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ERP systems like Lawson are becoming increasingly complex each year, making them harder and harder to manage in-house. This, along with the promise of easy scalability, quick deployment, and comparatively small upfront investment has led many companies to consider moving from an on-premise solution to the cloud. A national hotel management company we worked with in 2016 fell into this category. The company manages hotels across the country; although it doesn’t own the hotels, it staffs them and has thousands of managers and employees nationwide. They rely on their Lawson system to handle all of the business processes that go into running a large, mostly remote, workforce.

The IT team responsible for keeping that Lawson system up-to-date and running efficiently consisted of four members, all working hard from the company’s central office in Indiana. However, their on-premise Lawson system had a number of problems—an old and poorly structured IT security, multiple processes that had yet to be automated, and a system that required the company to create two IDs for each user. When dealing with remote managers and employees placed across the country, this often made processes more time-consuming than they needed to be and much more prone to human error. Recognizing that their existing on-premise solution was not ideal, they made the decision to move to the Infor Lawson cloud.

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