Infor Aerospace and Defense (A&D) solutions provide comprehensive tools designed to address the unique challenges of organizations in the aerospace and defense industry, offering advanced project management, supply chain optimization, quality control, and regulatory compliance capabilities.

By leveraging intelligent analytics, real-time data integration, and industry-specific functionalities, Infor empowers aerospace and defense organizations to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and ensure mission-critical success.

This article discusses the key features and benefits of Infor Aerospace and Defense solutions, exploring how they support the industry’s demanding requirements and drive better outcomes.

Key Takeaways

  • Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense provides tailored ERP solutions for aerospace and defense manufacturers, addressing operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and supply chain management through advanced project management and built-in AI capabilities.
  • The ERP system enhances program profitability by offering precise tools for contract management, invoicing, and real-time data analytics, streamlining business processes, and ensuring projects stay on budget while maintaining steady cash flow.
  • Infor CloudSuite A&D ensures compliance with industry-specific regulations and cybersecurity standards, such as ITAR, EAR, DFARS, AS 9100, and CMMC, contributing to the credibility, security, and competitive edge of aerospace and defense companies.

Understanding Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense

Illustration of aerospace and defense industry

Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense delivers industry-specific enterprise solutions tailored to the unique needs of aerospace and defense manufacturers, including both OEMs and tier suppliers. The aerospace and defense industry is confronted with a wide range of challenges, including navigating stringent regulations and managing critical supply chain disruptions. Additionally, they must also meet increasing demands.

Infor CloudSuite A&D addresses these challenges by focusing on operational efficiency and security, providing a cohesive, extensively standardized collection of adaptable, multi-tenant cloud features. It offers the following benefits for aerospace and defense manufacturers:

  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Deeper insights
  • Effortless handling of intricate demands
  • Built-in AI capabilities for project tracking, cost monitoring, and schedule management

Key Features

Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense stands out with its advanced project management functionalities, which include full contract management and enhanced visibility, ensuring adherence to quality and compliance standards. The suite is designed to provide industry-specific capabilities without requiring extensive customizations or integrations, thus ensuring compliance with various industry standards. This saves time and reduces costs, giving defense manufacturers a competitive advantage.

The system’s ability to offer deeper insights into supply chain visibility through its multi-tenant cloud features is a game-changer for the aerospace and defense industry. A swift implementation of these features enables businesses to efficiently address complex demands while upholding high quality and compliance standards.

Deployment Options

Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense offers a variety of deployment options to suit the diverse needs of defense customers, including:

  • AWS Cloud
  • AWS GovCloud
  • On-premise
  • Hybrid models

The suite’s multi-tenant cloud features, which can be rapidly implemented to manage complex demands, present an ideal solution for aerospace and defense manufacturers seeking to seize new business opportunities and enhance their system capabilities. Whether deployed in the cloud or on-premise, Infor CloudSuite A&D ensures seamless integration and optimal performance.

Enhancing Program Profitability

Real-time data analytics for program profitability

Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense significantly enhances program profitability by providing tools for accurate contract management and invoicing. The system ensures that project bids are grounded in actual costs, helping to keep production schedules and expenses on target while maintaining steady cash flow. This level of precision in cost management is crucial for the success of projects in the defense industry.

Additionally, the suite automates contracting, program/project management, and revenue recognition processes, supporting various contract types such as firm-fixed-price, cost-plus, and time and materials. Streamlining these business processes boosts efficiency and offers a competitive advantage, fostering growth and improving visibility into the overall business process.

Real-Time Insights

Real-time insights provided by Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense are a game-changer for the industry. The ERP system offers real-time data analytics, enabling organizations to make informed decisions quickly and enhance program profitability. This capability is particularly valuable in the fast-paced aerospace and defense sector, where timely decisions can make a significant difference in project outcomes.

The system’s demand forecasting using real-time data and predictive analytics further enhances its value, providing full visibility into managing expenses and maintaining cash flow. Aerospace and defense manufacturers can utilize these insights to stay ahead of the game and sustain their competitive advantage.

Cost Management

Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense excels in cost management by optimizing resource allocation and maintenance management. By aligning actual costs with bids, the system ensures that projects remain on budget and schedules are adhered to, which is critical for maintaining program profitability. This alignment helps avoid unexpected expenses and keeps the project on track.

Effective maintenance management is another key feature for maintaining steady cash flow and reducing costly maintenance. Streamlining these business processes contributes to the overall efficiency and sustainable growth of defense contractors.

Navigating Compliance and Quality Standards

Ensuring compliance with industry standards

Compliance with industry standards is crucial for aerospace and defense companies to maintain credibility and functionality. Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense includes quality management capabilities to track and audit compliance with industry standards, ensuring that companies avoid the financial and reputational damage associated with non-compliance. This comprehensive approach to compliance is a significant advantage for defense manufacturers.

The suite’s adherence to trade and IT regulations, including ITAR, EAR, and MMAS for DFAR, further underscores its commitment to maintaining high quality and compliance standards. By integrating these capabilities, Infor CloudSuite A&D ensures that aerospace and defense companies can easily meet their specific regulatory requirements.

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a critical requirement for all defense contractors, introduced by the Department of Defense to protect sensitive information. Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense helps organizations achieve CMMC certification by incorporating rigorous cybersecurity measures and assisting in self-assessment and gap analysis. This ensures that companies meet the stringent cybersecurity standards required for CMMC compliance.

Infor CloudSuite A&D assists in meeting these standards, thereby protecting sensitive information and bolstering the overall security posture of aerospace and defense manufacturers. This focus on cybersecurity is essential in today’s digital landscape, where threats are constantly evolving.

Industry-Specific Regulations

Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense ensures adherence to industry-specific regulations, including:

  • ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations)
  • EAR (Export Administration Regulations)
  • MMAS (Material Management and Accounting System) for DFAR (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation)

Compliance with these industry requirements and regulations is critical for aerospace and defense companies, as it governs the export and import of defense-related articles and services. By meeting these specific requirements, businesses can avoid the severe penalties associated with non-compliance.

The solution’s compliance with Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) and AS 9100 requirements further enhances its credibility and reliability. By adhering to these stringent industry standards, Infor CloudSuite A&D ensures that aerospace and defense manufacturers can operate with confidence and maintain their competitive edge.

Streamlining Supply Chain Complexity

Streamlining complex aerospace and defense supply chains

The complexity of supply chains in the aerospace industry poses significant challenges, particularly regarding visibility beyond the initial tier. Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense addresses these challenges by supporting multi-site production and enhancing warehouse operations. Improving efficiency and visibility across complex supply chains empowers businesses to manage their operations effectively and mitigate risks.

Collaborative partnerships with suppliers and stakeholders are crucial for mitigating these risks, and Infor CloudSuite A&D facilitates these partnerships by providing a unified platform for communication and coordination. This ensures that supply chain processes are streamlined and disruptions are minimized.

Multi-Site Production Support

Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense supports multi-site production, planning, and material management across the supply network. This comprehensive oversight and control are essential for ensuring seamless operations across different production locations, minimizing disruptions, and improving coordination.

Key features of Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense include:

  • Multi-site production support
  • Planning and material management
  • Enhanced visibility and efficiency across supply chains
  • Optimized production scheduling

This capability is particularly valuable for aerospace and defense manufacturers, who often operate across multiple sites and require a high level of coordination to meet production schedules and maintain quality standards.

Warehouse Operations

Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense introduces significant enhancements to warehouse operations and inventory management, including:

  • Integrating functions from procurement to delivery on a unified platform
  • Streamlining business processes
  • Ensuring that operations run smoothly and efficiently.

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in warehouse operations further enhances efficiency by predicting maintenance needs and ensuring component availability. Advanced inventory management, labor management, 3PL billing, and 3D visualization are among the features that make Infor CloudSuite A&D an indispensable tool for aerospace and defense manufacturers.

Transforming Service Operations into Revenue Centers

Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense helps convert service operations into revenue-generating activities by delivering dependable maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services. Leveraging digital technology and data insights, the suite ensures that service and MRO operations are managed effectively, boosting revenue and enhancing overall business performance.

This transformation is significant in the aerospace and defense industry, where reliable MRO services are essential for maintaining operational readiness and ensuring the longevity of assets. Infor CloudSuite A&D helps businesses unlock new business opportunities and revenue streams by providing a cohesive and extensively standardized cloud solution.

Maintenance Management

Managing depot repair and field service resource planning efficiently is crucial for reducing costly maintenance and boosting revenue. Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense excels in this area by analyzing service requirements and anticipating future maintenance needs.

The delivery of reliable maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services ensures high operational readiness and customer satisfaction for aerospace and defense manufacturers. This enhances business processes and transforms maintenance management into a revenue-generating function.

Inventory Control

Maintaining an optimal inventory of replacement parts is essential for avoiding stockouts and quickly resolving service requests. Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense helps businesses achieve this by leveraging its advanced ERP system to manage inventory effectively.

Ensuring the ready availability of replacement parts enhances customer satisfaction and supports the timely completion of projects and contracts. This capability is particularly valuable in the aerospace and defense industry, where meeting customer demand for timely and efficient service operations is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What deployment options are available for Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense?

You can deploy Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense using AWS Cloud, AWS GovCloud, on-premise, or hybrid models, providing flexibility to meet diverse business requirements. Choose the option that best suits your organization’s needs.

How does Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense enhance program profitability?

Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense enhances program profitability through accurate contract management, invoicing, and real-time insights into costs and schedules. It also automates processes for contracting, program/project management, and revenue recognition, supporting various contract types.

What are the key compliance standards supported by Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense?

Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense supports key compliance standards such as CMMC, ITAR, EAR, and MMAS for DFAR, helping companies maintain credibility and avoid financial and reputational damage.

How does Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense manage supply chain complexity?

Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense manages supply chain complexity by supporting multi-site production, enhancing warehouse operations, and leveraging AI for predictive maintenance. This improves visibility and efficiency across complex supply chains.

In what ways does Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense transform service operations into revenue centers?

Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense transforms service operations into revenue centers by delivering dependable maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services, efficiently managing depot repair and field service resource planning to reduce costs and boost revenue.