In the ever-evolving enterprise technology landscape, building and maintaining successful partnerships is often the key to unlocking innovation, driving growth, and achieving unparalleled success.

SAP PartnerEdge offers a unique framework that allows companies to connect, collaborate, and co-innovate with SAP, one of the world’s foremost providers of business software solutions.

This article discusses the significance, benefits, and transformative potential of the SAP PartnerEdge program, how it can build better value and drive results, and where Surety Systems (a member of the PartnerEdge network) can come in to help.

What is SAP PartnerEdge?

The SAP PartnerEdge program is designed to support companies as their SAP ecosystem grows and changes to meet evolving business requirements and market demands over time.

It allows consulting firms across the entire SAP Community to access and view various product content, system enablement, and program information to improve the functionality and efficiency of their SAP solutions without additional risks or incurred costs.

With an open ecosystem membership to the SAP PartnerEdge community, consulting firms gain a single entry point to the full PartnerEdge program, making it easier for them to build better relationships with other SAP partners, deliver higher-quality SAP solutions, and ensure strategic alignment across teams.

Understanding SAP PartnerEdge Engagement Models

The PartnerEdge program provides four main engagement models to ensure all SAP partner organizations have the tools, resources, and support to achieve their core goals and objectives.

Here’s a closer look at each engagement model included in SAP PartnerEdge:


The Build model is designed with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), application developers, and independent software vendors in mind, providing a unified platform where users can build solutions on top of existing SAP solutions or integrate with the entire SAP landscape.

With this model, SAP Build partners can build new applications, extensions, and integrations for SAP systems, improve the intelligence of core business operations, and accelerate business outcomes through a single interface.


The Sell model is used most commonly across reselling and value-added reselling companies, and it provides intelligent business solutions that help organizations manage the entire customer lifecycle and improve collaboration between other SAP Partners in the PartnerEdge network.

By leveraging this model, SAP Sell partners can gain more exposure to prospects and new customers, access a comprehensive partner-to-partner collaboration framework to develop stronger relationships and ensure secure margins and revenue streams across their entire organization.


The Service model is designed for service partners, systems integrators, or consultants who provide strategic consulting services to help SAP business users outline plans for system implementation, navigate through the SAP Integration and Certification Center, and facilitate the development and deployment of a new SAP solution.

This model makes it easier for Service partners to improve user adoption for new SAP applications and streamline implementation processes for better allocation of resources, process efficiency, and user productivity across the entire SAP Service landscape.

SAP Service solutions also help organizations thrive in a competitive market of digital transformation and intelligent enterprise initiatives by providing access to a comprehensive portfolio of automated tools and methodologies for transitioning to SAP S/4HANA and enabling repeatable quality for core SAP management initiatives.


The Run model allows outsourcing and hosting partners to provide SAP software through a public or private cloud environment and offer their own industry or solution expertise in the process.

With SAP Run services, companies can choose from two delivery options for a partner-managed cloud: Private Cloud and Public Cloud. This way, they can ensure their SAP solutions meet their company and industry requirements, offer scalable features to align with business growth over time, and leverage the latest cloud innovations to optimize their most critical SAP software environments.

The partner-managed cloud makes it easier for customers to deliver efficient cloud services, reduce overall costs of operation, and build long-term relationships with other members of the SAP Community.

Key Features of the SAP Partner Community

Here are a few of the main features included in the PartnerEdge SAP program:

1) Partner Benefits Catalog

The partner benefits catalog offers an online store for high-value services that help organizations improve operational efficiency, upskill critical staff members, and improve performance across their entire SAP ecosystem.

2) Shared Demo Services

As a member of the PartnerEdge network, companies can access shared demo environments comprising online and offline scenarios, including the SAP Business Technology Platform, RISE with SAP, and SAP Industry Cloud solutions.

3) SAP Partner Portal

The SAP Partner Portal makes managing partnerships, running critical business operations, and maintaining core SAP technologies more effectively across their entire technical landscape. It provides the tools and resources needed for companies to run, manage, and grow their SAP business as needed.

4) SAP for Me

SAP for Me provides a digital companion that promotes interactions between SAP experts, aggregates important analytics and alerts, and offers immediate guidance on core SAP system competency.

5) Partner Demand Acceleration

With an on-demand partner demand acceleration portfolio, SAP’s PartnerEdge program helps partners improve the effectiveness of their marketing strategies, generate a stronger lead pipeline, leverage better customer references, and execute campaigns that expand brand recognition and loyalty.

Joining Forces with a Certified SAP PartnerEdge Member

Collaborating with certified SAP partners offers multiple advantages for companies across industries, including access to specialized system knowledge, SAP implementations tailored to unique business requirements, and innovative solutions to address specific business needs.

These partnerships foster a deeper understanding of SAP’s ever-evolving ecosystem, ensuring that businesses stay ahead of technology trends and remain competitive in the industry. Beyond technical expertise, the network of certified SAP PartnerEdge members provides invaluable support and guidance, allowing organizations to navigate the intricacies of their SAP solutions with confidence.

For more information about the SAP PartnerEdge program or to find a list of all SAP Certified Partners and their contact details in the SAP Partner Finder, click here.

How Can We Help?

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Our senior-level, US-based SAP consultant team provides the internal knowledge, skills, and resources needed to help you improve process efficiency and make the most of your investment over time.

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