Effective compensation management is critical in attracting, maintaining, inspiring, and retaining employees and staying competitive in an ever-evolving market. 

Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) is a top human capital management (HCM) industry provider, offering cutting-edge solutions to optimize and expedite various HR procedures, including pay administration and compensation management.

Read on to learn more about UKG Compensation Management and how our senior-level UKG consultants can help. 

What is UKG Pro Compensation?

Here’s a look at the top features and benefits of the UKG Pro Compensation module:

Flexible Salary Plans

Users can configure their UKG Pro Compensation solution to satisfy their organization’s specific compensation requirements, build custom rating scales, add performance reviews, and more.

Significant Incentives

With UKG Pro Compensation, users can easily create payment plans, improve the relationship between employee contributions and corporate performance, and ensure employees are adequately rewarded for their work.

Great Insights

Ensure management teams and their employees understand their pay plans and their influencing factors.

What is UKG Ready Compensation?

The compensation planning process often feels inconvenient and unmanageable, involving continuously managing adjustments to ensure pay decisions stay within the pre-allocated budget and tracking down spreadsheets across different company areas.

Users can eliminate redundant, unmanageable spreadsheets and improve compensation efficiency by utilizing a single, end-to-end system with comprehensive reporting capabilities and an easy-to-use interface.

Users will be able to:

  • Create and share worksheets for improved compensation planning.
  • Minimize budget overages and ensure compensation decisions follow predefined organizational rules and regulations.
  • Ensure the right people receive the right rewards, increasing employee retention and satisfaction.
  • Boost the transparency and integrity of compensation choices.

How Can We Help?

Whether you’re in search of a comprehensive compensation management solution or just beginning your journey with UKG, Surety Systems can help.

Our team of senior-level UKG consultants understands compensation management is an important yet challenging task. From outlining pre-implementation plans to leading the implementation charge, facilitating integrations between systems, and navigating complex compensation changes, we’ve got you covered.

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