Recognizing the critical role of ongoing support in maximizing the value of Oracle solutions, the Oracle Cloud Support Rewards program provides Oracle customers with opportunities to earn rewards points based on their support spend.

In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Oracle Support Rewards, exploring how it empowers organizations to optimize their Oracle investments, enhance their experience with Oracle Support resources, and achieve greater success in their long-term business endeavors.

Understanding the Oracle Support Rewards Program

Oracle Support Rewards is a program designed to incentivize customers to improve and maximize their investment in Oracle Support services. It configures reward points based on annual support spend, which can be redeemed for various benefits, including additional support services, training, education, and Oracle Cloud credits.

The Oracle Support Rewards accrual program encourages customers to engage with their Oracle resources and take advantage of the full range of services and resources available to them, ultimately optimizing their Oracle investments and enabling long-term success across their Oracle landscape.

Integrations with Other Oracle Technology Programs

Oracle Support Rewards allows users to earn rewards for using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services and apply accrued rewards to pay for support contracts for other eligible on-premises Oracle products.

Support rewards are directly linked to enrolled subscriptions, enabling users to accrue rewards at the rate specified in an existing universal credits order document and redeem against support rewards for other eligible products.

The Oracle Support Rewards program integrates with the Organization Management product:

  • Parent and standalone tenancies can see their individual rewards
  • Parent tenancies can see their own rewards and their child tenancy rewards
  • Child tenancies can’t see their own rewards, rather only a message revealing that they’re signed into a child tenancy
  • OCI administrators can view all accrued rewards and which usage earned each reward

Key Benefits of Oracle Support Rewards

Rewards for money spent on OCI services

With the Oracle Support Rewards program, users can earn $0.25 in Oracle Support Rewards for every dollar spent on OCI services, empowering companies to get more out of their Oracle investment. Customers with an Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) can accrue $0.33 for every dollar spent.

Integration with other support programs

Available for all customers with technology license support and new Universal Credit orders, Oracle Support Rewards enables Oracle customers to combine programs from other Oracle Support Renewal Partners to further extend their support services.

It supports other customer reward programs designed to convert application support bills to Customer2Cloud subscriptions, drive flexible OCI discounts in the Universal Credits model, improve license portability through Bring Your Own License, and enable migration support with Oracle Cloud Lift Services.

Reduced technology license support costs

Companies can leverage accrued Oracle Support Rewards to cover the technology support bill for products like Oracle Database, Oracle WebLogic, and more. With this connected technology, users can reduce their technology support bill to near zero.

Intercompany rewards sharing

Cloud customers enrolled in the Oracle Support Rewards program can leverage the flexible framework to choose how to redeem rewards based on current business needs. This ensures individuals and the company as a whole take full advantage of accrued rewards and don’t leave any crumbs.

Top 5 Benefits of Oracle Support Rewards

Here’s a closer look at the main advantages of the Oracle Support Rewards program for users:

Increased Value from Support Investment

Oracle Support Rewards incentivize customers to maximize the potential of their Oracle Cloud console by offering rewards points that can be redeemed for available support rewards, training, education, and Oracle Cloud credits, ultimately increasing the overall value derived from their support investment.

Access to Premium Support Services

Customers can use their rewards points to access premium support services, such as personalized assistance from Oracle experts, proactive monitoring and management, and expedited issue resolution, helping to enhance their overall support experience and enable better cost management.

Continuous Learning and Development

Oracle Support Rewards provide opportunities for continuous learning and development through access to training resources, educational materials, and certification programs, empowering customers to expand their skills and knowledge in Oracle technologies.

Cost Savings on Oracle Cloud Services

Customers can redeem their rewards points for Oracle Cloud credits, enabling them to offset the cost of Oracle Cloud services, streamline the rewards redemption process, and accelerate their cloud adoption journey without additional financial burden.

By effectively managing support invoices and enabling quicker software update license processes, users across the Oracle Cloud marketplace can maximize their Oracle SaaS usage, apply rewards toward eligible invoices, and easily authorize the redemption of their rewards to their Oracle Support Renewal Partner.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Based on their individual consumption of OCI services, customers accrue Support Rewards that can be applied as a form of payment for new software update licenses and Oracle technology programs.

By participating in the Oracle Support Rewards program, customers benefit from a more personalized and rewarding support experience, with access to exclusive offers, discounts, and incentives tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

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