Effective payroll processing is critical to maintaining employee satisfaction and organizational efficiency, but it can be challenging, especially when critical internal staff are on leave or out of the office.

This is where tapping into external resources to support your Workday Payroll software system can help, offering expert Workday knowledge and functional payroll expertise to keep your payroll processes running smoothly, even when key players are out of the game.

Read on to learn how we helped a large automotive company fill an urgent Workday Payroll processing need and ensure their employees were paid correctly when their Payroll Manager went on a leave of absence.

The Client Backstory

The client runs both domestic and international payroll across the United States, Ireland, Canada, and the UK from a single Workday Payroll system. With more than 1500 employees and payroll schedules on a bi-weekly, monthly, and semi-monthly basis, the client has their hands full when it comes to processing payroll data, handling employee benefits, and ensuring employee time is entered before the end of their pay periods.

By using Workday Payroll to manage payroll needs across their domestic and international workforces, the client is able to keep all of their payroll information and processes in a single, unified system. However, with the vast amount of data, pay calculation rules, pay groups, and more that go into accurate payroll processing each period, they still need people on the backend who understand both the Workday system and how the internal payroll process works.

The Issue at Hand

“Payroll is a complex beast on its own. Add in the Workday component too, and you need someone who can not only navigate the existing Workday system but also bring in a fresh set of eyes to identify inefficiencies or errors on the payroll processing side.”

When an existing member of their payroll team took a leave of absence, our client needed payroll processing support, and they needed it fast. They knew one person running payroll for 1500+ employees across four different countries wouldn’t cut it, so they called in for reinforcement.

The client was looking for an experienced Workday Payroll processor to help their Payroll Manager process payroll in their Workday system. This person would not be responsible for any configuration within the Workday Payroll system but rather just providing an extra hand to ensure employee data was entered correctly, payroll calculations were accurate, and payroll processes were on time.

Where Our Team Fit in the Picture

Our team brought in a Workday Payroll processor with years of experience across the Workday ecosystem and a keen eye for identifying payroll inefficiencies and streamlining existing payroll processes. As the main point of contact for all things payroll in her previous roles, our consultant understood exactly what it took to ensure accurate and efficient payroll services and optimize critical business processes across the existing Workday ecosystem.

“Sometimes all you need is a fresh set of eyes to streamline your existing payroll processes, provide valuable feedback for potential process enhancements, and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.”

By providing a new lens for the client’s existing payroll processes, our consultant made payroll management a cakewalk. She brought an objective perspective to the current team, ultimately leading to new opportunities for improvement and improved payroll accuracy and efficiency.

Here are a few key areas our Workday Payroll processor handled for this client:

  • Bi-weekly, monthly, and semi-monthly payroll for US, Canada, Ireland, and the UK
  • Ad-hoc entries across all pay cycles
  • Compliance support for payroll, compensation, and adjustment cycles
  • Equity file management tasks
  • Complete audits for general ledger and journal entry data
  • 401K planning and management
  • Documentation for all internal payroll activities
  • Commissions for US payroll calculation
  • Post-payroll tasks, such as deduction registers and auditing

Key Benefits of Additional Payroll Processing Support

It’s no secret that payroll processes can be quite daunting, especially without the right team or resources to handle complex processing tasks and ensure critical payroll solutions are aligned with other areas of the workforce landscape.

Tapping into the power of an external Workday Payroll resource will allow your organization to streamline inevitable manual data entry, reduce payroll cycle times, and ensure the entire payroll process runs smoothly from start to finish.

If you’re not sure whether an additional Workday Payroll processing resource is worth the time, effort, or money to bring onto your existing internal team, let’s take a look at a few key benefits.

  1. Reliability: Ensure payroll tasks are completed on time and maintain consistent and accurate payroll processing, even when key staff are on leave or out of the office.
  2. Compliance: Stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements, minimizing the risk of non-compliance penalties and ensuring compliance and accuracy across the system.
  3. Delegation: Allow for effective delegation of tasks, leading to a more balanced workload, preventing burnout, and accelerating payroll processing timelines.
  4. Efficiency: Guarantee employees are paid accurately and on time and provide quicker responses to payroll-related inquiries and issues, enhancing overall employee satisfaction and trust.
  5. Flexibility: Enable flexible allocation of resources to focus on strategic tasks while ensuring routine tasks are handled efficiently, even when key players are out of the office.

Getting Started with the Experts

One thing that sets our team apart is that we just get it — meaning that we understand both the Workday and payroll sides of things, ensuring all the bases are covered and nothing slips through the cracks.

Additional Workday Payroll processing support comes in handy when you’re tasked with high-urgency situations that require someone to come in and handle the payroll process right then to ensure employees are paid on time. Our Workday experts can do just that, jumping into the process head first and providing valuable feedback from the second they start on the project.

So whether you’re in a pinch because a member of your payroll staff just went out on maternity leave or you just need an extra set of hands to support an understaffed and overworked payroll department, Surety Systems has the right people for the job.

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