With a diverse community of system integrators, independent software vendors, resellers, consultants, and subject matter experts, Oracle Partner Network (OPN) provides a platform for organizations to leverage Oracle’s technology and expertise to drive digital transformation and business success.

In this article, we explore the dynamic Oracle PartnerNetwork landscape, discussing the key features and resources available and its strategic advantages for organizations seeking to harness the full potential of Oracle’s solutions and platforms.

We’ll also discuss where our team of expert Oracle consultants can fit in your organization when Oracle programs and resources across the Partner Network might not offer the right guidance or support for your more complicated Oracle implementation or integration projects.

What is Oracle Partner Network?

Oracle PartnerNetwork is a global ecosystem of partners collaborating with Oracle to deliver innovative solutions and services to customers worldwide.

By providing a comprehensive suite of offerings that help organizations gain credibility and relevancy in their industry and expand operational capacity across various lines of business, OPN enables aligned business strategy and better outcomes.

  • Extensive ecosystem of partners, including system integrators, vendors, consultants, and users
  • Training resources and programs to enhance skills and deliver high-quality services
  • Marketing tools to promote new lead generation and drive business growth
  • Technical support resources from Oracle to resolve issues and improve development efforts
  • Innovation landscape that fosters collaboration and delivers cutting-edge solutions to meet evolving business needs

Key Features of the Oracle PartnerNetwork

Go-to-market engagement efforts

After achieving Expertise and launching a product or service, OPN members can access go-to-market paths with specific steps to help improve long-term engagement with Oracle and streamline post-launch optimization efforts.

Go-to-market paths include key engagement steps, incentives based on desired customer outcomes, value realization initiatives, and opportunities to accelerate business growth and success over time.

Customer success initiatives

Customer success lies at the heart of the Oracle PartnerNetwork. With an OPN membership, customers can deliver successful solutions for their business needs, partner with the right people to expand their business strategy, and achieve Expertise to gain relevancy and credibility.

OPN members can achieve Expertise by completing a set of qualifiers, including customer successes, accredited and certified individuals, and showing external commitment to Oracle. Expertise enables partners to highlight their capabilities related to products, services, and regions, differentiating their offerings from others and improving overall customer success.

Multi-channel partner expertise

Customers can benefit from differentiated offerings based on critical business needs and partner expertise across multiple Oracle channels, products, services, and industries.

From creating new Oracle products to integrating Oracle and non-Oracle software, hosting applications in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, or managing development and demonstration licenses, Oracle PartnerNetwork streamlines the partner experience and enables customers to control their own Oracle environment.

Tracks to meet your needs

The Oracle PartnerNetwork journey involves a series of steps that provide guidance on how to partner with people who help achieve critical business goals, including specific tracks that offer tools and resources to help customers achieve and maintain Oracle Expertise.

Aligned with Oracle Expertise requirements and initiatives, Oracle PartnerNetwork offers prebuilt resources that help customers incorporate Oracle products and services into their solution, make the solution available to the commercial market, and achieve business growth.

Understanding Oracle PartnerNetwork Program Tracks

Cloud Build

Created for independent software vendors and other partners providing commercial products or services either built on or integrated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, simplifying adaptation for development, deployment, and customer support models.

Cloud Sell

Created for partners who resell Oracle Cloud products to other customers. While these customers are typically searching for the partner’s value rather than the ability to simply resell the product, both parties should consider the total value added with this track selection.

Cloud Service

Created for partners who deploy, implement, or manage Oracle Cloud products, enabling more efficient Cloud service delivery and continuous extension for their customers.

Industry Healthcare

Created for partners who provide commercially available products or services built within both Oracle Cloud and Oracle Health technology suites, empowering better collaboration between data scientists, developers, and clinicians and accelerating healthcare innovation efforts.

License and Hardware

Created for partners who build, service, or sell with Oracle software licenses or hardware products, providing rich tool setup offerings to maintain investments in Oracle hardware and licenses and improve go-to-market efforts.

Things to Consider Before Joining Oracle PartnerNetwork

1) Understand the benefits of an OPN membership

Before getting started with the Oracle PartnerNetwork, organizations must understand the value of partnering with Oracle, review the benefits of the Oracle product suite, and assess opportunities for future business growth within the PartnerNetwork.

2) Create an Oracle account

Customers must sign in with an authorized Oracle account to access the Oracle Partner Journey Builder. To create an Oracle account, follow these steps:

  • Select “New User” on the Journey Builder platform.
  • Complete the profile form and click the “Create Account” button.
  • Verify your email address through the email prompt.
  • After verifying your email, navigate to the Oracle Account login screen.
  • Enter Oracle account credentials and select the “Sign In” button.
  • Access the Journey Builder home screen.
  • Choose “Start Journey Builder” and complete the Journey Builder experience.

3) Navigate Oracle Partner Journey Builder

Once an Oracle account has been created and critical business requirements are outlined, customers will navigate the Oracle Partner Journey Builder to provide insight into existing products, operations, and opportunities. This gives OPN members guidance and support tailored to their critical business needs and aligned with overall business strategy.

4) Join Oracle PartnerNetwork

After completing the required areas of Oracle Partner Journey Builder, customers should complete the enrollment application, accept the terms and conditions, and begin their journey in the Oracle PartnerNetwork.

How Can We Help?

While the Oracle PartnerNetwork allows OPN members to understand the parameters of their demo and development licenses, access customer references for specific Oracle products, and participate in speaking opportunities across the Oracle landscape, it might not have all the answers you need.

When it comes to solving complex implementation issues or navigating integrations between Oracle and non-Oracle solutions, you need a team of expert Oracle consultants with the knowledge, skills, and experience to understand your needs and outline a plan to ensure continued success.

Our team of senior-level Oracle consultants at Surety Systems has what it takes to handle your most critical project needs and support your internal teams long after your initial Go-Live date.

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