professional development opportunities.

Key Features of UKG Learning

  • Talent Development: The UKG Learning center offers engaging learning experiences that not only help develop your employees’ skills, but improved engagement opportunities also help employees in your workforce feel more satisfied and more supported.
  • On-Demand Learning: With the Learning solution, employees have complete access to learning content, job training tools, and 24/7 access with the UKG Pro Learning app. This way, UKG learners can stay connected, access crucial learning tasks whenever and wherever they need them, and receive notifications for new content or assignments.
  • Customizable Training Academy: UKG Learning enables users to deploy a comprehensive LMS that gives users the ability to configure their system to meet individual employee and overall organizational needs. And, in addition to the ease of system configuration, the Learning solution also allows companies to customize their training academies according to their distinctive branding requirements, giving organizations a more personalized approach to professional development.

Main Advantages of the UKG LMS

Here are a few key benefits of the UKG Learning solution for managers and employees:

For Employees

  • Encourage collaboration, social interaction, and community building between employees
  • Use communities, newsfeeds, leaderboards, and other interactive resources to track individual or team member progress
  • Access to learning content, development tools, assignments, and courses via the UKG Pro Learning mobile app
  • Enable notifications and to ensure task and compliance deadlines are met
  • Improve employee engagement through training rewards (i.e., badges, awards, certifications, etc.)

For HR and Talent Managers

  • Provide the most effective learning strategy for your organization
  • Leverage remote training sessions via Webex, Zoom, etc.
  • Configure homepage features and search and tagging options to enhance system performance
  • Deploy scalable course structures and learning programs that can fit the needs of the entire organization, regardless of teams, locations, and business units
  • Create custom reports to analyze employee performance based on specific outlined training parameters
  • Use pre-built dashboards to measure and track compliance scores and knowledge retention metrics for employees

UKG Pro Learning Mobile App

The UKG Pro Learning app gives users the ability to browse on-demand courses, gives authorized users the functionality needed to review and complete assigned courses, and eliminates the need for users to scroll through several pages of information to find the course or task they’re looking for.

With the mobile capacity of the UKG Pro Learning app, employees are given the power to complete tasks whenever and wherever they want, making it easier for them to learn at their own pace (and stay more engages in the process). The mobile app gives users the opportunity to access important course information, complete tasks, and continue their lifelong learning journey in the office or on-the-go.

How Can We Help?

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