In the era of digital transformation, where data serves as the lifeblood of modern enterprises, effective data management, governance, and integration are critical in achieving organizational success.

SAP Information Steward (IS) is a pivotal solution in this landscape, offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed to elevate data quality, transparency, and governance. From accurate data profiling to integration from Excel and Flat files and more collaborative workflows, the SAP IS platform empowers enterprises to harness the full potential of their data assets and maintain data integrity.

This article discusses the key features and benefits of SAP Information Steward and where our team of SAP consultants can come in to help you maximize success in the long run.

What is SAP Information Steward?

SAP’s Information Steward software comprises the information governance layer of the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), offering intelligent data management, profiling, and monitoring capabilities that help users manage data effectively, improve data quality reports, anticipate risk, and facilitate better business outcomes.

The SAP Information Steward solutions enable users to:

  • Improve data quality, governance, and stewardship across their existing SAP products
  • Consolidate data lineage, data profiling, and metadata management features into one platform
  • Gain intelligent insight into the integrity of their enterprise data model
  • Combine, integrate, and audit metadata for improved transparency into data origins and integrity

Key Features of Information Steward in SAP BODS

Here’s a closer look at the main features of the SAP IS platform:

Data Profiling

The SAP IS platform provides support for intelligent governance processes that enable users to define data ownership guidelines related to critical business needs, requirements, and user roles.

With accurate data profiling tools, companies can improve the overall data governance initiatives while improving data quality by identifying errors and addressing areas where data controls should be updated or changed.

Metadata Management

Efficient metadata management capabilities in SAP IS enable companies to improve analytical, operational, and core data governance initiatives, automate data collection and integration, and consolidate data from various sources into a common repository for critical SAP applications.

Cost Savings

With the Information Steward platform, companies can run ‘what-if’ analyses to forecast and plan potential cost savings associated with improved data quality and governance.

After analyzing critical business scenarios through ‘what-if’ analysis, users can leverage the results to manage business funding initiatives and support better data quality across teams.

Data Monitoring

Efficient data monitoring capabilities in SAP IS enable users to gain a comprehensive view of their data and pre-built reports through intelligent dashboards and scorecards.

Users can also specify search and profiling results for a unique data set, empowering them to improve data management and better understand the impacts of poor data quality on overall business productivity and performance.

Information Governance

SAP IS provides intelligent data services and governance capabilities that facilitate collaboration between data analysts, data stewards, IT managers, and other key stakeholders.

With improved information governance, SAP IS enables users to improve overall enterprise information management, support evolving governance requirements, and enhance data integrity over time.

Cleansing Packages

The SAP IS solution provides a cleansing package builder tool that empowers users to build and deploy customized data-cleansing initiatives for any solution and improve data quality by proactively identifying and addressing data issues.

With clean data and more effective management capabilities, SAP IS makes it easier for organizations to prevent downstream issues for their critical business data and reduce total costs for downstream cleanup activities across the board.

Data Lineage

Users can leverage SAP IS to analyze the merit of changes to their data formats, sources, or structures, enabling lower risk, better data quality, and accurate business data.

Top 5 Advantages of SAP BODS Information Steward

Here are a few critical advantages of the SAP Information Steward solution for business users:

Improved Data Quality

The SAP Information Steward platform enables organizations to assess and profile their data, helping to identify and address data quality issues quickly and efficiently.

Organizations can improve the accuracy, consistency, and completeness of their most critical business data through intelligent data profiling and monitoring features.

Increased Transparency with Data Lineage

SAP Information Steward offers intuitive data lineage capabilities, allowing users to trace the origin, transformation, and movement of data across systems and processes.

This transparency is crucial in analyzing data usage and connection, ensuring accountability, and supporting compliance efforts.

Enhanced Data Governance

The Information Steward application provides tools for defining and enforcing core data governance initiatives, policies, and standards.

This helps organizations establish an organized approach to managing their essential data assets, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and facilitating better data quality management throughout its lifecycle.

Comprehensive Metadata Management

Enhance operational efficiency with SAP Information Steward which supports robust metadata management, allowing organizations to document and understand their data’s overall structure, usage, and quality across teams and areas of their SAP landscape.

Efficient metadata management is essential for maintaining a clear understanding of the characteristics and context of data elements, enabling stronger data integration and management for business users.

Efficient Collaboration and Workflow

The collaboration and workflow features included in the SAP Information Steward platform facilitate communication and decision-making among data stewards, data analysts, and other key stakeholders.

This promotes efficient collaboration in addressing data quality issues, defining and implementing governance policies, and managing overall data quality processes and ensures adequate connectivity between critical business systems and data sources.

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