In the rapidly evolving telecommunications and utilities landscape, where the convergence of charged services is the norm, SAP Convergent Charging emerges as a strategic cornerstone in effective revenue management.

As the linchpin of SAP’s comprehensive solution for these industries, Convergent Charging is a powerful and flexible pricing management system designed to tackle the complexities of charging, pricing, and rating.

This article explores the core features and advantages of SAP Convergent Charging, how it enables real-time charging and supports convergent services, and where our team of SAP consultants can fit in your organization.

What is SAP Convergent Charging?

SAP Convergent Charging (CC) is a flexible pricing management system that enables users to define and change subscriptions quickly, apply prices to products or services, and ensure efficient pricing, charging, and refilling processes.

This suite is designed to meet the specific needs of telecommunications and utility companies, offering a comprehensive set of billing, charging, and revenue management tools.

The SAP CC platform offers a comprehensive panel of tools for creating pricing elements and charge plans and a core tool for intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for enabling visual programming capabilities to build and initiate custom pricing algorithms.

Key Features of the SAP CC Solution

With intelligent SAP CC functionality, non-IT personnel can make pricing changes, and service providers can create competitive pricing offers that align with current market opportunities. This way, companies can operate with high availability and low latency, increase profitability, facilitate better customer loyalty, and stay competitive in a market with ever-evolving demands.

Here are a few critical features of SAP Convergent Charging for business users:

  • Online and offline product and price rating
  • Product and service pricing and modeling
  • Intelligent allowance management for products and services
  • Online account balance management
  • Partner revenue share calculation

What Can Users Do with SAP CC?

By enabling greater transparency, flexibility, and agility across core pricing and charging processes, SAP CC provides a comprehensive revenue-sharing system for customers across the market.

The SAP CC solution allows users to:

  • Enable greater spending control for subscribers
  • Manage pricing and charging activities with high volume, high availability, and low latency
  • Design and update end-customer pricing and partner revenue-sharing models
  • Calculate recurring and usage-based fees and subscription charges in real-time

Main Advantages of Convergent Charging in SAP

SAP CC is critical in helping telecommunications and utility companies effectively manage their charging and billing processes in a dynamic and convergent service environment.

Here’s a closer look at a few core advantages of the Convergent Charging solution for SAP users:

  • Leverage intelligent pricing consolidation and calculation of partner revenue-share to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) across applications
  • Build tailored pricing models that reward customer loyalty and improve customer retention
  • Consolidate multiple lines of business and services onto a single, high-volume platform to improve overall business agility
  • Improve market share growth by empowering pricing managers to offer innovative pricing objectives to market faster than competitors
  • Assign customers specific usage buckets to be consumed within a specific period through personalized allowances
  • Increase time-to-market by building pricing offers without complex coding requirements
  • Improve customer experiences through real-time account management and monitoring functionality

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help implementing SAP Convergent Charging functionality for the first time, additional support monitoring product and service consumption events across teams, or just an extra hand assigning applications and workflows to users in specific roles, Surety Systems can help.

Our senior-level, US-based SAP consultant team has the skills, experience, and proven track record to handle all your critical project needs and ensure effective use of your SAP systems over time.

Getting Started with Our Team

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