Maintaining integrity and compliance is more critical than ever in today’s complex business environment.

The SAP Business Integrity Screening application provides a robust solution for detecting, preventing, and addressing potential fraud and compliance issues within an organization. By integrating seamlessly with other SAP modules, this application helps organizations ensure regulatory compliance, mitigate risks, and uphold ethical standards.

This article explores the features and benefits of SAP Business Integrity Screening, highlighting its role in real-time monitoring, advanced analytics, and automated alerts to safeguard business operations.

What is SAP Business Integrity Screening?

The SAP Business Integrity Screening (BIS) application leverages configurable rule sets and predictive analytics tools to detect anomalous transactions early and identify potential fraud patterns before they impact current business processes.

With the SAP BIS application, users can:

  • Facilitate secure cloud or on-premise deployment
  • Conduct accurate alert investigation
  • Identify risks through predictive analytics
  • Detect anomalies and suspicious transactions
  • Execute risk assessment and compliance checks

Key Features of the SAP BIS Application

Here’s a closer look at the main features of SAP Business Integrity Screening for customers:

Business integrity screening

Ensure business continuity and sustainability and reduce fraud risk by optimizing Big Data screening software, proactively detecting and preventing anomalies, and reducing overall data loss.

Interactive forms

Leverage interactive forms for tasks like system testing and sign-offs to support critical offline procedures, improve the distribution of surveys and policies, and streamline core business processes.

Control monitoring

Utilize core connectors, web services, or SAP HANA views to facilitate integrations between SAP and other third-party systems, enabling the monitoring of data sources in real-time or through scheduled processes and improving control for large volumes of data across business units.

Automated workflows

Facilitate automated workflows and notifications to reduce manual intervention, ensure timely responses for exception scenarios, and involve the right key stakeholders in relevant activities.

Business partner screening

Screen potential business partners against government agencies, international organizations, and private content providers to avoid working with high-risk or sanctioned parties and reduce the risk of anomalous activity.

Exception detection

Configure automatic alert notifications for relevant exception scenarios, including corruption, theft, warranty fraud, and other incorrect transactions, to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and secure business data across your organization.

Benefits for Customers

The SAP BIS solution offers the following advantages for customers across various industry sectors:

Fraud management

The SAP Business Integrity Screening application provides advanced analytics capabilities that generate fewer false positives to screen transactions more efficiently, protect core business revenue, and reduce fraud-induced losses.

Customizable detection

With intelligent SAP solutions that provide intelligent simulation and calibration features and what-if analysis capabilities, users can accurately assess historical data, refine existing detection strategies, and compare the effectiveness of core business initiatives.

Continuous prevention

Customers can leverage exception-based scenarios and behavioral analytics capabilities within their SAP systems to determine the most effective approach for mitigating fraud and data anomalies, thus avoiding the reoccurrence of issues and protecting data from potential threats.

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