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Guiding You Towards Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a buzzword you’ve probably heard a lot about recently. It enables businesses to “accelerate activities, lower costs, improve time to market, bring about a positive change in processes, people, and competency models,” as describes. A key to achieving digital transformation, regardless of industry or function, is process automation—and Infor Lawson has tools for that.

Infor Lawson Process Automation (IPA) and Accounts Payable Invoice Automation (APIA) enable users to automate workflows within Lawson. These tools increase productivity, allowing companies to respond more quickly to the market, and stay competitive. With the increasing pace of technological advancements, if you’re not leveraging process automation, you risk falling behind.

Think about the last time you thought to yourself, “If I could just do [this], it would make my job so much easier!” Surety’s seasoned Infor Lawson Process Automation consultants can give you the tools to make your wish a reality. Whether it’s installing IPA or integrating it with external sources, converting from ProcessFlow, or even custom interface development—we’ll help you get on the path towards a digital, automated future.

Ready to future-proof your business? Get in touch.

5 Ways to Use Lawson IPA that Will Save You Time, Money, and Frustration

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Hospital Acquisition Calls for Need to Unify Lawson Systems

When a local community hospital with 2,000 employees was acquired by a much larger 10,000-person system, the organizations needed to establish a unified Lawson system. See how Surety merged the two implementations and moved from S3 to Landmark and Global Human Resources (GHR).

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