Managing customer entitlements effectively is essential for delivering personalized experiences and optimizing revenue streams in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

SAP Entitlement Management (SAP EMS) is an advanced solution for handling the complexities of entitlement and subscription-based business models. It integrates seamlessly with other SAP solutions and provides real-time insights and flexibility, helping organizations enhance customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, and drive growth.

This article delves into the functionalities and advantages of SAP Entitlement Management, highlighting how it enables businesses to automate and streamline the management of customer rights, access, and usage across various products and services.

What is SAP Entitlement Management?

SAP Entitlement Management offers advanced tools for streamlining critical entitlement management processes and creating innovative business models and solution bundles to align with increasingly complex technical requirements.

By empowering users to automate entitlement processes and facilitate dynamic authorization management operations, SAP’s Entitlement Management solution makes it easier than ever to support intelligent business scenarios and maintain data security across the enterprise landscape.

Here are a few key capabilities of the Entitlement Management platform:

  • Offers multitenant cloud deployment options
  • Delivers a better customer experience across teams
  • Automates the processing of high volumes of entitlement transactions
  • Improves transparency into key entitlements and related data

Key Features of SAP’s Intelligent Entitlement Management System

Here’s a closer look at a few key features of SAP Entitlement Management for customers:

Centralized repository

With a centralized repository for entitlements, related product assignments, and other critical data, SAP Entitlement Management enables users to gain valuable insights and view a comprehensive history of all audits. The repository also offers flexible and scalable features to help users grow and modify functionality as business requirements change over time.

Reporting and analytics

The Entitlement Management solution provides intelligent reporting and analytics capabilities to help customers improve insights for past, current, and expiring entitlements. It also includes a user-friendly dashboard that makes it easier to create reports for specific products, entitlements, and customers and define custom criteria that derive the most value for users.

Modeling and lifecycle management

SAP Entitlement Management offers the functionality to create new entitlement models, outline how related events should be processed, and assign specific models to innovate new offerings for increasingly savvy consumers.

Advanced modeling and lifecycle management capabilities also empower users to maintain the status of their entitlements throughout their lifecycle and set up custom alerts to be notified whenever new offers or related entitlements are created or modified.

Main Advantages for SAP Customers

Accelerated innovation

SAP Entitlement Management empowers teams to accelerate innovation initiatives and deploy new offers and entitlements, delivering better outcomes for customers and improving overall business performance in the modern enterprise landscape. The platform also allows users to track key performance metrics to inform users as requirements change over time.

Increased sales and revenue

With intelligent entitlement models and relevant self-services, SAP Entitlement Management enables companies to support subscription-based business models to improve revenue streams and manage entitlements with greater intelligence.

Maximized value

By providing intelligent alerts, reminders, and relevant self-services, SAP Entitlement Management gives users a comprehensive, transparent view of their entitlements, empowering them to maximize value and boost recurring revenue streams.

How to Setup Entitlement Management in SAP

Before enabling SAP Entitlement Management to send data to SAP Cloud ALM, users must obtain the SAP Cloud ALM Service Key and define a user with ‘Destination Administrator’ authorizations to connect to the Cloud ALM system and exchange monitoring data between systems.

Here are the key steps required in both SAP BTP Cockpit and the Entitlement Management app:

Steps in BTP Cockpit

(Note: These steps are only required to set up the Business Process Monitoring use case.)

  1. Log in to SAP BTP Cockpit and navigate to the SAP Entitlement Management sub-account.
  2. Navigate to Connectivity > Destinations and click ‘New Destination.’
  3. Use the ‘Blank Template’ view to create a new template.
  4. Fill in the template with the following details:
    1. Name
    2. Type
    3. Proxy Type
    4. URL
    5. Authentication
    6. Client ID
    7. Client Secret
    8. Token Service
    9. Token Service URL
  5. Save the new destination.

Steps in SAP Entitlement Management

  1. Log in to SAP Entitlement Management.
  2. Click ‘System Administration’ and navigate to ‘Maintain System Settings.’
  3. Navigate to ‘SAP Cloud ALM Integration’ in the left-hand panel.
  4. Click ‘Edit.’
  5. Select ‘Enable Integration Monitoring’ to allow integration and exception monitoring.
  6. Select ‘Enable Business Process Monitoring’ to allow business process monitoring.
    1. Ensure the correct Destination Name is selected.
  7. Click ‘Save.’

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