In today’s business world, encouraging employees to take charge of their benefits elections can be the difference between a well-oiled machine and a dysfunctional, mismanaged workforce.

When an organization leverages comprehensive benefits solutions like UKG Benefits, employees feel seen, appreciated, and valued for their contributions, improving employee engagement and fostering better team collaboration.

Read on to learn about UKG Benefits, how it can improve the accuracy of your employees’ benefits elections, and where our senior UKG consultants can fit in your organization.

Understanding UKG Ready Benefits Administration

The UKG Ready Benefits solution allows users to successfully manage critical benefits administration challenges by delivering a simplified approach to benefits administration tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Users can easily set up, plan, and manage their benefit offerings in the same place while ensuring benefits and enrollment data are automatically sent to carriers and open enrollments and life events are handled securely. 

Organizations can also leverage UKG Benefits to provide a mobile-friendly, engaging enrollment experience, allowing employees to manage their elections anywhere and make the best decisions for their families.

Features of UKG Ready Benefits

Let’s take a look at some of the main features UKG Ready Benefits has to offer:

Simplified Administration

Users can take control of their plan setup, including deduction amounts, eligibility, and enrollment dates, to configure their benefit plans to align with their unique needs.

The UKG Ready Benefits platform simplifies the administrative processes by automatically assigning individual plan profiles to employees as soon as they’re hired. These assignments help organizations automate critical workflows and notifications to provide real-time visibility into relevant benefits data in a centralized place.

Secure Connectivity

Securely deliver benefits information straight to carriers for all benefit types, including comprehensive healthcare benefits, financial, voluntary, and more.

Additionally, with Smart Forms, users no longer worry about whether carriers will deny critical EDI files. The UKG Benefits system auto-completes the correct digital form and delivers it to the correct carrier, removing manual key-in enrollments on carrier sites.

Engaging Employee Experience

UKG Ready Benefits streamlines the enrollment process by empowering employees to take control of their benefit elections anywhere on any device.

By enabling users to understand individual contribution amounts and compare plans, UKG Benefits allows users to make the best decision for themselves and their families.

Top Advantages of UKG Ready Benefits

Here’s a closer look at the main advantages of UKG Ready Benefits:

HR Professionals

  • Ensure information is evaluated and approved by the right people at the right time via automated workflows.
  • Communicate relevant benefits information to colleagues.
  • Access intelligent resources needed to plan, set up, and manage benefits in a single place.
  • Remove manual key-in enrollments on carrier sites.
  • Attain real-time visibility into key trends and metrics through the benefits dashboard.
  • Create intelligent, data-driven decisions regarding critical benefits administration and people operations.
  • Track COBRA-qualifying events and eligibility to eliminate risks of noncompliance.
  • Automatically and safely update carriers with customizable modifications.


  • Review, choose, and manage benefits from anywhere on any device.
  • Review and sign off on benefits for employees.
  • Evaluate and compare plans to fully understand contribution amounts and ensure users make the best decision for their benefits elections.
  • Get alerts and notifications when it’s time to enroll in or review benefits.

UKG Pro Benefits

UKG Pro Benefits provides an instinctual benefits enrollment experience in a single, central location, assisting employees in making well-informed benefits choices. Employee benefits information is accessible throughout the UKG Pro platform, improving data accuracy and productivity.

Features of UKG Pro Benefits

Here’s a look at the main capabilities of UKG Pro Benefits:

Configurable and Intuitive

UKG Pro Benefits provides employees with a positive and intuitive enrollment experience, including step-by-step guidance and personalized recommendations. Comprehensive UKG Pro Benefits Administration tools can help users configure the solution to suit their unique needs.

Single Central Solution

Utilize a single solution for all benefits needs, including managing open enrollment, processing changes in life events, and setting up and administering benefits plans.

Simple and Clear

UKG Pro Benefits helps employees understand their options to confidently make the best decisions for their families and themselves without heavily relying on HR teams for guidance.

Top Advantages of UKG Pro Benefits

Let’s take a look at some of the main advantages UKG Pro Benefits has to offer users:

Benefits Administrators

  • Create regulations for premium, coverage, and employer-match calculations.
  • Easily administer and set up benefits plans.
  • Evaluate employee participation and eligibility.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry.
  • Accurately manage premium computations and deductions.


  • Leverage guidance for life events and open enrollment processes.
  • Research benefits choices and coverage to find the right plan for unique needs.
  • Elect, review, and submit benefits choices easily and quickly in a single platform.
  • View updated benefits and other relevant information.

How We Can Help

Whether you’re looking to implement a new solution that helps streamline benefits administration, support your employees in taking control of their benefits options, or just need a hand getting started on your UKG journey, Surety Systems can help!

Our senior-level UKG consultants have the skills and experience to successfully implement a new UKG solution or optimize an existing one. Along with initial implementation support, our consultants stick with you after your initial Go-Live date to ensure your system continues operating correctly and your UKG solutions meet evolving business needs over time.

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