In today’s fast-paced and competitive workforce landscape, swiftly identifying and seizing new job opportunities can differentiate success and stagnation for employees and managers alike.

Oracle Opportunity Marketplace provides a dynamic platform for organizations to discover, evaluate, and capitalize on various business opportunities and optimize candidate and employee engagement across the entire organization.

As part of Oracle’s extensive suite of cloud-based solutions, Opportunity Marketplace harnesses the power of data, analytics, and collaboration to connect businesses with potential ventures, partnerships, initiatives, and automation opportunities.

This article explores how the Opportunity Marketplace solution empowers organizations to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape with agility, insight, and strategic foresight and where our team of expert Oracle consultants can fit in your organization.

What is Oracle Opportunity Marketplace?

Oracle Opportunity Marketplace provides a comprehensive talent management system that enables stronger connections between organizations, employees, and external candidates to ensure companies maximize their talent resources.

With a solution that adapts and responds to evolving skills landscapes and enables employees to work on stretch assignments that leverage existing skills and competencies, facilitate growth across their existing network, and improve the overall talent lifecycle.

What’s the Difference Between Creators vs. Seekers?

There are two main user types within the Opportunity Marketplace, including:


A creator refers to an employee responsible for creating gigs or internal jobs. Creators can create and update job opportunities, review candidate applications, assign candidates to specific opportunities, and close opportunities at the end of the process.

Creators can also leverage Opportunity Marketplace to:

  • Create internal gigs and jobs
  • Share gig and job postings
  • Receive and review candidate applications
  • Assign candidates to jobs and gigs
  • Close jobs and gigs


A seeker refers to employees or external candidates who browse Opportunity Marketplace for new opportunities, analyze critical details for each opportunity, and apply to the opportunities that align with their knowledge and skill sets.

Seekers can use Opportunity Marketplace to:

  • Search for new job opportunities and save search results
  • Review jobs and gigs
  • Bookmark and apply for jobs and gigs
  • Access and view candidate application statuses

Understanding Jobs and Gigs in the Marketplace

Job seekers can leverage Opportunity Marketplace to view jobs, gigs, or both, depending on their organization’s specific enablement requirements and permissions. Opportunities are listed as:


Trending displays active jobs and gigs posted internally and applied to or bookmarked by other seekers within the past three weeks.

Trending opportunities are only displayed if the seeker currently logged in has selected a preferred location for job alerts or the gig’s primary location matches the seeker’s preferred location.


Recommended displays open jobs and gigs that match the seeker’s selected preferences, recently bookmarked jobs, or recently applied opportunities.

Recommendations appear at the top of the list of new opportunities, enabling quicker response times and better efficiency.


Favorites display jobs and gigs that employees have previously bookmarked and can be removed from the top of the list at any time.

How Does the Opportunity Marketplace Affect Oracle Grow?

Opportunity Marketplace helps users maximize the potential of Oracle Grow by:

  • Suggesting popular jobs and gigs among peer groups
  • Enabling users to mark relevant opportunities as favorites to revisit
  • Providing learning recommendations for favorited jobs and gigs
  • Suggesting jobs and gigs that are popular for seekers interested in similar careers
  • Offering opportunities to gain competencies that align with career development interests

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